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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 31 results

  1. First Switch Game?

    This is the third thread of thread week! Make sure to vote!
  2. Breath Of The Wild

    Anybody else only have to find Korok Seeds for Breath Of The Wild? Lmao which I recently found out is actually poop? Anyone else find that out? Or did I just read dumb articles?
  3. What is the strongest weapon you have ever picked up? I have a Royal Guard’s Claymore at 115, and I haven’t seen anything online stronger than that. Have you? I put a spoiler tag just in case someone hasn’t had the chance to play yet.
  4. BotW: Wii u vs Switch

    Is it worth it to buy a nintendo switch JUST to get the "playable" version of BotW when you already have a wii u? I have both consoles but what's your opinion?
  5. I am going to america in the summer holidays with the fam (from England), and noticed that the Switch is $300. This currently equates to around £235 with the price of the switch here in the UK being £280. Buying the console, BotW, the pro controller and plug adapter will obviously come out cheaper this way. However, I was wondering whether I could then buy accessories back here in the UK, and they will still work. I heard some people say that had issues with this. Also, warranty wouldn't be available in another country. Ty for the help
  6. SPOILERS!!! I have Breath of the Wild on Switch, so if you own it on Wii U your experience may be a little different, I don't know. The Breath of the Wild starts you out in a small area of the gigantic map, with your only way out relying on an old man and his trade offer (Reminds me of the Old man from Zelda 1) and so you do what he wants so you can continue your journey. During this time, you get a feel for the world. You can do what he wants you to do in your order of choosing, and you quickly realize some environments require you to stay warm, some want you to stay colder to survive. After you do what he asks, he reveals that he is infact the ex-king of Hyrule, and the first main mission you get is to "Defeat Ganon." You can go right to Hyrule castle, but you will be destroyed. The story is that 100 years ago, Link, Zelda, and four champions fell to Ganon in an attempt to save Hyrule, and Hyrule has since fallen into ruin. You can traverse the world to do what you want, and you can find some special items that aren't required (Such as the Master Sword that people hint at throughout the game, and the Hylian shield, that people do NOT hint at throughout the game) and throughout your travels you find little Koroks to expand your inventory, and different villages to explore. The amount of intriguing sidequests offer many styles to play, you can buy your own house, make your own village, etc. The main goal of the game is to find four villages, (Zoras domain, Gerudo Town, Rito whatever, and Goron city) talk to an elder, beat a temple (Divine Beast) and defeat the boss. Do this four times, and take on Ganon. I don't quite understand age, though. Sidon remembers Mipha quite fondly, and if he was alive during her lifetime, he would be over 100 years old, and the Gerudo princess would also be over 100 years of age. It doesn't make sense. All in all, Breath of the wild is a Skyrim + Zelda 1 combination, and it works beautifully. Especially if you know lore, because you will find secrets much easier. What did you think of this game?
  7. So I've enjoyed Terraria for a long time, and as I've learned more about Breath of the Wild, I noted that it seems to hold some similarities to the former. People who have played both games, is this an accurate assumption?
  8. Guys I'm wondering what's the best order to tackle the divine beasts in order of easiest to most difficult? thank you all
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgBvbX1wTRA
  10. Although I do not yet have my hands on the switch or breath of the wild, I have begun to play, and thoroughly enjoy Horizon. But I have seen a few videos on only the gameplay of botw, and I think the games may be more different than people are letting on. In horizon, the combat is heavily based on figuring out a machine's weaknesses and using the best weapon to combat that, whereas botw seems more focussed on rationing your weopons so that your best ones don't break. Also, horizon has a lot more machines you can hack, compared to the amount of animals you can befriend in botw. Another unique thing in horizon is that you can upgrade your abilities when you level up, meaning, as the game progresses, the enemies that used to be tough become more and more manageable and you really feel like a pro. I think it's silly that people keep calling them similar when there's so much difference between the two. If anyone can think of any other differences, I'd love to hear them.
  11. Zelda: WiiU Vs Switch

