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  1. Mini Classic Consoles: Yay or nay?

    No love for the Atari ffashbacks? I bought both the NES and SNES classics when they came out. I don't play them, but I like owning them. That said I would not buy the Playstation, or likely any other classic system. Where the PS Classic is interesting to me is to see how well the games look. N64 games look incredibly dated, much worse IMO than NES or SNES games, so I'm curious to see how the PS games look on a classic system.
  2. It's the first splatfest since Nintendo Switch Online launched! Has Nintendo improved the service since they started charging for online play? There is a one week free trial available so join all your 8-bit friends on Team Retro and find out! We'll see you out there, squids! Stay Fresh!
  3. Classic Final Fantasy Games Coming to Switch 2019

    Where is Final Fantasy 8?
  4. Nintendo Switch Simulation Games

    There's Stardew Valley, which a lot of people love. I bought it on a whim while waiting in an airport, and maybe it was just the environment I was in, but I couldn't get into it. Seems like a game that is going to need a lot of time and dedication to play. Trying to play it while dealing with all the stress and keeping an ear out for airport announcements didn't work for me. I couldn't get into it on the plane either, but again that may be due to frequent interruptions. I had a lot of fun with Golf Story, a simple golf based RPG. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is out on the Switch just recently. It's currently on sale for I think $17. I haven't played it (or the non-pocket edition) but I've heard nothing but good things.
  5. Just downloaded Pre -Purchase of Undertale

    Cities: Skylines is available for the Switch, came out just 3 or 4 days ago. Thought you may not be aware of that one. It includes the After Dark and Snowfall DLC.
  6. What is the worst film Disney ever made?

    When I was at Disney World last year I went in to see the Country Bear Jamboree. It happened to be raining when I dipped in and the place was really full. The lady starting the show said something to the effect of "we know you're not here for the bears, just hiding from the rain." Everyone laughed. I felt bad for the bears.
  7. What is the worst film Disney ever made?

    There is a pretty long list of bad Disney films out there. Off the top of my head: Brother Bear, Home on the Range, Black Cauldron, Chicken Little, Pocahontas, Fantasia 2000, Atlantis, Mulan, Big Hero 6.... I'm probably going to get myself into trouble if I keep going and say something like Cars 2. Oh and that Doug movie, Planes which was just an attempt at a cash grab like Bambi II. Then there's other crap like Hannah Montana movie... seriously Disney is so huge this list could go on for days.
  8. About Red's kingdom

    It was an iOS title originally which is a deal breaker for me. There are probably some good games I will pass because of this, but if I want a mobile game I'll just play it on my iphone rather than the Switch. I typically find mobile games to be great for something very lightweight that I can just play for a few minutes while I wait at the Doctor's office or something. That's not what I do with my Switch so it's not for me. People do say this is a good game, it looks like they took a slick floor mechanic, like you'd see in Legend of Zelda dungeons, and wrapped a whole game around it. Could be a fun puzzler, it's just not the type of game I want on my Switch.
  9. As part of your paid Nintendo Switch Online membership (coming second half of September) there will be a selection of NES games with added online play. At launch there will be 20 games, so far Nintendo has the revealed half of the list: Soccer, Tennis, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Dr. Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros. 3 8 of these games (all but Soccer and Tennis) came on the NES Classic. All of them were available on the Wii U virtual console. I'm hopeful that the remaining 10 will be other great classics, but hopefully ones I haven't already bought 4 times before.
  10. Sometime in the second half of Sept. 2018 we're going to have to start paying for the Switch online services in order to play games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8, and Mario Tennis online. I just opened up the Nintendo Switch Online app for the first time in probably months and noticed that the only game supported by the app is still Splatoon 2. What gives? Am I missing someting about adding more games to the app or is it really only for Splatoon 2 at this point? It seems a bit ridiculous to me that a full bullet point of Nintendo's website about the online service is about this app and it's only supported by one game. Are we going to get some major updates to the Switch, its games and the smartphone app as soon as this online service launches?
  11. eShop Discounts!

    When I bought Kingdom New Lands I specifically looked for a discount on Death Road to Canada. There wasn't one at the time, so I went with Kingdom instead.
  12. eShop Discounts!

