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Found 32 results

  1. I AM the Hollow Knight.

    Hello fellow Radarians! It has been a while since I have posted anything new so I figured.... I would do exactly that! This post concerns my newest obsession: Hollow Knight. Man, oh man. What a game this is! I am a major metroidvania fan, so games like Axiom Verge and Owlboy already appeal to me, and Hollow Knight is no different. There isn't a ton to mention as far as what makes this game special to me or stand out in a major way, but it is special and it does stand out. I like everything about this game. The art style is simple and unique. The gameplay is very simple and easy to handle, however, the enemies and bosses are anything but. This game challenges me in the same way I am challenged by a Dark Souls title. You fight, you die. You fight again, you die again. You try and level up, return to fight, die again. It's really a smashing good time. Something about the lore of the story has me drawn in as well. This underground kingdom of bugs, that has this tragic and mysterious past, is tons of fun to explore and master, searching every nook and cranny for new things. The other bugs you meet all have distinct and engaging personalities and voice acting, although they are speaking "bugish" and we cannot understand them without reading the text on screen, that somehow just fits perfectly and sounds right 100% of the time. My favorite bug voice is of the cartographers wife, Iselda, and her bored sounding sigh of "bafanada..." This game is hard as hell and super engaging. I highly recommend it for its playability and the way it translates from big screen to handheld. Some metroidvania games are best viewed on a smaller screen(Axiom Verge is a great example of this; on my 66" screen the game looks silly), but that does not apply to Hollow Knight. I love the way it looks on my TV and it is perfect and cozy in handheld mode. I bought this game while it was on sale for around $8 and I had a few hundred points, too. It cost me maybe $5 in the end and I have enjoyed it far more than Octopath Traveler(which I was SUPER excited for) that I paid $59.99 for.
  2. Andrei Lazarescu, Supervising Producer for FIFA World Cup mode, told Dream Team that FIFA 19 will arrive to Nintendo’s console with vastly improved graphics – despite once again not running on Frostbite. FIFA on Switch uses a modified version of the IGNITE engine FIFA 19 will look significantly better on the Nintendo Switch than last year’s game, EA Sports has revealed. Features sport: "New features such as face paint and hats on the crowd" as told by Lazarescu to dreamteamfc Personally, I don't think that these are great new features that are worth a completely new game The game officially launches on June 1 – but you can pre-register for the game now.
  3. Has anyone played Worms W.M.D on the Switch yet? I really enjoyed Worms back in the day, I can clearly remember spending hours on it way back in 1995. Since then I have maybe played 30 minutes of Worms Armageddon but haven't touched this series in years. I was excited to see it on the Switch and intended to buy it when the physical release came. Well, last month Team17 said that they will not be pursuing a physical copy any longer so I suppose digital is the only way to get my Worms fix. My question is, is Worms W.M.D. worth $30?
  4. Best Buy Sale for Switch

