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  1. I am playing through Ultra Moon on my 3DS right now, so I don’t plan on using my Switch much at all for the next week(s). This made me wonder: What is the ideal way to store an unused Switch? Should I dock it or let the battery run down? Should I just keep it in sleep mode or is it better to turn it off completely? Does it matter either way? Does storing it one way or the other affect the battery’s performance in the long run? submitted by /u/NEW---wind_fish [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  2. Left joycon trouble

    For the past 2 weeks or so my left joycon has been acting up. In every game I’ve played, my character randomly moves up without me touching the controller. I’ve tried calibrating with no success; are there any other solutions to the problem aside from buying new ones? submitted by /u/kwj17411 [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  3. Hello, I'm asking this question because I've heard that zelda has different icons for US/JP and EU/AUS but if I have a european cartridge and set my switch to the US it will show the US icon is it true ? I know it's stupid but I haven't got my switch yet (it's a month away) and I can't test it for myself and I'm really curious, thanks in advance submitted by /u/Daggron [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  4. I'm getting worried first of all no new mainline animal crossing game has been announced for over 6 years in Japan and it's concerning with all the E3 "Leaks" and "Rumours" not one mention animal crossing and those that do are fake. It's just a game I love and I think it needs an announcement I am so excited for E3 but don't want to tune in for disappointment then have to wait another year of getting disappointed. Just to clarify there have been trademarks this year and the website has been acting very weird, also both amiibo festival and pocket camp were developed by NDCube not Nintendo themselves so they have had a chance of working on this game. What do you guys think? submitted by /u/ANCLover12 [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  5. Many people reported the switch was bad at launch with things like the switch bending left joycon problems dead pixels and much more has anyone encountered these problems after 1 year of its launch id like to know. submitted by /u/majinkazekage [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  6. I've had this problem since I got my Nintendo Switch. Whenever it's docked it will cut to black for seconds at random intervals. This happens with every game and gets more frequent the longer it's docked. I've tried unplugging and plugging it back in and also redocking but the problem persists. Can anyone help this problem? Someone suggested that it's the TV that I'm trying to play on but it happens with other TV's as well. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you. submitted by /u/Waffle_Piggy [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  7. As title says, looking for hack n slash type games or RPGs for the switch. My primary system is ps4, but purchased a Switch today and loving it so far. Currently playing Mario Odyssey. submitted by /u/fight0fffyourdemons [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  8. so, im excited to be finally playing my first mario tennis game, and i thought to myself, if this does incredibly well, there could be a possibility for dlc! im mainly thinking that of something of mario galaxy and starbits randomly hit the ball, or the court is low gravity, resulting in slow ball speeds and tougher times on reaching some far balls. Tell me what you think dlc would look like for a tennis game of this caliber submitted by /u/awakenedusopp [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  9. I stopped by my parents house while they're out of town to do some laundry and brought my switch and dock to set up and play while I was there. My pro controller was nearly dead, so I plugged it in and was playing for a while. When I came back later, I noticed the controller wasn't fully charged but it also wasn't charging any longer. I realized that it charges when plugged into the AC adapter, but absolutely will not charge when plugged into the dock regardless of the USB port used. Unless this brand-new USB cable that was working fine somehow died, I don't know what the hell is going on. Edit: I tested the USB cable and it's working fine. The controller will charge when this USB cable is plugged into a wall charger. Did all the USB ports on my switch's dock suddenly die even though everything else still functions? Edit 2: I just undocked my switch to pack everything up to go home, and noticed itbegan charging as soon as I did that. I keep my switch on little stand with an extension cable that connects it to the dock so it remains cooler. In testing, I found the controller will charge when the switch is directly in the dock, but will no longer charge when it's connected to the dock with the extension.This doesn't make any sense to me as I know that it was working before. submitted by /u/dano8801 [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  10. I've been tossing this idea around for a while and think it's time for some feedback. My partner and I have our own Switches. Most of our games are physical copies which makes sharing easy, but sometimes there are games that are digital only or party games that we wouldn't typically play by ourselves. So we are thinking of making a seperate account for digital games that we can share, but there are some pros and cons to the idea. What do you think? Pros: +Online Family Plan Now that Nintendo has informed us that an online family plan can include up to 5 accounts, we don't have to worry about paying for another account that may not be used constantly. +Share Party Games We have our own circle of friends, so having a seperate account would mean we could takes party games with us without having to buy them on both consoles. Cons: -Moves Entire Library Since there's no way to share specific digital games, when we transfer the account the entire game library would go with it. -Transfer Save Data Let's not beat around the bush, this whole process is a bit tedious and requires both consoles to be plugged in to power source and connected to the internet. The save data moves with the transfer so if anything gets deleted while on the other console, its gone. Thanks for your input. If you have any more pros or cons, I will add them to the list. submitted by /u/Taymless [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  11. Future of Mario Kart

    So i finally got around to finishing everything in MK8 Deluxe. 3 starts everywhere, time trials and all unlockables. I'm at about 3500 points in the online play but i find it incredibly boring because i always get stuck in 150cc matches and i find that too slow. Surely others have fell into the same trap. I've spent about 85 hours on MK8, and over 65 hours in MK8D. What do you think would be best for the franchise at this point? I've been thinking if they should launch more DLC for the game, or just focus entirely on building a new gamr, or should they tweak a bit of the existing game? Surely they could give us the option of what difficulties we want to play online. I'm hoping we get some actual MK news in the next direct/E3. It's my favorite franchise and I definitely want to see more, but I think I've found the end of the line for MK8. submitted by /u/TheRealzestChampion [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  12. Terraria on Switch?

    I have no idea if its still getting updates or anything, but I think it would be a great fit for the Switch. Playing it on the go would be amazing, and co-op would be a blast. (Sorry for the formatting I’m on mobile) submitted by /u/OlyTheGreat [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  13. I've been playing strictly in docked mode for about a week which I usually I mix it up. I kept getting messages saying my joycons are low battery yet I look down and see the green light was at the top on each controller. Both joycons died and I put them back on the console and they work again. I Google why it happened and I'm an idiot. What similar assumptions did you make about the switch or took you too long to realize? submitted by /u/NecrosAhab [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  14. Hello. Glaive : Brick Breaker game - arcade game similar to arkanoid / breakout is on sale now. 25% cheaper. Game's features: - 125 Arcade stages - Versus mode for 2 players - 4 game modes including classic arkanoid, pong (2 paddles to control), collector (destroy shapes) and boss fights - 3D graphics - many powerups and powerdowns - special ball mechanics that gives fresh approach at an oldschool game https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Glaive-Brick-Breaker-1369850.html https://i.redd.it/4i6ycduplwy01.jpg https://i.redd.it/u5772glqlwy01.jpg submitted by /u/DeusPL [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  15. Hello everyone. I'm extremely interested in buying a Nintendo Switch, but I have a few questions regarding whether or not it's worth it for me, due to my eyesight condition (I'm almost blind). How well can you read regular text on the screen? Is menu and game text across different games that small? Anyone here with bad eyesight using the Switch with or without any issues? I really do hope these questions aren't as dumb as they sound to me. I realize it could be read easily by docking it and playing on a large screen, but the reason I want a Switch is the portability and being able to play games anywhere, at any time. Thank you for any and all answers. submitted by /u/Dr_Snek [link] [comments]Continue Reading

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