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Found 26 results

  1. Is anyone out there shunning travel and enjoying their holiday weekend with a bit of gaming? In which systems/games will you be indulging? I will be continuing my progress through Hyrule Warriors. In addition, I’m going to give Doom a second chance. Finally, I’m going to try Skyrim for the first time.
  2. What do you think of Sushi Striker?

    What do you think of Sushi Striker? It's coming out in a few months and I think it looks like a lot of fun (but not very deep). I think the price point will lead to people not buying the game. I predict 60-70 on Metacritic. After seeing how Kirby Battle Royale was reviewed, it might even be less. But I'm sure some people will really love the game. ...and it has an anime opening.
  3. Detective Pikachu Review

    Detective Pikachu has had a lot of buzz surrounding it (I’m not referring to you, Buzz!). It had a single-episode Japanese release quite a while back, with more to come. Reviewers loved it. The titular character was witty, charming and lovable. The case was simple but enjoyable. And so it goes. The whole game is not much more than this. Simple puzzles, lovable characters, good set pieces. It is aimed at a younger crowd. But I did enjoy my time with it. The story is great (and this part skews slightly older), and follow Tim Goodman’s search for his missing father. It does fall into common trappings (Pikachu has amnesia, Tim is an amateur, etc.), and though the cases are connected, they can feel somewhat disconnected, in a sense. The villains are rarely readily apparent (although sometimes they totally are) and “guesswork” can feel tiring because you figured something out several steps ahead of what the game expects of you. So it was more that I was disconnected from the game in the sense that an average 8-year old watching Dora might feel. Not part of the age group targeted, and smart enough to realize most things beforehand, but not necessarily readily. Nevertheless, the writing is flawless. The wit is mild but on point, the characters are well established, and the game is consistently fun even when you are ahead of the game. Detective Pikachu is a character I’m so excited to see more of. The voice acting is among the best I’ve seen in any dub. The actors and actresses were well chosen, the Pokemon sounded like I would have imagined, and this added so much life into the game. The Pokemon do have the quirk of generally saying only syllables of their names, just like the show. This is fine, I think, but can be off-putting to newcomers to Pokemon, to which this game is (somewhat) targeted. The main criticism I have of the game is actually relegated to something optional. If you want to hear all the optional conversations, you cannot hear them all in one playthrough. In fact, I often stopped to chat with Detective Pikachu, but I was far from hearing them all. Too bad, because these conversations were often full of wit and an interesting diversion from the stress of the main game. You can access these with an amiibo. Considering that most people will only play this game through once (and the game only lasts about 13 hours), that’s definitely taking advantage of this. That said, as I said before, I do still hope to see more of Detective Pikachu. As for whether or not this game is worth pulling the plug on, I’d suggest most Pokemon fans stay away. Major Pokemon fans will want this game. But if you’re not willing to shell out $40 for the game, you can catch playthroughs online (and, I might add, the game might be more fun for it if you take time to pause and relax). I also think this game will drop in price. I don’t know how much, but consider waiting if you don’t want to shell out full price. Also note that this game has QTEs (quick-time events). These are short and simple and bland. No Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm level QTEs here. But they make up for it in personality. There can be funny results for failing. In one, Pikachu is shot out of a cannon. Intentionally miss the button press and you’ll be treated to humorous dialogue. Miss others and you might have to restart, or be met with some more serious consequences (you might fail to catch the villain, for example). In one segment (not related to QTEs), you miss out on recovering stolen item(s) if you fail. If you succeed, you might be treated to a dialogue option. I didn’t pay enough attention and missed at first, but succeeded my next playthrough. It was simple enough that I would have easily succeeded the first time if I had paid more attention. I breezed through this game, and yes, I would have had more fun if I hadn’t. But I still feel I got a gauge of what to rate it. I am not taking much into account the price of the game. This review is largely according to the game’s standard in comparison to other adventure games. Rating: 7.5/10.
  4. Nintendo Direct 3/8

