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  1. Some People might have wondered why i wasn't here for a while. My Health got immensly worse and it is hard for me to get motivation to do anything really. My Lungs have a bad illness (won't go into detail so it doesn't sound like an attentionseeking post) and not beeing able to breath well is pretty stressfull. On the 27th i will have surgery and maybe i can look forward to enjoy life again (and lets hope they don't mess it up). @Buzz @MrMischief I hope you guys are doing well i see you are still very active! I will be back one day
  2. At the SXSW Event 2017, Sega revealed the Title for Sonic 2017 which is now "Sonic Forces". They also revealed a Soundtrack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVA_YN-mzgE They said that the final Version has Vocals and i really hope its Crush40. Also, Sonic Mania is getting delayed to Summer because they don't want it to end like Sonic The Hedgehog 4.
  3. After completing all Shrines, killing all Beasts and collecting most korok seeds i noticed one thing: I would probably never want to re-play the Game. The most fun thing in BOTW is exploring and finding new things so it was VERY fun in the first few hours playtime but after that, walking from A to B is NOT fun. If i would play the game again, i would not enjoy going anywhere anymore cause i already know everything. The Game is also VERY easy after you know every enemy (You can literally kill guardians with the most garbage shild you find). So in my opinion, the game has almost no replay value at all. Also, why exactly would i want to do the dungeons if the only rewards are abilitys that make the game even easier. The only fun ability is the Rito ability cause it speeds up the slow travel time. The playtime is also very short if you would play it a second time (and with that i mean beat all 4 divine beasts and then go to ganon). What makes the Game long is the player wanting to explore everything but on your second playthrough, you won't care about those 10000 billion enemy camps anymore. I actually made a 2nd save file to show a friend how broken the rito dungeon is and it actually only took me 1 hour and a few minutes to beat the first boring tutorial area + the rito dungeon and i didnt even "hardcore speedrun" it. A second playthrough (beasts + ganon) would only take me ~5 hours. I still love the game but replay value is very important to me cause i would rather not pay 60$ (?) for a game that entertains me only for a short time. The first ~10+ hours of my first playthrough were VERY fun though Edit: And im not happy about the fact that nintendo wants 20$ for a hard mode. Why would i pay for something that should have been in the game in the first place.
  4. Idk how much you guys know about Sega but some of you might have noticed that Segas "Sonic The Hedgehog" Twitter account and the Youube channel sometimes post Memes and other Comedy things. The People behind the Twitter account also du regular livestreams and sometimes they have special guests like Game Designers and other important People. Even though Segas Games are not always the best, at least i have the feeling real Humans work on it. Nintendo is very different. They shut down Nintendo-related fangames and sometimes even youtube channels. On their social media pages, all the Nintendo Accounts (Nintendo of america and every other country-specific account) post the same thing at the same time and its mostly just advertising. (The E3 Announcement videos are mostly very fun though!)
  5. Theres a Shrine where you can glitch outside of it and you will nevr be able to get inside again. Me messing around with the Glitch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8-OJ7KN9Ho How to execute it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnF3wuq4CCk The Game moves the boxes above the shine hitbx after you blow
  6. The Rito are my favorite race in Zelda so i decided to spam yall with some screenshots taken in the Rito Village More screens coming soon!
  7. Let's take some screenshots of the same area and compare the differences! If anyone here has the game + a capture device so you can take screenshots please let me know! Yesterday i played the Wii U version without updating it and it had FPS drops and low-ish textures. After updating it it runs perfectly without frame drops and better textures.
  8. So after no-lifing the Game for 10+~ hours i would like to share some things that bother me and things i really like. Lets start with negative things first: - The first thing i noticed (and some reviewers as well) is that the Jump and Run button are in a really bad position. X is jump, B is run. If you want to run and jump you need to do some weird finger acrobatics. In the settings, you can switch B and X though (for whatever reason) but you cant remap every button you want. I got used to it after a while though. - No Audio Settings. Im probably the only person who complains about that. - They said you can explore everything right at the beginning but that is NOT completly true. You need to explore a small-ish (still huge though) area first before you can go wherever you want. That part of the game is what People played at the E3. (finishing the "tutorial area" took me around 1 hour) - It's really boring running around with low Stamina meter. You need Stamina for everything and in my opinion its even more important than Hearts. I only got 1 stamina upgrade and then went right to the final area. With Stamina, nothing can stop you (you can't kill things but you can get basically everywhere with a lot of stamina) - Limited Weapon Slots in your inventory are painful. Throwing weapons you don't need anymore against Enemy faces is fun but seeing the message "You can't have more Melee weapons" is very annoying. Good things: -Those physics are fun to mess around with! -After the Tutorial you can go EVERYWHERE and just ignore the story Quests. -You can reach the final boss without having a weapon or anything with you (makes the game harder and turns it into a stealth game) speedrunners will love the game -The difficulty is pretty high and the Game makes you think what way would be the better one to go - Link can climb on EVERYTHING. Better than Spiderman -The Music is very epic and atmospheric. -A lot of stuff to collect! -Insanely good AI. More than once i had a "Whua i didn't know that monster can do that" Moment. -You can see things that are faaar faar away from you. Kinda reminds me of Windwaker -Link is sexy and in this Game, you can see him in all different clothes -Multiple ways to take out Enemies (or getting around them) Might update this Thread later after i got a lot of sleep. Just wanted to share some things~
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wrr0ErsS4 Gamexplain played the first 5 Hours of Breath of the Wild. This video has no Story Spoilers but contains a lot of information.
  10. [MEDIA=tumblr]did=bfb4db5838a98e34cd269ec915592a0c0f587216;id=157238847810;key=_STQR6dljdCi485TYuuJzQ;name=splatoonus[/MEDIA] Isn't that cute?
  11. A bunch of People who got the Switch early said that the left joycon has issues staying connected. For some People it happened only a few times but someone even said that he couldnt play Breath of the Wild cause his joycon died like 5 times in an hour
  12. Some of you might know that there are already some Nintendo Switch consoles out there. GameXplain did a live Q&A about the switch and even showed more of the whole UI! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x6D4DL8hzk BTW. the Mii Maker on the Switch has way more options than the previous ones!
  13. I love the Wii U a lot and its one of my favorite consoles ever (no hate pls :c) but there is one thing i noticed. The gamepad screen just wasn't fun to look at and took away a lot of fun. I don't care much about resolution but for some reason, i really HATED playing games where i need to look at the Gamepad for too long. For example in "Kirby Rainbow Curse", you see the same thing on the TV AND on the Gamepad but you are kinda forced to only use the gamepad cause it is 100% touch countrol. Having to use the worse screen even though both show the same thing is just bad. Though i liked the screen for things like the Map in splatoon.
  14. Why are People still afraid of framedrops in breath of the wild? If the game drops 10 frames once every hour you will not notice that much. Wind Waker HD for example has sections where the game lags a lot but People still love it. Some People probably won't even notice the Frame drops
  15. I know for many of us, Miiverse was unnecessary BUT, belive it or not, Miiverse had a Community. The People who activly used Miiverse actually enjoyed it a bit too much. There were also some Miiverse communities that are insanely worth checking out, for example the Art Academy one. Having a replacement for miiverse would be nice cause Miiverse is not a bad thing for sure. If the switch has Art Academy, it would be sad if there wouldnt be a place where people can share their art.

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