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  1. Disclaimer real quick: I don't want people getting angry when I say something negative about Kirby SA. The game is great all the way to the end. Anyways, In Super Smash Bros Brawl, the Subspace Emissary is heavily inspired by Kirby, in terms of level design. HAL, I believe, designed most if not all of Subspace Emissary. Level designers from the Kirby Team maybe had to work on both Kirby and the potential Smash Story Mode. Smash and Kirby most likely began in early 2016, evidenced by Sakurai saying that Smash 5 did start right after development ended for Smash 4, and Kirby Planet Robobot coming out in early 2016, thereafter the development for Star Allies began. Given the small time frame and the more occupied level designers, AND the fact that Nintendo is pushing for a 2018 release for Smash 5 makes me think this could all be the case: Smash Bros Story Mode possibly made Star Allies shorter due to time constraints. Just speculation but sounds plausible given the circumstances. Writing this late at night so might not be able to get my point across clearly. submitted by /u/YoungGP [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  2. I am in charge of planning social events for my college fraternity and I may occasionally plan game nights with my brothers. What are some games to play with a large group of guys or good multiplayer games? And some of my brothers' girlfriends and other sorority sisters tend to join us occasionally. What are some games they could enjoy? submitted by /u/Androex [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  3. It's a superb IP, we can have the next game with adult Rex, new worlds, more blades. It's my first game in the franchise and I'm completely in love. We can wait 4 years for the next with a more polished battle system, with bigger combos, more rare blades (no more generic blades! They can make hundreds different blades and more difficult to find the cores), new worlds... Generic blades are useless, they only exist for the aspect of luck, lottery, and incentive to fight monsters and farm cores. But you can make harder to drop or find cores and create the same sensation, but if anticipation about finding a weak or strong, rare or common. submitted by /u/luispereira11 [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  4. Ok so I’m stuck in Tidy Park after I become a gentlemen and I’m at this big party and my note says that I need to “make some new friendships.” I’ve talked to every single person in the room and nothing has happened. I read online that after talking to some people someone is supposed to come forward saying there’s been a murder or something like that. If someone could help me out, I’ve seen a lot of people taking about glitches at tidy Park and i really wanna finish the game submitted by /u/d33zd33zr [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  5. Both the PS4 and Xbox One and even PCs have the ability to play the games remotely from another device. Although the switch is technically portable and wouldn't need such a feature to keep up with the competition, would you enjoy this way playing? The benefits would be never having to carry the switch anymore especially if all your games are downloaded. Also playing online games wouldn't require high bandwidth because the console would still connect to the internet using your home network. I made a video yesterday but the mods didn't seem to like it. You can see a demonstration of how this would look like here submitted by /u/alch3m1stz [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  6. Since development on this game is done, and there was a screenshot of the game's icon on Nicalis' developer Switch, could it be possible that we FINALLY get a release date for this game during the Nindies Showcase tomorrow morning? submitted by /u/TheOffiicialTOY [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  7. Pretty basic question.. I searched everywhere on here and don’t have an exact answer.. I ended up with more worries now then I had when starting.. I ordered a usb C cable on amazon.. and plan to use it with my iPad charging block.. is that ok? I’m so paranoid now after reading this sub.. the only reason I went this route was due to being able to charge it with my power bank while traveling. Thanks in advance guys/gals!! submitted by /u/Barbo789 [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  8. Scratched my joycon in transit (I have that 'nice' case that only covers the screen. Looking to have it replaced with a cheap (but preferably official) option, anyone got any ideas on options and price? TiA. submitted by /u/gachafiend [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  9. Has anyone with a US account tried redeeming gold points for a physical Japanese game, does it work or do you need a Japanese region account? submitted by /u/alch3m1stz [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  10. I really liked how every Friday(i don't remember if it was daily or every Friday) Sakurai posted screenshots of Smash 4 from E3 until the games release. Whether it was new stages, items or assist trophies, it was always fun looking at what Sakurai updated us with. Would you like if he did it again or just left us in the dark with everything? submitted by /u/quitscargo7 [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  11. Im not too big on fighters that dont have a story, or just rely on button perfect combos, and it seems like thats most of the Neo Geo games on here. so i was wondering if there were any games other than ones like that that're worth my time? EDIT: and things other than metal slug, i know they're good and i plan to get them as well. submitted by /u/Ness_PSI [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  12. The update is I believe mostly to add all of the downloadable content however I noticed that there also may have been other improvements. I would love anyone else's opinions on this. submitted by /u/juicedagod [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  13. To be perfectly blunt, half of that game's roster is lifted from other games be it in combat or visual style. The aesthetic is just King of Fighters R-2 with indie pixel goggles on. On top of that, we have a few KoFs, Ultra SF2 (granted, at a fairly unsavory price for the content), SF collection on the way, and Blazblue Cross tag battle in June. Even the simple control scheme can't be claimed at this point, because SNK heroines will have a one-button fighting system. With all that in the picture, why are people still interested? submitted by /u/Axl26 [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  14. I really enjoyed this game. It was old school, both in graphics and concept I think, and the story was just enough to keep you coming along without being super in-depth. The puzzles weren't too hard but they weren't too easy, and I confessed to getting stuck once. it was really truly an enjoyable game for me and I spent the weekend having a lot of fun with it. What games like this can I also find on the eShop, does anyone know? submitted by /u/he_could_get_it [link] [comments] Continue Reading
  15. I’ve had my switch now for 2 weeks, bought it with Mario Odyssey, Zelda and Mario Kart. I’m loving it! It’s completely changed the way I play games. On a week night or when I’m not busy I can pick it up for half an hour, etc. But at the weekend, when I have lots of fun we time I pretty much only play PS4. I just wondered if other people had adopted similar habits or have some people completely given up the other consoles? submitted by /u/chineseandscottish [link] [comments] Continue Reading