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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 3 results

  1. Best controller for Switch:

    Why hello there, as per the title I guess I wanted to discuss about what controllers are best for the switch, or rather which controllers you personally prefer to use whether its down to the layout, build quality, button feedback, analog sticks ect. I would love to know as having gone into alot of hassle finding multiple controllers over different systems and brands for emulation purposes I still have yet to find a perfect well rounded controller to this day. Of course this is regarding the switch but other controllers are welcome as well if people want to really push their favourite controller here. For me in general I love the ps4 controller but less so the dpad and it's analog stick layout. I love the xbox one controller but find the build quality lacking and it's Bluetooth support, abysmal at best. With all that said I know there's a decent choice between Switch and that Nintendo licensing encourages great quality so much so I have taken interest along side the pro controller to that of the Nintendo PowerA controllers i.e. the mario and zelda editions as seen below. Anyone have any experience with these controllers? Any other hidden gems people constantly use on the system I'd love to know!
  2. Custom Switches:

    As stated just the idea of we all like unique looking consoles and the 3ds had some great ones so seems like it would benefit for the switch to take part. If so what do you have in mind? Gamecube style switch, nes and snes, Zelda, Metroid ect.
  3. Switch Charge: Product

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before I searched for it but couldnt see it But what do people think regarding this [MEDIA=indiegogo]switchcharge-a-battery-case-for-nintendo-switch[/MEDIA] It's an external case to allow two game ports at once letting you easily choose more than one game and take one more with you. Plus it is supposed to add 12hr battery life and whilst I doubt it will be that much even if its only half that at 6 it will be very impressive and convient/ usefull. With that said I looked into it and saw people stating that the battery caused some damage due to it swelling and that it cracked the side of the switches case (see below) Now i'm paranoid to say the least and while i find the idea great I worry that it could damage the switch and feel that this product isnt worth damaging the console considering its hefty cost. Provided it is an odd one out or just minor what do you think? Anyone backed this via indigogo and received one/ tested it or is it not in customers hand yet but rather only some testers?

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