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  1. D-pad anyone?

    Long time no see people apologise for the absence but I noticed something listed today that made me instantly think of this. An official joy-con for the switch with a dpad hopefully of considerable quality something fans of platforms should find useful. Im interested but will wait to see how the reviews turn out, Hori has made some great products in the past but it's also had alot of hit or miss usually with minor issues that bring the product down on the whole. Downsides know so far being the lack of extra sensors. Release date Oct 1st 2018: Then again I imagine most people have their solution for a dpad by now whether a separate controller, adjusting to the new style or using custom kits.
  2. BotW: Graphics Difference

    There's basically no difference overall, a couple frames here and there and some things have been rearranged and added/ taken out from the port but otherwise you wouldn't know which was which unless someone told you without guessing. I think the switch version actually suffers from frame drops in more places than on the wii u which isnt surprising considering the bonus of it being portable a small price to pay overall. Plus both versions have slowdown and fps drops due to certain areas have to load more detail in and then it all comes down to optimisation in parts plus reading speeds are faster on switch which will help to mask these problems.
  3. Best controller for Switch:

    @JNASTY Your right most things I hear regarding the Pro controller is how great it is overall including the dpad however some have mentioned that the dpad on the pro controller is mushy and lets you press all inputs down at once, unlike controllers using a pivot to prevent that. Perhaps that's the issue your facing and therefore its just a poor design for certain games? Otherwise It's difficult if I were you I'd want to send it in just in case but it would be extremely annoying if they just sent it back stating there wasn't a problem
  4. Best controller for Switch:

    @Buzz Absolutely agree with you there Buzz they dont make them like they used to really does apply alot of the time. From what I've read regarding these controllers the build quality is actually pretty high however they are very light controllers that lack rumble and for some that might be a deal breaker, not me though I went to order one the other night and come morning they were sold out , backlogged and had an increase price on amazon! So I guess someone likes them I'll probably order one soon and let you know what I think of it, also the analog sticks are interchangeable for different analog sticks/ grips. An interesting addition not something I want but the more features the better even if you dont use them I say.
  5. Best controller for Switch:

    Why hello there, as per the title I guess I wanted to discuss about what controllers are best for the switch, or rather which controllers you personally prefer to use whether its down to the layout, build quality, button feedback, analog sticks ect. I would love to know as having gone into alot of hassle finding multiple controllers over different systems and brands for emulation purposes I still have yet to find a perfect well rounded controller to this day. Of course this is regarding the switch but other controllers are welcome as well if people want to really push their favourite controller here. For me in general I love the ps4 controller but less so the dpad and it's analog stick layout. I love the xbox one controller but find the build quality lacking and it's Bluetooth support, abysmal at best. With all that said I know there's a decent choice between Switch and that Nintendo licensing encourages great quality so much so I have taken interest along side the pro controller to that of the Nintendo PowerA controllers i.e. the mario and zelda editions as seen below. Anyone have any experience with these controllers? Any other hidden gems people constantly use on the system I'd love to know!
  6. Mega Man 11 - Hope For Old I.P's

    I wouldn't worry about it too much arcade games were brutal in difficulty for the most part plus the game had 4 player which Id imagine would be easier.
  7. Mega Man 11 - Hope For Old I.P's

    I really would like a hero 101 port to switch as it was an excellent hidden gem for the wii u but only suffered due to the consoles failures and not it's own. A action style game building unique weapons from yourself to fight with reminded me of 3d dot hero... a ps3 game but still another amazing game I wish got picked up!
  8. Mega Man 11 - Hope For Old I.P's

    The 4 player arcade version as well definitely!
  9. I'm sure many of you know that Capcom's bringing The Blue Bomber back for another run and I for one am really appreciate to see this even if it's the same formula revamped I feel it's a style of game I never want to see go and really believe implementing a mega man maker game would work well on switch as one exists on pc. Now of course I want to hear people's thoughts on Mega Man, childhood to today personally I adored MegaMan 2 and it's amazing sound track which I will admit having the bit tunes on my phone to this day since I've yet to hear music like this! However with all this said the main joy is the idea that older ip's may be reborn hopefully with Nintendo or other companies buying out certain properties as I for one really want Konami to step back up with castlevania and contra but doubt they will see the light of day again. The same can be said for Sega and the many amazing titles they had, what do you think? Any ip's you want to see again either in a new light or just remade in all it's nostalgic glory?
  10. @Buzz @Jonny B. Goode I completely agree with you there I also got it for Ps4 and I finished the first one to relieve nostalgia and it's a very solid game though it's a different experience modern gaming is so pick up and play or move on and back in the day I had so few games growing up I had to get good at them and/ or replay them. Going back to crash one with the auto save instead of only saving on completion of bonus stages from the original ps1 edition along side the rage I experienced made me appreciate how I was ever able to beat crash 1 as a kid All in all for the price your getting three great games, alot of content difficult but fair and a style of game never really replicated since.
  11. Fortnite Haters?

