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  1. We Got a Weekly Race!

    I only had time for two races, got 20 points though so better than nothing. Good times. Next week I should be able to take this seriously then you’re all in trouble!
  2. I finally got Lego city undercover for the Switch

    Well if you're just out messing around in the city I don't ever remember an issue on the Wii U. Haven't had enough time on the Switch to say. But every time you go to a cut scene, or go back to the city, the loading screen comes up. Going to the world from a building takes about 1 minute to load. I am on the latest patch for the Switch and the game. If you have time to burn, here's a 3 minute video showing you how bad it is. You could've loaded a cut scene, went into a building and then back out in the time it will take you to watch this.
  3. I finally got Lego city undercover for the Switch

    I just picked this up the other day as well for $15 from best buy. I'm only like 5 minutes into the game so I can't judge too much yet but I am annoyed that loading screen doesn't seem to be any faster. That was my biggest complaint about the Wii U version as well.
  4. My general thought on it is that consumers will be lucky if there is one or two more labo games after the initial release. It's a neat idea, I rather like labo, but Nintendo's story is littered with promising gadgets that have been tossed aside. This is probably one of those things that kids today will be discussing 20 years later with unopened cardboard sets going for a lot of money. Nintendo accessories that may have been neat, but were largely ignored by developers. This is just what I can think of off the top of my head: NES Zapper R.O.B. Power Pad Power Glove To a lesser extent, NES Four Score and NES Satellite SNES Mouse (okay plenty of games would work with it, but really it was for Mario Paint) Super Multitap Super Scope The Nintendo Power Cartridge Game Boy camera and printer Wii Speak
  5. https://store.nintendo.com/ng3/browse/subcategory.jsp?categoryId=cat960084 Refurbished Switches with both gray or red/blue joy cons are in stock at Nintendo's online store for $275. Shipping appears to be $5 around the US. In the past Nintendo's refurbished units have been praised for being high quality and they carry the same warranty as a factory unit. If you're about to buy and would like to save $25 for a game, this is not a bad option.
  6. MarioKart 8 Deluxe Tournament!


    I got to put myself for a 'Maybe' this week, sorry. I'll be travelling but if I'm near wifi at that time I'll jump on!
  7. We Got a Weekly Race!

    Yep it's here! I've even pinned it to the events forum under the club so we shouldn't lose it! I'm thinking we'll need to coordinate on here a bit for when people will be on. If Saturdays just won't work for people (I just randomly picked it) we could move it to another day... maybe tighten up the time to like a 2 hour window? Not sure how that'd impact people worldwide... and of course! post standings and talk smack!
  8. Welcome to the NintendoRadar.com Raceway!!! With so many requests for Mario Kart Tournaments, I've opened a room for weekly races! Every Saturday join the room to race the night away with all your fellow Radarians! Every Saturday, beginning at 6 PM Mountain (5pm Pacific) the Tournament will open and will run for 3 hours! 150cc, any cart, any level!! All you gotta do is... Launch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch, choose online play, choose tournaments, choose Search by Code, and then enter the super secret code! ROOM CODE 5122-4733-2395 Share the room code with any of your friends to let them join in! And be sure to tell them to join NintendoRadar.com for more fun tournaments!
  9. Oh did those happen today? I missed it
  10. If you buy digitally and use your rewards for indie games it's not bad. But for physical games it's pretty terrible. Even if you stack a bunch of coupons, you have to really work to get close to that 5% back that digital games give you. Take my not-so-unique Smash situation. I just signed up for Best Buys' gamer club thing. I can pre order smash for $48, but I also have a $5 coupon in my email for signing up for the gamer club. I also have $15 in certificates to use. Best buy will also kick in $10 back for pre ordering. So we're at $13 for Smash. I'll then get at least 1% back from ebates (sometimes ibotta is better, I'll need to look) so I'm thinking at most Smash will cost me $12.87, which Nintendo will then kick me 60 cents in credit, so about 5% return.
  11. Super smash bros switch ideas

    People losing their minds. This was at the Nintendo World Store in NYC. BTW this was about my reaction when I saw that Taco Bell is offering a Skittles slush. I've been craving something to wash down my nacho fries, and Taco Bell delivered.
  12. Super smash bros switch ideas

    From this quick (and very dirty) screen grab of the March 8th Direct (@46 seconds), what characters can you identify?
  13. Thursday's Nintendo Direct- What Did You Think?

    Radarians! Nice! Just the other day I was wondering what we are called... Last night I bought the Splatoon DLC so I guess I'm excited about that one. Mario Tennis has me a bit more curious. I'm pretty excited for The Fractured But Whole. I pre ordered it on PS4 in the long long ago, they gave me Stick of Truth for free, and I really enjoyed that game. With the delays over there they ended up refunding my money but not taking the Stick of Truth from me. I always meant to buy The Fractured But Whole over there but with the Switch taking up so much of my time I never got around to it. With Fractured But Whole on the Switch it will fit much easier into my life. I am disappointed Luigi's Mansion is not on the Switch. I'll be buying Captain Toad when it launches, I had a lot of fun with it on the Wii U, I think it will be the perfect airport game for me.
  14. It's Time to Race!!!!1! It's Friday night so lets race the night away! Beginning at Noon Mountain (11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern) the Tournament will open and will run until midnight! 150cc, any cart, any level!! All you gotta do is... Launch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch, choose online play, choose tournaments, choose Search by Code, and then enter the super secret code! ROOM CODE THIS TOURNAMENT HAS ENDED Want to say something more than "I'm using Title Controls!" just leave here in the thread! Good luck!
  15. If you missed the direct, here is the Smash Bros Switch reveal trailer