    A variety of Switch games are on sale at Best Buy, including Super Mario Odyssey, TLoZ: Breath of the Wild, and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. You can save 20% more if you're a part of their "Gamer's Club Unlocked" (which costs $30 for 2 years). If this link works, you can check them out here: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?cp=1&searchType=search&_dyncharset=UTF-8&ks=960&sc=Global&list=y&usc=All Categories&type=page&id=pcat17071&iht=n&seeAll=&browsedCategory=pcmcat1487698928729&st=categoryid%24pcmcat1487698928729&qp=currentoffers_facet%3DCurrent Deals~On Sale^platform_facet%3DPlatform~Nintendo Switch&sp=-bestsellingsort skuidsaas
  5. SAY WHA????!?!?!?! That's right, folks! Outlast: Bundle of Terror is coming to the Switch and surprising the blood and guts out of everyone. It first popped up unannounced on the European eShop, and is set to release in the US shortly after. This bundle version of the game comes with the DLC Whistleblower, which serves as a prequel to the original game. Outlast 2 is also on its way to the Switch later in the year. I am a huge horror nerd, but never got around to picking up this game. Resident Evil, Dead Space, The Evil Within, & Silent Hill are some of my all time favorites, not to mention my deep and everlasting Stephen King obsession, so it is pretty fair to say that I will probably be buying this game. Unless, of course, someone here can persuade me not to! I would love to hear from anyone who has played it and whether or not it is A) a game worth playing, and B) a good candidate for a Switch port.
  6. Believe I got this from a Humble Bundle awhile back but couldn't redeem it since my account wasn't a US account on play station network. I know its not a Nintendo related topic but if its of any use to anyone the code hasn't been used so it should still be valid and is for the following games Some are for ps3 and some ps4 so I'm not sure how relevant it all is but if anyone has any interest in this let me know and I'll send the code, hopefully it will work and someone can make some use of these games stuck in cyber limbo Battle Worlds Kronos, Destroy All Humans!, Legend of Kay Anniversary, Destroy All Humans! 2, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, Red Faction, Super Dungeon Bros., Deponia, and ArcaniA: The Complete Tale
  7. Breath Of The Wild

    Anybody else only have to find Korok Seeds for Breath Of The Wild? Lmao which I recently found out is actually poop? Anyone else find that out? Or did I just read dumb articles?
  8. Morning guys (from UK), hope you're doing well! We all have game franchises that we follow closely; some Nintendo based, some not. I was just thinking about which games I'd like to be ported to the Switch, so I thought I'd ask you guys! Which game would you most like to see on the Switch? I'd personally love to see some old Crash or Spyro games on the switch (Like when they used to be on GC). Nintendo specifics, now Odyssey has just come out, maybe we could have a Super Mario Sunshine remaster? What do you guys think?
  9. Pokemon? Zelda? Kirby? Something else? What's the best in your opinion? Nintendo-wise I've always been a Pokemon fan. Otherwise, Metal gear solid is up there!
  10. 3DS best RPGs?

    Hey guys, I have had my 3ds for a while and I would like to ask for/get some more 3DS games around the Christmas/January sales period. I'm a bit stumped with what to get, however. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some games? Particularly RPGs. I personally play Fire emblem, Monster hunter, Pokemon, Zelda, but have been a bit out of loop with recent releases for these titles(am a student so got to do the study thing), but also would like to broaden my library and get a bit more involved. Thanks guys.
  11. Best 3DS game?

    I'm curious to see everyone's opinions! My favourite game would have to be Animal Crossing New. A huge amount of updates and replay value helped it stand the test of time and i love it! Anyway, whats your favourite 3DS game?
  12. Hey! Recently I got the Switch, and it's been really fun so far, though I only have a couple of games on it. I wanted to ask what games I should get. Below I will list some details about me so you know what games are off the table, and above is a poll for voting. Feel free to reply, as well! -I own Splatoon on the Wii U, and I enjoyed it, though I didn't play it that often -I own BotW on the Wii U and I don't feel like buying it again -I already own Odyssey, Knight Terrors, and KAMIKO (indie games) on the Switch -I played the Snipperclips demo with my sister and had lots of fun -I plan to get Rayman: Legends and Sonic Mania this December -I own Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, and if I get it on the Switch it'll be a while -I own Stardew Valley on PC, so I'm not getting that -I tried Rocket League on PC and didn't like it -Any other games I haven't played/don't own, so feel free to reply with them
  13. Star Fox Zero is Underrated

    There, I said it. The game is underrated. Yes, it has an awkward control scheme. Same with Kid Icarus: Uprising. Yes, it is short. So is Shovel Knight. The controls, however; are flawless. You shoot where you aim. It takes getting used to, yes. But I did get used to it. And others have, as well. Some have complained that they have to look at both screens. But they do not have to. I largely completed the game using only the gamepad, though I initially used the TV, as well. Even the final boss fight was manageable. One thing I will criticize are the Great Fox missions. After it takes so much damage, the camera will tilt back towards it while you are still flying. I feel that was unnecessary and distracting. The game is not what most would call a masterpiece. I would not list it among the greatest games. Far from it. But I found it to be quite enjoyable.
  14. nintendo switch games

    Hi what do you think about the nintendo switch versions of wii u games (like mk8, splatoon or pokken tournament)? Are they really "new" or are they just a sortof remake?
  15. 3DS

    Does anyone still play the 3DS anymore?? I do, sometimes. I usually play Mario Kart 7 Does anyone know other games I could get?
  16. NBA Playgrounds?

