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  1. Recent news from the President of Nintendo is that the Switches online service is to cost approximately $17.50-$26.50/year (US dollars). For those gamers who've enjoyed free online gaming from Nintendo for years now, this may come as a bit of sticker shock. However, PS/Xbone gamers will likely take the year subscription fees in stride given past trends of paying for online services. Hopefully Nintendo can offer a robust and rewarding online system once the free trial period is up in a fall this year. https://mynintendonews.com/2017/02/01/nintendo-president-says-switch-online-service-costs-2-3000-yen-17-50-26-50-yearly/
  2. Patiently waiting for March 3rd...
  3. It was confirmed recently that Super Mario Run for iOS has been downloaded 78 Million times. That is a respectable number for Nintendo's first offering in the mobile space, especially considering the game has yet to be released on Android. (Android owners can pre-register for the game here on google play) However, only 5% of those downloads ended up with players paying to "unlock" the full game. Sales amount to roughly $39M, with Apple likely taking their sizable cut, but that still translates into a solid return for Nintendo. It'll be interesting to see what the android release does to the total downloads and pay turnover. Also, how will Nintendo structure future mobile offerings in light of SMR's success? Will future games adopt the pay-to-play micro transaction model or will Nintendo stick to their guns with full game purchase options? Time will tell, but Nintendo games on mobile is a win-win marketing and awareness wise regardless of sales. https://mynintendonews.com/2017/01/31/super-mario-run-downloaded-78-million-times-and-more-than-5-paid-to-unlock/[/b]
  4. Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch console will launch with no pre-installed software. Nothing, which means that early adopters will need to either purchase a physical game with their system or presumably be able to access the Switch eShop day one in order to download games. Nintendo has reported that streaming services such as Netflix won't be available day one either. This isn't unsurprising given the information to date, but it does serve as a bit of a hard truth regarding Nintendo's stance this generation. Recent Nintendo console and portable systems have launched with either a pack in game (Wii/Wii U) or mini-games and related software (3DS). There is some justification for Nintendo's stance in terms of allowing gamers to choose their own gaming experience versus being forced to own a particular piece of software at an bundled in cost of the system. However, for those people who have become accustomed to pack in games or for parents of children who purchase a system, the realization that there isn't any game included may come as a shock. What are your thoughts? Should the system have launched with a pack in game or is this a smart move by Nintendo? Could the inclusion of a game like 1,2 Switch pre-installed entice more people to purchase a system? Or do you think that several months down the line we could see a repeat of the 3DS ambassador program? https://mynintendonews.com/2017/01/31/nintendo-confirms-that-the-switch-comes-with-no-pre-installed-software/[/b]
  5. The list of launch titles available for the Switch on March 3rd has some people concerned. Despite Breath of the Wild, there aren't any large scale 1st party releases. While that may make sense from a pacing and marketing angle, the other games on offer at launch can come at a relatively hefty price for value (1, 2 Switch anyone). However, one title that may fill the void for some at launch is the delightful Snipperclips: Cut it out Together. http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/snipperclips-switch Reports from PAX South seem to indicate that the $20 (US) priced game is set to launch alongside the system on March 3rd. http://wwg.com/2017/01/29/innovative-puzzle-game-snipperclips-may-show-up-for-the-nintendo/ That is excellent news as the more games available helps to entice that many more people to pick up a Switch. The game looks like a great, multiplayer experience for a reasonable price. Hopefully there is some longevity to the game as well. Are you interested in picking up Snipperclips at launch or is this title a little too paper thin for your tastes? Sound off in the poll below.
  6. This is a sweet mock up of 8-Bit Smash Bros.Character Select screens.
  7. As launch day for the Switch approaches we continue to learn more about when we'll be able to get our hands on some of the announced games as well as additional features and aspects included in certain games. Indie release Has Been Heroes from Finland developer Frozenbyte promises to offer a novel take on strategy and action games. The inclusion of HD Rumble is a welcome feature and is sure to add to the depth and immersion for this title. Has Been Heroes is set to launch March 28th, 2017 for Nintendo Switch and other gaming platforms. Let us know in the poll below, are you planning to pick up this game or are you saving your hard earned cash for other titles. http://apptrigger.com/2017/01/29/heroes-get-release-date-will-use-hd-rumble-switch/
  8. Just like the Wii U before it reports indicate that the Home Button on the Switch will glow for notifications. This feature was well implemented on the Wii U and it is great to see it return to the Switch. It was always a little exciting to see the gentle blue pulse at the bottom of the Gamepad every once in a while when a notification was waiting for you. More small details like this to come as we approach launch day! https://mynintendonews.com/2017/01/27/switchs-home-button-will-glow-for-notifications/amp/
  9. With the Switch launch just 5 weeks away the current list of day one Switch launch games has some people and industry analysts a bit concerned. However, more games are being announced on a regular basis, with more likely to be added to the launch day or launch window list prior to March 3rd. With that in mind what game(s) are you planning to grab when the console launches? How about other games in the coming months? Poll below.
  10. The IR Camera could one day record video!? That's an interesting notion; regardless of my inability to really see a use for it at this point. I wonder if the right joycon could be used as a flashlight camera of sorts for an exploratory game (ie. Luigi's Mansion?) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKpVhXs3wQ4
  11. Some updated information and cool views of the Switch hardware here. Specifically the back side of the dock caught my attention. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Nintendo-Switch/Specifications/Specifications-1176277.html#1
  12. Complete Wii collection-Insane!

    How epic is this Wii collection!? Granted 90+% of the 1250 games are likely not worth your time, I still think the shear volume of titles is astounding. http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?StartRow=1&catid=5&threadid=170644
  13. A solid, unusually objective gaming article. Very refreshing http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2017/01/25/dont-judge-switch-by-the-stagnant-opposition
  14. The overall sentiment of this article is in line with what I believe many of us in this community feel. Nintendo doesn't need to be like Sony or MS. They just need to keep creating amazing games and experiences. The Switch offers them the ability to do just that and on many different levels. Beyond that, we can all hope that the system and the experiences available catch the interest of the casuals and that hardcores. The Wii U may have been a commercial failure, but it was also the console that brought some of the most amazing Nintendo experiences to date. High definition, refined, Nintendo gaming goodness. The Switch is sure to continue that trend and positioned to offer those experiences to the larger gaming and non-gaming demographic as well. https://www.goombastomp.com/when-critics-give-you-lemons-give-em-lemonade/

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