    Nothing against the game, until I see it plastered every where and shoved in my face then I can live without it! In all serious though Fornite or rather BattleRoyale Fortnite , since the original concept for Fornite was no where near as successful is a perfectly fine game and for the core experience it's also free probably apart of how it's popularity spread so quickly. Now PUBG really did help to commercialise the battle royal style which had been done very well prior with the likes of Arma 3 however where Arma 3 let down in it's awkward controls and gun play PUBG managed to rise to the occasion. With that all said PUBG is a bland and un-optimised experience using pre-made assets and has no real originality so to speak on the other-hand Fornite screams its own identity and is very well optimised. Personally I know I would probably love these types of games so much more as years ago I had a desire for them that they now only just filled, however having experienced extremely negative experiences with online communities with the likes of Overwatch, League and to a lesser degree other online titles I've found myself moving away from online experiences and focusing more on local. This is just accounting for my personal taste and I can easily see and understand how and why Fornite is enjoyed and despite not enjoying it alot personally I will respect it and call it a good game because it meets all the criteria's such as graphics, optimisation, music, identity and game-play all of which are great.
  12. Want to be an editor?

    @Buzz and everyone. Hey, sorry for not being around recently I've been busy as of late but sure I'm more than happy to I'm always happy to write content and I'd love to see this website thrive even more so. Plus I mean come on, who doesn't want a badge!
  13. Wait... Did Someone Win The Switch?

    Pretty sure the contest was stopped again due to not reaching the target of people joining/ visiting the site ect. Can't say for certain though, only Buzz would know for sure but I remember seeing him post something like that on the switch give away post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. No virtual console for switch :(

    Yes and no, apparently you can rent them through this but only one or so at a time and going to another game removes the other ect. Depending on how it's handled it could be a good thing but I don't enjoy paying for online constantly on consoles especially when I dont use said online sometimes for months on end if not longer so it wont be for me probably. As for hardware ect going back to @Potatogun modding has allowed for retroarch to work on the switch so I don't think that's the problem the architecture is the same as an android tablet essentially. I think this is just going to be Nintendo's way of double dipping into making people pay for game compilations full price, enticing people to pay for online with renting roms ect. Now if they added newer titles that wouldnt be too bad such as n64 and gamecube but just nes, snes emulation on those has been around forever and is free. I personally emulate up to wii u on my pc so it's not a problem but the option of flexibility for a handheld and home console would have been nice. It's even been proven that the roms Nintendo have used in the past have been downloaded online due to the hash files giving it away.
  15. So it was stated that Nintendo has no intentions of bringing a virtual console service over to the switch or by the look of it any form of e store with retro games via emulation applied to it. This is not only a big shock seeing how popular they have been on all past consoles but a huge disappointment as someone who respected Nintendo for doing this in the past, sure there prices weren't amazing but it was convenient and good emulation legally on a proper console and who wouldn't want that in both a portable and home environment in one. Nintendo always seems to fall in that grey line of wait wait, moments making business decisions that dont make sense or just seem like out right refusing money from fans who want to throw it at them. Hopefully this changes in the future as this wouldn't be the first time something stated turned out false or they just outright lied/ did a 180 see statements of them stating they wont be releasing new revisions for the 3ds followed shortly by you guessed it a new 3ds and then again and again. It seems they want to cover this gap via themselves or other parties releasing game compilations which isnt a terrible thing but when you consider you might not want all the games, wont get all the ones you want and have to pay alot more for them it hardly replaces it. (Note- Only other mention of providing retro games will be with temporary rented ones provided with the cost of online) What do you all think of this? Not bothered? Wish you had the option, or just flat out confused and / or annoyed.

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