    Who has bought, or will buy, NBA Playgrounds? I believe it's digital only, $20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcLo-x6iY_E I sort of want to buy it because it's $20 and looks like NBA Jam, which I used to have a lot of fun with. But I had just promised myself that I'd put the switch down for a bit and focus on my PS4 backlog. Also turns out I have a $45 credit on the PSN I should think of using up, apparently it has been in there for over a year.
  17. Game number two

    Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? Sorry I haven't been popping in lately, but university finals are here and I'm just taking a little break to write this quick post about what has been going through my head recently. As you might have guessed from the topic header, I am about to purchase my second game for the Nintendo Switch. I recently bought a 35 dollar eshop card to test out whether eshop cards for 3ds and wii U work on the switch. Guess what! They do! Anyways, I'm thinking about buying either Blaster Master 0 and Graceful Explosion Machine, Fast RMX(not buying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe since I own the Wii U version....I'll buy it if they release more tracks in dlc if that happens), or saving the 35 dollars towards ARMS or Splatoon 2. Any ideas as to what I should do? Also, I was hoping that My Nintendo would have the Switch rewards up by now, but I guess not. Hopefully they're up by the time that E3 rolls around....
  18. FPS on Switch

    If you could see one FPS game, or franchise, no matter the console exclusivity, on the the Switch, which would it be? For me, portable Halo would ensure I never leave the switch alone Overwatch and BattleFront would also be nice
  19. More Switch Games

