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  1. Nintendo switch meme

    Is it just me or is this hilarious?
  2. Here are some of my super smash bros switch ideas coz it will probably come out: All the extra characters and stages on AOC for 3DS/Wii U. Mewtwo gwts the aid of Mew (kind of a rosalina and luma thing but better coz mew is awsome). New characters: Shovelknight, Rabbids (mario rabbid, luigi rabbid etc), Inklings, Springman, Incineroar and Super mario maker mario (This one will be fun). New stages: A mario and rabbids kingdom battle stage (with some rabbid appearences), a stage from arms and a shovelknight Thats it for now so comment any of your ideas
  3. Hello! I don't know about you but I am hyped for super mario odyssey! Let me know in the poll who is and isn't hyped! I know where my votes going! You know, this could be the best game nintendo has ever made! I know the super mario galaxies will be hard to beat but this is technically super mario galaxy 3 so I think it will!
  4. I am looking into buying a nintendo switch but I am a bit worried about the poor gameplay of the wii u games. I am an experienced gamer so I'm wondering if the nintendo switch is worth it because if 40 pound games only last me 2 days I'm not interested. Please help and tell me how good the gameplay is on switch games.

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