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Compos An Mentis

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  1. I like your nickname! Welcome to NintendoRadar!
  2. Post A Song!!

    This is one music that I've been obsessed with for three days. Partly because it's sort of a gospel song and partly because I like the singer's voice.
  3. I'm so lazy that it's almost like a disease.
  4. I'm curious as to how everyone balances their own lives -since we all know that life certainly isn't easy - and your love for gaming. I usually don't have time to game on weekdays since I have school going on and I'm a hardworking student - just imagine that you're improving your stats as if in a game, An! - so I set aside my console. I spend all weekend gaming though, if I don't have projects or assignments lined up. That's why I want to become a working adult sooner, so that I'll have more time fore gaming at night and have no more stressful thoughts overtake my hobby like coming exams and ranking. To be honest, I think that I don't game enough. What about you guys? ACTUALLY I WANT TO KNOW BECAUSE MAYBE I CAN FIND A BETTER SOLUTION FOR MY GAMING CRAVINGS.
  5. If you were given a chance to create your own, ideal game, then what would be the result? You are provided with all the things that you might need, all the people that will work for you, all fees are paid and everything you need can be ordered or delivered upon one order. It's the ultimate chance of your life!
  6. Considering that this is an introduction forum, I guess it's for the new members? Well, just correct me if I'm wrong but still gonna do it anyway! I'm Compos An Mentis and I mainly play on the 3DS console since I like the games better than on any other console. Vita is a close second, simply because of the otome games. I usually play life simulation games but also delve into role-playing games like Pokemon and Persona. You can just say that I'm not a heavy gamer. I like it best if I can have a fun and not stressful time playing the games and thinking of how to beat a boss or how to defeat an army isn't really my style. Well, I do like grinding - cause it's mind numbing and cause I can do it while watching anime. I wanna say more but this post is gonna be too long for an introduction. Maybe you guys can tell me more about yourselves too? Like, your favorite type of games and such. I wanna know about the type of people that frequent a site like this. Anyways, nice meeting everyone! By the way, if I'm really wrong and this isn't for introductions from new members, then haha.

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