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  1. You liar! You're only at 451 posts at this time of writing :P
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    2. noJohns


      Its so weird, I was at 503, I goto bed a d the next norning im at 451
    3. Zarkex01


      That's because much of your Posts where Spam
    4. noJohns


      Firstly, they werent,. Second my, I thought maybe that is what happened but when I checked none of my posts where taken down
  2. Can't wait for maybe getting the Switch, fingers crossed :)
  3. LASAP ive reached 500 posts we need your tryhard busting powers again
    1. LASAP


      Geez man... I go away for a week for two and come back to this? Your insatiable Nintendo lust must fill an ocean with all that try hard sweat!
    2. LASAP
  4. Until now the purpose for the Koroks seeds was unknown until today! But first have you ever found the small inventory space for bows, shields and weapons? Well that is exactly what korok seeds do, they allow you to expand the inventory for these intems
  5. I think that having site made tournaments is a great idea, we already have two possible games for tournaments, ARMS and splatoon 2, if we get a smash that is another one. it is great if a communitiy like this could have more than posts and responses and include some real competitive action Perhaps the phone app will allow tournaments to be made easily I am especially looking forward to smash bros, what would you guys like for tournaments?
  6. If you have been watching BotW gameplay then you will already know that heart pieces will no longer be obtainable in the wild, instead the new mechanic is you complete 4 shrines to obtain 4 spirit orbs which you can trade in for either more heart containers or stamina at a goddess Hylia statue, which means that you will recieve 15 extra heart containers and 15 extra stamina sections, approximately
  7. what is the 'mod team'
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    2. noJohns


      mods for what?
    3. Medli


      Mods for taking care of the forum / chat @_@
    4. Rasmus Bødker

      Rasmus Bødker

      it's short for moderator (i.e the moderator of a site)
  8. https://enterto.win/ If you can get the giveaway on this site, it would help promote it
    1. LASAP


      Wow, that's a good idea. Meanwhile all my ideas got us maybe ~8 people, 10 tops.
    2. MajesticFrog


      Look's shifty, but could be nifty!
  9. hi people 2 weeks left
    1. Zarkex01


      Time goes fast.
  10. We have 6 weeks to get 1000+ new entries, so we all should help by advertising this site everywhere. This is a great Nintendo community and we all would love to see it reach its goal. Shout out to Buzz the admin
  11. ARMS: Yay or Nay

    Arms is Nintendo's new IP for the switch. The game is focussed on beating your opponent into suission with arms that can stretch far. I think that we should buy it, it looks fun, its a new IP so we should support it, and it can use both motion and standard controls What are your opinions, will you be buying it? I will.
  12. Post A Song!!

    My friends message tone is trump saying 'we need to build a wall' so I am sick of trumps voice, lol, nice vid tho
  13. The future for Zelda

    It has been confirmed that a mobile Zelda game is being made, which is great! But what game will we be getting after BotW, well Mr.Aonuma stated that a multiplayer Zelda may be the next one, which in my opoion will be perfect for the switch.
  14. It was just confirmed that Splatoon 2 will have a single player mode, possiblybas big as the originals. Making splatoon 2 a true sequel.