    Here is what I found in the US store that is currently on sale Title Expiration 2064: Read Only Memories … Aug 14 Aces of the Luftwaffe - S… Aug 09 AeternoBlade Aug 22 Air Mail Aug 10 Alteric Aug 15 Astro Duel Deluxe Aug 09 Binaries Aug 09 BINGO for Nintendo Switch Aug 09 Bleed Aug 17 BlobCat Aug 08 BOOST BEAST Aug 09 Brawlout Aug 09 BUTCHER Aug 09 Castle of Heart Aug 07 ChromaGun Aug 09 Cycle 28 Aug 09 Dandara Aug 09 Darts Up Aug 16 Dead Cells Aug 06 Death Road to Canada Aug 15 Detention Aug 09 Disco Dodgeball - REMIX Aug 08 Dream Alone Aug 13 forma.8 Aug 06 FRAMED Collection Aug 09 Furi Aug 16 GoNNER Aug 09 Hollow Aug 16 In Between Aug 07 Iro Hero Aug 10 Kid Tripp Aug 10 Kingdom: New Lands Aug 09 Lichtspeer: Double Speer … Aug 09 Lode Runner Legacy Aug 09 Lost Sea Aug 03 Maria The Witch Aug 16 Mecho Tales Aug 12 Millie Aug 16 Mom Hid My Game! Aug 09 Mulaka Aug 20 NBA 2K18 Aug 10 NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Aug 10 NBA 2K18 Legend Edition G… Aug 10 Never Stop Aug 08 Nine Parchments Aug 11 NORTH Aug 15 Old Man's Journey Aug 09 One Eyed Kutkh Aug 15 One More Dungeon Aug 06 Operation Hardcore Aug 09 Othello Aug 09 Oxenfree Aug 09 Party Golf Aug 10 Pirate Pop Plus Aug 09 Plague Road Aug 12 Plantera Deluxe Aug 05 Putty Pals Aug 10 Qbics Paint Aug 09 Quest of Dungeons Aug 09 Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX Aug 12 Rogue Aces Aug 13 Shift Quantum Aug 10 Shu Aug 09 Skee-Ball Aug 15 Slayaway Camp: Butcher's … Aug 16 Sparkle 2 EVO Aug 16 Spartan Aug 14 Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adv… Aug 09 Street Fighter™ 30th Anni… Aug 08 Subsurface Circular Aug 23 Super Blackjack Battle 2 … Aug 07 Super Ping Pong Trick Shot Aug 09 Swim Out Aug 09 The Adventure Pals Aug 09 The Bridge Aug 23 The Escapists 2 Aug 09 The Infectious Madness of… Aug 16 The Jackbox Party Pack Aug 09 The Long Reach Aug 09 Three Fourths Home: Exten… Aug 16 Toby: The Secret Mine Aug 07 Transcripted Aug 09 Tumblestone Aug 21 Unexplored Aug 20 Urban Trial Playground Aug 09 Uurnog Uurnlimited Aug 09 Violett Aug 16 Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalk… Aug 22 Worms W.M.D Aug 09 Zombillie Aug 16
  13. eShop Discounts!

    and here I just bought Kingdom New Lands
  14. So I broke down and backed a third party dock on Kickstarter called the Jumpgate. I often travel and would like a proper stand to hold my switch and charge it while I'm playing, while also being able to connect to hotel TVs. The standard dock is larger than I want to carry in my luggage so I'm hoping this will be a good solution. The makers, Skull & Co., are the makers of the GripCase which seems to be a well liked accessory so I'm hopeful that this will be another success for them. Do we start taking bets now on if this third party dock is going to brick my Switch?
  15. I get irritated when I'm playing a game, realize that it's compatible with amiibo, grab one just to find that one is not compatible. Grab another, not compatible. Grab another, not compatible... I know Nintendo has a chart on their website but I find it slow and clunky. Has anyone created a better chart I can use? Say I'm playing Shovel Knight, look up the game then BAM there is the list of all the compatible amiibo. Apparently it's only the shovel knight themed amiibos btw, although I'm not even sure on that because Nintendo's amiibo website doesn't even list a switch version of Shovel Knight.

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