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  1. Win a Nintendo Switch - Giveaway Competition

    My family grew up in the east side of the country where they were ravaged by war and famine, growing up they did the best they could to survive until they had gave birth to me and decided that the best quality of life was to send me away. Now grown up never knowing who my family really was I search for them in hopes of reuniting, that was until I heard a familiar sound from when I was just a child on the tv, "click" that is when I realised that ,y parents were coinnected to the nintendo switch project. Now i'm on a mission to find out the truth of my family and the switch only to discover that my parents were actually two handheld consoles themselves! Omg wtf you'd swear I was on drugs but I'm not and man even I nearly laughed at how stupid that was, hell I even read it with that generic movie trailer voice for dramatic effect. Also two handhelds created the pixel cute version of sif the wolf from ds1 so go figure ;P Oh and I guess the atari lynx is my dad, mom I dunno anyway this wheres my oscar!
  2. So the wii it did it all right? Besides the near end of overwhelming spam it had the best first and some thirdparty titles, lightgun games. Virtual console done right and of course WiiWare, Nintendo's take of downloadable only games for the platform often retro revivals such as control rebirth, castlevania rebirth. And you know what? They were pretty good! Yet through out my time on switch and the realisation of how easy it is (With enough of the expensive joy cons mind you) to play multiplayer with people it got me thinking of a game I love to go back to and play coop. Zombies ate my freaking neighbours, without the freaking of course. That game was such fun and would be right at home if it was redone to resolve a few of the originals timely shortcomings which isnt to say they were bad, just that games have come along way and the style but the core foundation of the game is to die for. Imagine the classic arcade mode, a redone modern style mode. Implementation of online vs such as people can play as the monsters to try and fight back ect. What do you think, yay , neigh, and any chance Nintendo will embrace the Wiiware Virtual console style/ approach once the paid online rolls out.
  3. My Wallet Why?! How could you do this to me, I cant say no to that face! Look at it! Seriously though hype, cant wait to get my hands on it.
  4. Opinions on ports and limitations?

    All I can say having learnt from steam is that whilst letting individuals filter to their preferences is a good thing , that it cannot substitute for proper quality control. The fact is companies should and have to bite the bullet and pay a real human being ideally a team to manage, test and check the quality of the games going on the store and where they belong in said store front. Steam has tried with letting it's users manage it themselves, groups to manage it and of course implemented an algorith but it never worked and the spam always found a way. I hope Nintendo does not fall to the same short comings because I for one love the switch as a platform of high quality games over quantity. Alas only time will tell.
  5. Ikr music has that effect and np with the link and apologise in advance for your spending habits Ik the pain is all too real. Collecting and just constantly finding something new I was realistic and spend money on a portable heater for the family as its so cold atm over here, guess reality is more important As for the chat fair enough if it helps the site in the long haul, haven't noticed any problems on my end though.
  6. Okay so many of you know that Ubisoft have been releasing some titles on Switch as of late and I've recently gone back to Rainbow Six Siege after a hiatus and realising they added many new updates and more content. So that begs the question would it be at home on switch? Obviously ensuring good internet connection for online play is a focus and its single player is next to none but still the games very addictive and has some pve which could benefit from being accessible in a portable format. Plus if you know about monopoly on switch and other platforms you'll know that ubisoft make terrible ports and lack luster quality and support so do we really want to encourage this? Thoughts? Regardless of all this regarding the ports on the whole whilst it's great to get a wide and varied library for switch with more Japanese developers than ever who prior were Playstation exclusive it begs the question how many ports is enough? Will Nintendo start clamping down quality control and does that mean anything anymore? If you know of Jim sterling regardless of your opinions of him he pointed out that yes whilst originaly the switch had a small library it had a good , clear and easy to browse library of games with quality titles unlike steams current junkyard of a mess that is steams quality control allowing any none effort cash grab asset flip onto the front page meaning finding the diamond in the rough gems harder to do. So what do people think, should Nintendo be harsher on ports later on before the markets flooded with questionable quality games? I cannot recall and apologise but I know some indie story games made it on which were nothing more than mobile game ported with no effort and asking for near full price with micro transactions aka a cash grab which shouldn't exist on the system but who knows maybe it was removed, I'll do some more research and digging and come back on that. Still the question remains, I for one embrace the ports but want Nintendo to tread carefully its a fine line before quality and quantity and all hell breaks loose.
  7. Also Omg chats down! Panic ! How will I post my useless and poor in taste messages and gif's now
  8. Oh nice you like vinyl too ^^ I havnt heard all the music in Odyssey yet but from the ones I heard they are really good, upbeat jazz style reminds me of croc and omg I just remembered a game I wanted a remake/ remaster of! Croc 1! Sorry nostalgia hit hard and yh vinyls are neat but use abit of room, Guardians galaxy mix tape/ vinyl is a nice compilation of music especially the second one. I'm sure you already know but there is that website that makes vinyls for games old and new with custom box art and just do a really great job in presentation https://www.fangamer.com/collections/music
  9. At the rate it's going I imagine it will but only time will tell
  10. Just got Resident evil Revelations collection