    Another Nintendo direct is on the way. It seems, however, that they are tempering expectations by highlighting Mario Tennis. What are your expectations/thoughts? https://mobile.twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/971385073898532865?s=19
  5. You can pick up some great Capcom titles on Switch, 3DS and the Wii U for a bargain RIGHT NOW! Mega Man Legacy Collection - 3DS - $5.99 (was $14.99) Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - 3DS - $14.99 (was $19.99) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies - 3DS - $10.19 (was $29.99) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice - 3DS - $14.99 (was $29.99) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy - 3DS - $14.99 (was $29.99) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Wii U - $7.99 (was $39.99) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - 3DS - $5.99 (was $19.99) Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - 3DS - $8.99 (was $29.99) Monster Hunter Generations - 3DS - $15.99 (was $39.99) Resident Evil Revelations - 3DS - $7.99 (was $19.99) Resident Evil Revelations - Wii U - $9.99 (was $39.99) Resident Evil Revelations - Switch - $14.99 (was $19.99) Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Switch - $14.99 (was $19.99) Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition - 3DS - $7.99 (was $19.99) DuckTales: Remastered - Wii U - $3.74 (was $14.99) Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - Wii U - $3.74 (was $14.99) >> Check it out on Nintendo.com here << Shoutout to @MrMischief for giving me the heads up!
  6. 3DS best RPGs?

    Hey guys, I have had my 3ds for a while and I would like to ask for/get some more 3DS games around the Christmas/January sales period. I'm a bit stumped with what to get, however. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some games? Particularly RPGs. I personally play Fire emblem, Monster hunter, Pokemon, Zelda, but have been a bit out of loop with recent releases for these titles(am a student so got to do the study thing), but also would like to broaden my library and get a bit more involved. Thanks guys.
  7. Best 3DS game?

    I'm curious to see everyone's opinions! My favourite game would have to be Animal Crossing New. A huge amount of updates and replay value helped it stand the test of time and i love it! Anyway, whats your favourite 3DS game?
  8. 3DS? 2DS? What? XL???????

    Ok I've been out of the Nintendo loop for a while. Can someone please explain to me the difference between the 3DS XL and the 2DS XL?? Wasn't the 2DS the flat one???? Is the 2DS just a rly big flat one? But it still looks like u can fold it?? What??? I'm really lost someone pls explain
  9. Still playing the 3ds line

    I know there’s a ton of hype still for the switch but I’m still not done with the 3ds. There’s still quite a few games I need to play like Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon,xenoblade, bravely default, bravely second, some fire emblem games, and a few others. In the mean time while I’m playing those I’m saving up for the switch. Can’t wait for Pokémon to come out on it than my life will be complete. I wonder if it’ll come out 2018 or 2019?
  10. Wondering people's opinions on whether they're planning on getting Fire Emblem Warriors on Switch or 3DS. I've only ever played Awakening, Fates and Echoes- so I don't actually know what it's like in a bigger format. What does anyone think is going to be better?
  11. Should I sell my 3ds?