    What games would you like to be relased on the switch? Tell me, Im interested.
  20. For those of you who like me were too cheap to buy a MicroSD at launch, but want to get titles like FAST RMX; then fear not. Developer Shin'en Multimedia confirmed on Twitter that the game will only use up 900mb of your storage. Surprising since the game runs at 1080p 60FPS when docked and boasts gorgeous visuals! Shin'en Multimedia, we salute you and your magical file compression powers! [MEDIA=twitter]836959571319074816[/MEDIA]
  21. I am hoping the Switch will be the next party game haven console and really bring back local multiplayer gaming as it shows in its advertising campaign so I thought why not make a thread to discuss it! Whether it's games we know are going to the switch or games we are hoping to be ported over to it. If you haven't seen it before there is a game on steam called Overcooked which seems like it would fit in nicely with it's local co-op gameplay. [MEDIA=steamstore]448510[/MEDIA]
  22. So I was at the Nintendo Switch Event in Zurich here is a Picture of the Gate of Switcharoo After going in we were asked for our filed out Forms then we received this Strap for our "Badge" Then we did go up to a "Stage" where we did need to Wait around 30 Minutes There was a big Poster with the Logo on it Snipperclips was very fun with my Mother ^^ and she thought the Characters looked Cute I think it's a must have since it's only 30 Dollars (This on the Picture is not me that where the People before me) All Play Stiles shown behind Glass Case TV mode Tabletop mode Handheld mode Short Gameplay of Arms ( This is also not me bc how should I record myself while Boxing ) I played it with my Mother (again) and she liked it I did beat her but it was very close. HD Rumble is used in this Game if you Box your Enemy, the HD Rumble simulates like you hit something. The Motion Tracking is never off and the Walking to Right / Left does Work every time you Tilt both of the JoyCons it never happens accidentally. The Delay between the Movement and the recognition is not there like with the HTC Vive. Only downside you need another Set of JoyCons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI4TTST8eEA So now lets get to the best Game : The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. It was just stunning it looks so beautiful. The Man there said were the first in Switzerland to play it and this is the finished Version. I did notice when I did dock it that it showed up on the TV at 60 Herz 1080p that seems like a P1. It was not just a Demo World with no Story. Everything was there if I had enough Time I would have been able to Finish the whole Game. Also Link woke up in this "Water" Now get excited i saw this on the Screen when Docking again : 1080p 60 Herz. That means Zelda is running on 1080p 60 Fps on TV Mode. Here two short clips of me undocking and docking it again. Sorry that I do not have Gameplay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL66O0OGbfI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o1mNBkUGKU I also Played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe undocked I did not Notice any sort of Rumble <insert Video URL in here for Later after Editing out Face> Let's Switch to 1 2 Switch I played almost every 1 2 Switch Game that was available to Play these where the Milk Game, the Gues the Balls in the Wooden Box Game, and the Quick Draw Game. I have a recording of someone else Playing the Guess the Balls Game. Btw. my Mother shot me 2 Times I lost. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmk3a0ax5Z0 I also Played Just Dance 2k17 and I think the Motion Detection is much better and you do not get tired that fast bc. the JoyCons are very light. I danced with my Mother to Cake by the Ocean and we both did get 4 Stars Note I'm experienced with Just Dance but never Danced to this Song my Mom did never Play Just Dance and she got also 4 Stars but she was losing by 500 Mojo Points. That's it. But wait I still have to share much more about the Switch. The JoyCons feel much different that I thought they were gonna feel. They really fit perfectly in your Hand and it is comfortable they're also very light. The HD Rumble is impressive both I and my Mother think this. That's it if you have any further Questions ask them below in the Comments.
  23. Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch console will launch with no pre-installed software. Nothing, which means that early adopters will need to either purchase a physical game with their system or presumably be able to access the Switch eShop day one in order to download games. Nintendo has reported that streaming services such as Netflix won't be available day one either. This isn't unsurprising given the information to date, but it does serve as a bit of a hard truth regarding Nintendo's stance this generation. Recent Nintendo console and portable systems have launched with either a pack in game (Wii/Wii U) or mini-games and related software (3DS). There is some justification for Nintendo's stance in terms of allowing gamers to choose their own gaming experience versus being forced to own a particular piece of software at an bundled in cost of the system. However, for those people who have become accustomed to pack in games or for parents of children who purchase a system, the realization that there isn't any game included may come as a shock. What are your thoughts? Should the system have launched with a pack in game or is this a smart move by Nintendo? Could the inclusion of a game like 1,2 Switch pre-installed entice more people to purchase a system? Or do you think that several months down the line we could see a repeat of the 3DS ambassador program? https://mynintendonews.com/2017/01/31/nintendo-confirms-that-the-switch-comes-with-no-pre-installed-software/[/b]
  24. There's officially over 100 confirmed games in development for the Switch. Here's an updated list on what you can look forward to this year and beyond.
  25. The list of launch titles available for the Switch on March 3rd has some people concerned. Despite Breath of the Wild, there aren't any large scale 1st party releases. While that may make sense from a pacing and marketing angle, the other games on offer at launch can come at a relatively hefty price for value (1, 2 Switch anyone). However, one title that may fill the void for some at launch is the delightful Snipperclips: Cut it out Together. http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/snipperclips-switch Reports from PAX South seem to indicate that the $20 (US) priced game is set to launch alongside the system on March 3rd. http://wwg.com/2017/01/29/innovative-puzzle-game-snipperclips-may-show-up-for-the-nintendo/ That is excellent news as the more games available helps to entice that many more people to pick up a Switch. The game looks like a great, multiplayer experience for a reasonable price. Hopefully there is some longevity to the game as well. Are you interested in picking up Snipperclips at launch or is this title a little too paper thin for your tastes? Sound off in the poll below.

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