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There are no results to display.

Found 16 results

  1. This is an interesting topic in my opinion. This game called Starlink: Battle for Atlas has my attention, but I have so many questions and I figured I would see what all of you thought. So, this game appears to be a sci-fi ship-battle based game with an added element that has me scratching my head. The game has a feature that involves building your space ship out of actual model parts and fixing it onto your controller. The ships have interchangeable parts that can be swapped out during gameplay as needed. Parts and weapons can be upgraded as well. I just wonder if this part of the game is an absolute must, or if it is just an optional added feature to entice a wider audience. Here is my take: I love sci-fi. I love ship battles. I love building models. But this seems kind of gimmicky to me. The ship seems awkward perched atop a controller and I'm not sure how that works with the joycon attached to the console. An attempt to have hardware for sale to increase revenue reminds me of Skylanders or Amiibo figures. The idea/ storyline behind this game along with the subject matter and art design have me very interested, but the toy aspect of it has me a bit lost. I understand that they may be trying to reach a younger audience of children who would be interested in collecting and playing with all of these ships, and the 11 year old in me is a little interested in that aspect, but ultimately I believe that games should be games and toys should be toys. Don't get me wrong; I still build the occasional Lego set and I have more than a couple Japanese robots from certain anime guarding my bookshelves, but to have a toy that is required to play the game sounds really bogus to me. I do not know if it is in fact a REQUIREMENT for play, but I would be more excited about the game if this toy-model aspect was left out. On of the ships can be seen below attached to a joycon grip controller. What do all of you think?
  2. As you can see the Games from the E3 Showroom from Nintendo leaked. The list sports Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Fortnite, Monster Hunter XX, FIFA 19, Killer Queen Black, Starlink, Paladins, Overcooked 2 and Mario Tennis Aces. We rumor that there will also be a huge showroom for Smash. These are all 3rd party games so probably Nintendo will also show some of their own first-party games Mother 3 etc. Fortnite will probably be one of the few "and it's available now" titles as it already got put on the Korean rating board. With all these leaks and rumors I'm ready for E3
  3. Andrei Lazarescu, Supervising Producer for FIFA World Cup mode, told Dream Team that FIFA 19 will arrive to Nintendo’s console with vastly improved graphics – despite once again not running on Frostbite. FIFA on Switch uses a modified version of the IGNITE engine FIFA 19 will look significantly better on the Nintendo Switch than last year’s game, EA Sports has revealed. Features sport: "New features such as face paint and hats on the crowd" as told by Lazarescu to dreamteamfc Personally, I don't think that these are great new features that are worth a completely new game The game officially launches on June 1 – but you can pre-register for the game now.
  4. A little gem added to the Switch console for about 30$. https://www.destructoid.com/wild-guns-reloaded-will-open-fire-on-nintendo-switch-in-april-492115.phtml
  5. Theres a game thats on steam called brawlout that plays similar to Smash 4, but is it good or bad in everyones opinion? Seeing as its is on the switch, i was wondering who else knows or likes it?
  6. What was the first game you got on your first Nintendo console? Just a curiosity.
  7. Hello - new here

    Hi y'all. Im new here. My name is Sara, but u can call me Rebs.... Ugh I almost wish I could say I was a trenager, but no. I am quite literally as old as Star Wars... LOL Living in the country in Indiana wishing I was anywhere else. At least I have my cats and my games because thia is the most boring place I have ever been.
  8. Zelda Games

    So since lots and lots of people like thw Zelda games, I am curious... What is your favorite? And if you feel like it, why? I think I had,once upon a time, all the games up to Wind Waker.... I actually loved the GameCube disk with like almost all the Zelda games at that time but that was soooo long ago. I want the new one sooooo bad!
  9. Game number two

    Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? Sorry I haven't been popping in lately, but university finals are here and I'm just taking a little break to write this quick post about what has been going through my head recently. As you might have guessed from the topic header, I am about to purchase my second game for the Nintendo Switch. I recently bought a 35 dollar eshop card to test out whether eshop cards for 3ds and wii U work on the switch. Guess what! They do! Anyways, I'm thinking about buying either Blaster Master 0 and Graceful Explosion Machine, Fast RMX(not buying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe since I own the Wii U version....I'll buy it if they release more tracks in dlc if that happens), or saving the 35 dollars towards ARMS or Splatoon 2. Any ideas as to what I should do? Also, I was hoping that My Nintendo would have the Switch rewards up by now, but I guess not. Hopefully they're up by the time that E3 rolls around....
  10. FPS on Switch

    If you could see one FPS game, or franchise, no matter the console exclusivity, on the the Switch, which would it be? For me, portable Halo would ensure I never leave the switch alone Overwatch and BattleFront would also be nice
  11. Console designs

    Hi guys, in the wake of the Nintendo Switch, the whole idea of console gaming has been uplifted quite a bit. With others cool tech like the wii in the market for quite some time, Nintendo has hit the right button with their Switch in the handheld console gaming industry. So I was thinking if you guys had any innovative ideas for any other console model designs....what would like your console to be like? I am a big fan of the Switch idea. It's just that I wanted to know about your ideas, or wishes! Comment along and let's discuss!
  12. I am looking what are some popular games of any year and console, since there are some hidden gems that everybidy must play. Mine are: Halo Super Smash Bros. And my favorite best: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  13. Which type of games are most likely to predominate on the Nintendo Switch? With the new Zelda BoTW the Nintendo games can be in a whole new level matching Xbox and PS games, can this be true?
  14. Sort of "Toys to life" concept as Skylanders, but you can use your amiibos as a in game characters. I think it would be quite cool (and expensive too).
  15. My fav is probs Super Mario Oddyessy as I LOVE 3D Mario games, especially the hub style ones which it looks like SMO will be My least fav is 1 2 Switch, as it's basically a 60 dollar referee. IMO It should be a pack in.

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