    Hi, i have a cosmos black 3ds and I only really bought it for pokemon, but I have ended up not playing any of the games. Should I sell it for a switch? Or I should I keep it, also if I should keep it what are some good games to play, Thanks
  12. With the Switch dominating my portable gaming, it's hard for me to make time for 3DS titles that I still want to play and finish. When I first got the Switch I saw myself playing it mostly in docked mode. Now, nearly six months later, I find that I use it on the go much more than in docked mode (even if it's just on the couch while my girlfriend watches DWTS). With new, compelling software (Samus Returns, Mario Party Top 100) still coming out for the 3DS, how do owners of both consoles find the time to play both?
  13. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is one of the best crossovers ever. There. I said it. And I shall never regret that statement. It has an ambitious plot, a wonderful setting, and great characterizations. So, so much goes right. It gives fans what they want. Great trials, great puzzles, great music (and remixed versions of the some of the most popular themes from each series, to boot). But it has incredible flaws. Here’s a fair list: Major plotholes, only 70 puzzles, forced to restart cases or load manual saves (something thrown out in Dual Destinies), shorter trials and, perhaps, the game is overly dark and shocking, more so than any game in either series. But what about the good? And more on those other things. PL vs. AA has a brilliant setting. Professor Layton is investigating a case related to one of his students when a girl comes to him seeking help. This girl soon is abducted by what appears to be a witch. She is soon rescued by the Professor and Luke, and escapes aboard a freighter. It’s not long before Phoenix Wright is sent to defend her in court for the charges of committing a crime while aboard. He wins the trial. But he and Professor Layton (along with their assistants) have been pulled into a new “Story”: That of Labyrinthia, a world seemingly composed of powerful magic and witch trials. After being pulled into the story, Phoenix and Maya not only have amnesia, but their memories have been altered. Professor Layton and Luke remember, however. The game is a case of amnesia, arguably, “done right”. Amnesia is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overused in stories, especially those in video games. It’s good to see it done well, and I won’t spoil why this is that way. The puzzles and trials are standard quality of each franchise. And the trials introduce a new mechanic: Several witnesses take to the stand at once! This...is...awesome. It is mostly done well. But there are a few times that the mechanic is used in what can be a confusing way. The plot is never very lighthearted. The witch trials end with witches being placed inside a metal coffin and dipped into a flaming pit. Winning a trial is presented as a wonderful thing in all of the Ace Attorney games. Not so here. It’s terrible! The characters (and you) witness supposed justice being carried out in front of your faces. Seeing the terror in the eyes of those sent into the pit can be traumatic and make you wonder if your time was worthwhile. Not is all how it seems, however...for bad...and for good. There are abundant plot twists, including one way out there at the end. You will see why I referred to the plot as “ambitious” if you choose to play the game to its conclusion (or even, watch a playthrough). Once the curtain is drawn back from this world and the truth is revealed many, many questions remain. And some may laugh at the conclusion. I will say that for me, it was satisfying. A bit difficult to chew, but certainly worth it. Phoenix Wright is often presented as being many steps behind Professor Layton. He has to learn from him. Fans might be disappointed that he forgets basic lessons of courtroom procedure. But he is very much in character. Nick (yes, Phoenix) has always had a bit (or a lot) of difficulty adapting to new situations. And his situation is very much new. Perhaps the most glaring flaw is one that may never be experienced: Game over in the final case. As truths are revealed, there comes a point in the case where game over is completely pointless. The judge is eager to find the truth, and is patient to hear it. Yet if you make minor mistakes, he will declare your client guilty. In the Ace Attorney games, this mostly, if not completely made sense, even if it was unfair. The Judge is a fickle friend. Here, it doesn’t make sense and is very much out of character for the judge. Final thoughts: Earns “T” rating, although family friendly. There are several shocking and possibly traumatizing moments where the player might just want to put down the game and never play it again. A game can be hopeful and not necessarily have the most desirable outcome. The game is, perhaps, too much of a people-pleaser in some ways. And in other ways, it, perhaps, is not enough. There were many decisions made about the game that has me asking, “what were you thinking?” This game, when analyzed by fans, will likely be hated more than any other game in any of each series. If not, I would be pleasantly surprised. Oh, and one last note: Hint coins can be used during trials. You heard me. You struggling to know where to press or present? Use a hint coin! It can make the game too easy...but some moments in trials are just so taxing that it’s just plain worth it. Pros: Setting is awesome Ambitious plot that succeeds mostly; is touching. Great characters Remixed versions of original themes Great Puzzles and humor Hint coins usable during trials and are abundant Cons: Major plotholes Final case pointlessly thrown out with a few mistakes Only 70 puzzles Forced to restart or load case upon failing (Dual Destinies reload system not usable here) Game is arguably overly dark and shocking Score: 8.0
  14. How is Ultra Sun/moon going to differ from the previous Pokemon title or will it be more like a white/black 2 instead of a Pokemon yellow to a Pokemon red/blue? Also if anyone has any thoughts or stories on Pokemon I would like to hear them.
  15. 3DS

    Does anyone still play the 3DS anymore?? I do, sometimes. I usually play Mario Kart 7 Does anyone know other games I could get?
  16. Nintendo Network ID and Switch

    Does anyone know when we will be able to register our NNI to the console? As far as I know it was used on the 3DS and WiiU for software purchases and multiplayer. Are the funds on the Eshop from my 3DS going to transfer to the Switch Eshop?
  17. New Nintendo 3DS nub