    Honestly Revelations was the most chill for me, I agree its not the best resident evil game but thanks to the action segments it comes off with that good old Resident Evil Cheese where you cant take it all serious and laugh at the voice acting. So Revelations 1 would be fine in daylight np even for you Buzz Now as for Resident Evil Hd remake nooope even that gives me anxiety to this day and I've beat it several times! The game is just a moving painting man so beautiful and therefore scarier plus it has the best build up of tension I've seen in a game since forever. Also send warm thoughts it freezing over here
  11. I know that feeling, few thousand titles on steam, gog, and entire rom collections of basically every system, add some modern consoles and games its impossible just too many. Despite that I still look at my vast library of games and go... Bored, nothing to play. The situations stupid but it reminds me of this whenever I spot a game I meant to play ages ago and I realise I actually have it
  12. Really I couldnt tell Seriously though I'm with you , Kirby games always were fun to me and didn't make me get angry or annoyed unlike some other games at times. This looks like another great addition
  13. I do quite like the naturo games, they flow well in combat and seem very seemless between the show and the games. As for the resolution it's better than the ps3 on the tv and for handheld 540p as with Doom seems bad in theory but in practice on the portable smaller screen you barely notice. Even if you did lets be realistic would you rather it was a higher resolution but ran at a choppy frame rate or lower and smoother? Also lets say it could handle 720p handheld all the time, this will only drain the battery faster and honestly I like Nintendo's age old strategy of lower spec, longer battery life for the handhelds. I like that the switch is getting alot of varied support even attracting developers who only approached ps before but thanks to the switch taking off and Nintendo being Japan based we will be getting alot more developers and varied games to come to the platform in the future.
  14. Raspberry Pi Custom builds:

    Yh it can get supper annoying it's why I strayed away over time from dealing with alot of places unless I had no other options, now I try to stick to amazon for next day delivery and the fact they are really good for honouring warranties. Worst I had was waiting a year and a half for the gcw zero from kickstarter from when it was meant to ship only for the dpad to break after a month I laugh now but inside I was crying.
  15. Raspberry Pi Custom builds:

    Yep the figure is 3d printed and its not sla printed its regular printed in multiple parts, put together and then painted. I'll double check for you but yh I really like it, it's as detailed as the offical figures I have for the dark souls franchise but since its custom build you can have any character or idea from anything. I know someone on etsy as well and he does them for really good price basically charges only as much as it costs to make nothing more so usually around 60-80 depending on how large you have it. Ofc will do regarding the Custom Revo Kplus I just want to test it out with Dingux apparently the custom emulators are great on it but the snes one isnt perfect and has some drops in games so hopefully the community over on dingoonity can optimise the emulator for it. If I decide to get it should be able to get it next day so Ill update on how it goes when I do ^^