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  1. I didn't come here to be redirected to reddit on 50% of the threads! It defeats the purpose of these forums. And most of them are just shitposts. Please. Stop the spam!
  2. Looks like we can have other pet dogs. At timecode 7:33, the Treehouse rep tries to feed an apple to his horse. But a nearby dog comes by and eats it instead. Once it does, the dog gets happy hearts just like the horses do and begins to follow Link around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=gpxjUp4Ov6E;m=7;s=33 I've been waiting for the spoiler tag to share this. Missing out on having a wolf companion was the only thing that bothered me about Breath of the Wild. Looks like there was no reason to worry after all. Also gives me hope for these DLC bonuses not being terrible to miss out on. I believe that Nintendo is offering us a complete package at launch.
  3. We all know about The Triforce of Wisdom, Power, and Courage. But I'm trying to imagine "what if the Lorule Triforce had different virtues?" So far, I've got: Insight Control ______ Obviously, Insight reflects Wisdom, Control reflects Power, but I need something that reflects Courage. Here's the options for the parallel to Courage that I've come up with so far: Kindness Love Charity Grace Sacrifice For those of you wondering what the heck my thought process is (and like to research) I'm following the Sephiroth from the Tree of Life. The actual virtues that I'm trying to represent are Binah (Reason and Understanding), Netzach (Victory), Chesed (Loving Kindness). The English pseudo-facsimiles for these I've come up with are Insight, Control, and _____ respectively. I'm trying to pick words that sound like Virtues but also useful powers (LINK BETWEEN WORLDS - SPOILERS BELOW) I'm leaning toward Charity, since it sums up self-sacrifice, kindness, etc all in one word. Plus it reflects how when the triforce was destroyed, Ravio was greedy despite wanting to save people. And I'm also considering Command instead of Control. It's just that Control fits better with how Yuga is a puppet of Hilda and Ganon despite how he wants to be in control by turning everyone into paintings. TL;DR So vote in the survey what you think Ravio's true nature is or come up with your own set of Triforce virtues!
  4. I could use some tips. And, yeah I'm sure many of you preordered as soon as it was for sale. But I'm talking about everyone else. Any cool stories?

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