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  1. Which handheld is better?

    The Wii U has actually sold around 13 million units in its life cycle. Honest mistake though. https://www.vg247.com/2017/02/01/the-wii-u-has-sold-through-13-5-million-units-making-it-officially-nintendos-worst-selling-console/ Now for the better handheld I'd say the 3DS because it has more games to offer. For now anyway
  2. What was your first Nintendo Console

    Sorry not intended lol. The SNES is a sweet console and you got to experience it first hand so, don't freak.
  3. Opinions on ports and limitations?

    Apparently when paid online is added we'll be getting a large library of classic games. So maybe they're saving some of their older ports for when that time comes? Including this the games will have a leaderboard and an added multiplayer feature to these titles so this seems interesting. I'm assuming the interface will go through a large change after that too and maybe reduce their clutter. As for newer games such as R6: Siege it'd be interesting on how they will make the controls for a JoyCon or if they will just opt to make it Pro Controller only. I honestly don't really mind ports as long as their optimized well and the controls feel good in your hand. If it doesn't accomplish this imo its a bit of a fail.
  4. What was your first Nintendo Console

    Mine was the SNES and I played Super Mario World on it when I was really young. Here's the catch though it wasn't even mine, it was my mothers console from when SHE was a kid lol. In my generation though my 'first' console that I had was the Wii and I loved playing that Wii Sports Resort game.
  5. I agree it might be a low resolution but it probably runs perfectly. I see the Switch as the console that has high quality games w/o needing the graphics. Excited to see if it surpass the Wii in sales some day.
  6. A little gem added to the Switch console for about 30$. https://www.destructoid.com/wild-guns-reloaded-will-open-fire-on-nintendo-switch-in-april-492115.phtml
  7. I myself am not that bothered about it because the Xbox and PS4 have it but some people may feel differently. I also think of the switch as more as a at home multiplayer console so this is where mostly my indifference comes from too. What are your guys opinions on it? Paid online will be coming some time around September 2018. https://strawpoll.com/3p1b8frs
  8. When do you think we'll see Mario Kart 9?

    I don't think we'll see it until much later in the consoles life cycle. MK8 Deluxe is already available and I can see Nintendo maybe releasing some new tracks on it. From what I seen its a pretty solid game but I can see why you'd want another.
  9. Left Joy con not charging?

    Hey Pixel I researched a bit and happened to come across this video. It seems to work for most people in the comments so I hope it turns out well for you too.
  10. I think its possible if there is a very high demand for it. I googled it and it seems like quite a few people feel the same way as you. If there is one though I don't think it will out until a while.
  11. Geez that is really creative lol... bravo!
  12. Pick a game to be remade

    I think Chrono Trigger. It would be very interesting to see what Square would do with the remake.
  13. What game should I buy next? Skyrim or Zelda?

    I definitely say you should choose Zelda. Skyrim is a bit dated but it is still fun to play. The difference though is that Zelda is literally made for the Switch console and while Skyrim was revolutionary for its time I'd say that Zelda takes the cake now.
  14. Win a Nintendo Switch - Giveaway Competition

    Some games me and my family would love to play are Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart 8. I know everyone wants to play these games but I'd just love to be able to play these with my little brothers. My ideal game night would definitely be playing with my two little brothers and friends causing some havoc in Mario Kart 8. Just imagining us all playing the Switch together would be a blast especially since none of my friends have the Switch so I've never played it let alone have even seen the console. Thank you so much with what you're considering on doing it really makes me so happy when people even consider doing giveaways. I will definitely be active in this community from now on. Happy gaming everyone!

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