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  1. Most Useful Amiibo?

    In your opinion, what your most useful amiibo? And what game do you use it for?
  2. So with book II coming out, I want to know what 5 stars you have! Which one is your favorite? I have Bridal Caeda, Bridal Cordelia, Hector, Seliph, Lyn, Karel, Erika, "Marth", Black Knight, Some how two Eldigans, Nowi, Titania, Camilla,Summer Gaius, Elise, Brave Lyn, Brave Roy, and Brave Lucina. I haven't interacted much with Fire Emblem fans so I'm interested in talking with some. I'm not bragging I swear...
  3. What did you like about Thanksgiving? What did you do? Personally for me it was getting to spend time with my family. I want to know what you guys did too though. Did you stay in and play video games or eat a ton with family? Maybe in between?

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