    I was wondering how many of you have played either the WiiU version and the Switch version of Breath of the Wild? Also are there any noticeable differences between the two versions and if it's worth buying the switch to play it on? Thank you~
  12. BoTW Speedruns

    Just in case anyone is interested, there is a nice little list of all the Speedruns for BoTW on speedrun.com. They can be found here: BoTW Speedruns
  13. Hello! This is a page to post little tips and trick to help you defeat Ganon, explore or just to have fun! My Tips: Get a dog/wolf, they help you attack enemies and help guide you to shrines, as well as this they also attract the guardian beam away from you, allowing you to attack them without worrying about being hit by the beam! as your wolf will be hit (or hopefully dodge ) Try to upgrade your armour at Goddess Shrines and other items And More! Also feel free to post locations of chests, shrines and other cool things!
  14. Minish in BotW?

    So what happened to the minish in this game? The rest of the races appear in the game but where are the Minish? Do you have any theory?
  15. I would like to discuss with you about my current situation. In my country (HK), the stores that I have visited all ran out of stock for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Currently, I am contacting a friend of mine that just so happens to be visiting Japan, so I was thinking of asking her. My question is: Does the Japanese Breath of the Wild have the ability to change the language to English?
  16. Zelda Breath of the Wild

    Has someone bought it already? Can u recomend it?
  17. Anyone have any guesses as to where Breath of the Wild will go in the timeline? I'm really hoping for it to go somewhere in the disaster timeline but it's looking more like it's gonna go after twilight princess.
  18. Custom BotW Cover

    /u/ railerswim from reddit made an AMAZING custom Cover for the physical box of BotW https://i.redd.it/js5kzk30s8iy.png I am very tempted to print it and make it the cover for my game when I get it. They says its not perfect, as they didn't know the dimensions, but they will update with prefect dimensions after the 3rd. Thought i should share with you all
  19. no tendos switch/ BotW allowed small reviews of the game to be published (mostly on YouTube) who has been watching them and what are your thoughts of the game?
  20. just a topic for discussion, but weather you preordered or not which switch did you get/will get, and why. Will you get the coloured or non coloured?
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGJcgaaVMII Mild spoilers (just gameplay footage, no story or anything).
  22. Remember the excitement picking up a game for your N64/other platforms in your younger years. Deciding which game to pick up depending on cover art, in hindsight that seems a bit risky, not knowing what you get. Nowadays I spend hours before picking up a game, watching first impressions and reviews from random people on the internet. Me and many people remember games from our childhoods being deep and complicated, while games today with is called shallow and easy. Sure games made more excessable for the masses is true but I think exposure to games before being bought has a lot to do with it. When I bought OoT for my N64 I had no clue what kind of graphics (except some still pictures in magazines ) the game had or how good/bad it was, but hey, neither did I care. Moments like exploring the mechanics led to be the most memorable in games. Oh you can backflip? Oh you can dive? Oh you can roll into trees to shake it?? (Sure most of these are expected by todays game standard. But there is a lot of fun mechanics in games that mostly get spoiled by media coverage and posts on the internet. Now this might be more of a PSA, but I think you should consider to try and stay away from too much coverage, might be hard but for me atleast , my experience with BotW and Mario will be lovely as I have kept my internet spoiler-free by setting up filters on reddit and other sites. Sadly, I don't seem to have the strength to sway away from the forces of excitement and been spoiled all kinds of stuff in BotW (mainly in trailers) but wanted to talk about it. What do you think? Does exposure spoil the excitement of a game?
  23. We all know by now that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a juggernaut. But Eiji Aonuma who's been working on Zelda games for 20 years lets us in on some facts. Breath of the Wild is the biggest Zelda game to date and the biggest game Nintendo has ever developed (not to mention the most expensive.) Breath of the Wild took four years to develop and employed a whopping 300 developers at Nintendo. The game was originally meant to be released on the Wii U in 2015 but thankfully Nintendo pushed it back to for some extra polish and to coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Switch. BotW is set in a bloody massive game-world and just to emphasise how big; here's a comparison to other Zelda games and Skyrim! [credit: NintendoToday]

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