    I hate the nub! It never works! It pushes up and to the left alright, but down and to the right is horrible! They could've put another smaller slide pad. Would've been so much better.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XyReIbBJAI So, what do you guys think? All the sports look interesting except horseriding (wish they had something like hockey or basketball instead).
  19. Hey everyone! My name is Paola, a.k.a. westcoastsmoker. So, anyways, I think all of us Nintendo fans know that the Switch came out right? Okay, good. In my opinion, from what I've seen so far, it is very cool. I like the idea of the Joy-Cons, and the look of the Red and Blue ones look fantastic. One thing i'm wondering about, is if the Switch is touch screen. I'm pretty sure it isn't. Not that is has to be, it's just that this is for such going to annoy some people. But, what is the point of a touch screen, when you have the Joy-Cons. I would like to comment on how small, and smooth it is. I think that is just excellent how nice it is to hold. Unlike the Wii U, which was very bulky. The switch is much easier to hold, and play with. My hands tend to sweat while using bulky gaming consoles, so hopefully, I won't have a problem with the Switch. It is very portable too! I like that about it, and how easy it is to pull it out, and play your game. Another thing is, is that I really don't get why everyone is complaining about 720p. I really don't see a problem with that. That's quite good really. And it's great that when switching to a TV, it can be 1080p. C'mon guys, it's better than 140p. The 3DS screen is of lower quality, and everyone seemed fine with it, so accept the fact that it isn't the best screen quality there can be, and remember, it's better than nothing. Is it just me that thinks the Switch is a spin-off of the Wii U? The Switch and the Wii U are VERY similar in my opinion. Well, that's all I need to say. Bye!
  20. with the inception of the Switch I recently dusted off my DS lite and ive been having a blast playing Super Mario,Zelda,Metroid Prime but i want to play a detective game.recommendations?
  21. Fire Emblem Fates

    In the series of Fire Emblem Fates, who is your go-to pairing (that can include your main)?
  22. Why not pre-game the highest rated game of all time? Don't ask me, try Metacritic, IGN, Gamespot and anyone who truly understands how important this game was when it came out. In this revolutionary game, the Ocarina itself is an integral part of the adventure. As a young boy, Link sacrifices everything to pull the master sword from the temple of time in order to banish evil and restore peace in the world. Unfortunately, this enabled Ganondorf to gain access to the sacred realm. This coming of age story resonated with so many gamers on it's first release and went as far as getting the Game Of The Year (for all consoles) award. Solve puzzles and slay enemies in 10 dungeons (excluding 3 mini-dungeons) and ride Epona as you embark on your journey! If you haven't played this game on the N64 there are ports which were released to the Gamecube, Wii and a beautifully touched up remake which remains true to the original on the 3DS. Here's a quote from Wikipedia: "In 1998, Ocarina of Time won the Grand Prize in the Interactive Art division at the Japan Media Arts Festival.[18] It also won six honors at the 2nd Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, including "Game of the Year", "Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Design", "Outstanding Achievement in Software Engineering", "Console Game of the Year", "Console Adventure Game of the Year" and "Console RPG of the Year".[19] Electronic Gaming Monthly gave it both the editors' choice and readers' choice awards for "Game of the Year for All Systems", "Nintendo 64 Game of the Year" and "Action RPG of the Year" as well as the readers' choice awards for "Best Music" and "Best Graphics", and it was runner-up for the reader's choice "Best Sound Effects" award.[120] Edge gave it the awards for "Game of the Year" and "Gameplay Innovation" and placed it 2nd place for "Graphical Achievement" (behind Virtua Fighter 3tb).[104]" Now, if you're unfamiliar with the original trailer for Ocarina of Time in 1998, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF7p9hruSeY
  23. I have never played the franchise and I am not familiar with the game style/genre. But I'd really like to give it a shot and I am wondering what's the newest/best Fire Emblem that would suit somebody like me? A game that will get me started into the world of Fire Emblem. Thanks look forward to hearing from you all!
  24. The boxing management tycoon is here! Train hard, choose your own path and find out who murdered your father in this exciting retro-game for the modern era. One can only hope our Nintendo eshop digital purchases can follow us on all devices. That would mean I'd be playing this on the Switch. Click on the video below to check the trailer out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieM_Fl_RNGA

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