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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 24 results

  1. Favorite song?

    Whats your favorite song from Super Mario Odyssey? (Some songs to consider: Honeylune Ridge: Escape; Jump Up, Super Star; Shiveria Town)
  2. Favorite song?

    Whats your favorite song from Super Mario Odyssey? (Some songs to consider: Honeylune Ridge: Escape; Jump Up, Super Star; Shiveria Town)
  3. Lol. Skip to 1:21 in the video. I'm I lying you guys???? I don' think this person has ever played this game. Maybe I'm being to harsh or whatever but jeez give me a break. What yall think mane?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=dfXouTkuti8;m=1;s=21
  4. Hey! For those of you who have SMM and like making levels, reply to this with the code for your first level, and then the code for your most recent level. I'll try to play as many as I can, and you guys can play other people's levels! Let's compare them and see how far we've all improved. Here are my codes: First Level (Mystery Cave) 74DE-0000-0096-34EC Most Recent Level (Super Mario Odyssey: SMM Style!) C63A-0000-0371-5632
  5. Is Super Mario Run worth it?

    Hello Nintendo Fans, I haven't been asked this question, but I have thought about it. So I decided to answer the question of whether Super Mario Run is worth it or not... I purchased the game last week and I would discourage you from buying the 'full' app. In my own opinion, there is not enough content in the game for it to be worth the price of ten dollars. For instance, the character count is minimal (around 9 or so) and their abilities are much more selective. There are about 4-5 different abilities in all. One more thing I might add is that the game is a good pass time (but not for long) since I have basically completed the whole game in less than a week. But, if you wish to buy the game, go ahead! No one can stop you! -Gunner
  6. I was working on a project and randomly I was surprised with a Switch and Odyssey behind me! I'm very excited about all the future fun to be had!
  7. OK, when I saw Gamexplain post that there was a new Super Mario Run update I was apprehensive. Would it just be "fluff"? A few items to pacify players? Nope. On Sept. 29, we'll be getting 9 new levels, a new mode, our own MP3s usable in-game, Daisy as a character, and for those who don't have the game, it will be 50% off for a limited time. Wahoo! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TjQcwC2BRU
  8. During the Sept. 13 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that this fall they will be releasing a Switch bundled with Mario Odyssey. This bundle will include the Switch, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario themed joy cons and a Mario Odyssey themed carrying case.The bundle will be available alongside the release of Odyssey on October 27. In the US, it will be priced at $380.
  9. I missed out on the flop that was the Wii U and was wondering if it's worth spending large amounts of money on the switch?
  10. An investigation into the suspicious disappearance of Super Mario's first girlfriend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vyi8w9tlcj0
  11. 3DS

    Does anyone still play the 3DS anymore?? I do, sometimes. I usually play Mario Kart 7 Does anyone know other games I could get?
  12. Nintendo Switch

    The Nintendo Switch looks super amazing I hope I get one someday And the new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looks BOMB
  13. http://nintendoeverything.com/new-mario-rabbids-kingdom-battle-leaked-details/ I don't know how to feel about this..
  14. I Still Need Help Getting Him I Got 3 Stars In 50cc 100cc 150cc And 5,795 Coin Please Help!
  15. Best Mario Game

    One For Zelda Is Coming Soon Check Out My Switch One Too!
  16. Sonic Forces V. Mario Odyssey

    If you only had enough money for one game, would you choose Sonic Forces or Super Mario Odyssey? You cannot refund the game, borrow the other, steal the other, etc. Basically, just choose which one you would pick and why.
  17. New Switch games

    Which franchise would you like to see continued on Switch? I kinda want Punch-out, seeing as the "Arms" concept works really well for the Switch. I wonder if it would sell better being packaged as a Punch-Out title? Another obvious one is F-Zero and Metroid. These franchises get no love, and could really bring nostalgic nintendo fans to the Switch. Also Animal Crossing, and none of the board-game stuff they tried to pull.
  18. Motion controls

    I hope that Nintendo doesn't go motion control crazy on the switch like they did on the Wii. It isn't charming, its annoying. The 2% of the time it works, it just feels like you're playing a mobile phone app, not a game. This ruined Skyward Sword.
  19. Default avatar

    Anyone notice that the default Mario avatar has a W instead of an M on the hat?
  20. Any remakes on Switch?

    Any remakes or ports you'd want on the switch that haven't been announced? I want Mario Sunshine and Mario 64 HD, personally.
  21. Super Nintendo Land

    With the knowledge that Nintendo is making a theme park with universal, what are you hoping for in "Super Nintendo Land"?
  22. This isn't exactly news or anything, but thought you guys may like seeing some work I did - retro nintendo games made from cross stitch by hand! Took me ages!
  23. Remember the excitement picking up a game for your N64/other platforms in your younger years. Deciding which game to pick up depending on cover art, in hindsight that seems a bit risky, not knowing what you get. Nowadays I spend hours before picking up a game, watching first impressions and reviews from random people on the internet. Me and many people remember games from our childhoods being deep and complicated, while games today with is called shallow and easy. Sure games made more excessable for the masses is true but I think exposure to games before being bought has a lot to do with it. When I bought OoT for my N64 I had no clue what kind of graphics (except some still pictures in magazines ) the game had or how good/bad it was, but hey, neither did I care. Moments like exploring the mechanics led to be the most memorable in games. Oh you can backflip? Oh you can dive? Oh you can roll into trees to shake it?? (Sure most of these are expected by todays game standard. But there is a lot of fun mechanics in games that mostly get spoiled by media coverage and posts on the internet. Now this might be more of a PSA, but I think you should consider to try and stay away from too much coverage, might be hard but for me atleast , my experience with BotW and Mario will be lovely as I have kept my internet spoiler-free by setting up filters on reddit and other sites. Sadly, I don't seem to have the strength to sway away from the forces of excitement and been spoiled all kinds of stuff in BotW (mainly in trailers) but wanted to talk about it. What do you think? Does exposure spoil the excitement of a game?
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e53zdoadv0 It's over an hour long, so it'll be a grind to watch! Lots of interesting info is bound to be contained in this video. Gamexplain's analyses are always insightful. Does this add hype for you?

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