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Found 126 results

  1. Sony announced its Playstation Classic today and somewhat surprisingly I have been reading some threads of people who are not at all excited by this. Now, I am a Playstation man, through and through, so my opinion may be somewhat biased, but overall I really like the idea of the retro mini console and having it stocked with games. Older consoles, controllers, and especially game carts and discs become worn and useless as time goes on. Experiencing older games on a crisp new screen with responsive brand new controllers sounds great to most of us, but to many it will never live up to the original experience of untangling the controller cords, blowing the dust from your cartridge and switching the TV input over to RGB. I totally see both sides of the argument and I think that these retro consoles are not for everyone. I had serious plans to purchase the SNES Classic but never got around to it and now it seems as though many of those games I would've bought it for will end up on the Switch at some point anyways. Even the PS Classic is kind of lost on me now considering Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, and 12 will all be out on the Switch soon. So what do you all think?
  2. Best controller for Switch:

    Why hello there, as per the title I guess I wanted to discuss about what controllers are best for the switch, or rather which controllers you personally prefer to use whether its down to the layout, build quality, button feedback, analog sticks ect. I would love to know as having gone into alot of hassle finding multiple controllers over different systems and brands for emulation purposes I still have yet to find a perfect well rounded controller to this day. Of course this is regarding the switch but other controllers are welcome as well if people want to really push their favourite controller here. For me in general I love the ps4 controller but less so the dpad and it's analog stick layout. I love the xbox one controller but find the build quality lacking and it's Bluetooth support, abysmal at best. With all that said I know there's a decent choice between Switch and that Nintendo licensing encourages great quality so much so I have taken interest along side the pro controller to that of the Nintendo PowerA controllers i.e. the mario and zelda editions as seen below. Anyone have any experience with these controllers? Any other hidden gems people constantly use on the system I'd love to know!
  3. Through my time on the Internet, I have grown tired of prediction lists. All too often these lists consist of recycled leaks and games that have already been all but confirmed. My question for you, before this E3, is what are your hopes - what do you wish would come to the Switch (or other systems) but have no real reason to believe it will come to pass? I am hoping for a Majora's Mask style Breath of the Wild sequel. I'd like a Wii Sports sequel (which is highly unlikely after Mario Tennis). I want to hear Taiko Drum Master is getting a North American release (so I don't have to import the drum). Finally, I just want a way to play classic Contra and Castlevania on my Switch.
  4. Next console predictions?

    After the success of the Nintendo Switch, I've been wondering about the next console. I personally don't think that Nintendo is planning to make a new console anytime soon. Microsoft and Sony have gotten away with not releasing any completely new consoles for the past few years. Like @Buzz said, if/when Nintendo does release a new console, it might be the Switch Pro. Buzz's thread about the Switch Pro rumors here: https://nintendoradar.com/forums/topic/94282-is-a-new-nintendo-switch-pro-going-to-be-announced-at-e3/?tab=comments#comment-113739 Here's the video about new Nintendo console predictions:
  5. As you can see the Games from the E3 Showroom from Nintendo leaked. The list sports Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Fortnite, Monster Hunter XX, FIFA 19, Killer Queen Black, Starlink, Paladins, Overcooked 2 and Mario Tennis Aces. We rumor that there will also be a huge showroom for Smash. These are all 3rd party games so probably Nintendo will also show some of their own first-party games Mother 3 etc. Fortnite will probably be one of the few "and it's available now" titles as it already got put on the Korean rating board. With all these leaks and rumors I'm ready for E3
  6. Andrei Lazarescu, Supervising Producer for FIFA World Cup mode, told Dream Team that FIFA 19 will arrive to Nintendo’s console with vastly improved graphics – despite once again not running on Frostbite. FIFA on Switch uses a modified version of the IGNITE engine FIFA 19 will look significantly better on the Nintendo Switch than last year’s game, EA Sports has revealed. Features sport: "New features such as face paint and hats on the crowd" as told by Lazarescu to dreamteamfc Personally, I don't think that these are great new features that are worth a completely new game The game officially launches on June 1 – but you can pre-register for the game now.
  7. So it was stated that Nintendo has no intentions of bringing a virtual console service over to the switch or by the look of it any form of e store with retro games via emulation applied to it. This is not only a big shock seeing how popular they have been on all past consoles but a huge disappointment as someone who respected Nintendo for doing this in the past, sure there prices weren't amazing but it was convenient and good emulation legally on a proper console and who wouldn't want that in both a portable and home environment in one. Nintendo always seems to fall in that grey line of wait wait, moments making business decisions that dont make sense or just seem like out right refusing money from fans who want to throw it at them. Hopefully this changes in the future as this wouldn't be the first time something stated turned out false or they just outright lied/ did a 180 see statements of them stating they wont be releasing new revisions for the 3ds followed shortly by you guessed it a new 3ds and then again and again. It seems they want to cover this gap via themselves or other parties releasing game compilations which isnt a terrible thing but when you consider you might not want all the games, wont get all the ones you want and have to pay alot more for them it hardly replaces it. (Note- Only other mention of providing retro games will be with temporary rented ones provided with the cost of online) What do you all think of this? Not bothered? Wish you had the option, or just flat out confused and / or annoyed.
  8. During its Sega Fes 2018, Sega announced it is bringing Sega Ages to the Nintendo Switch. This will be a collection of over 15 titles. Titles in the series will start to be available to download in Summer 2018.So far, only three of the Sega Ages games have been announced. They will be Sonic the Hedgehog, Thunder Force IV and Phantasy Star. M2 will be developing them, and Thunder Force IV is playable at Sega Fes 2018.
  9. Firewatch for Switch:

    Long time no see all having talked to Mr Mischief on the Nintendo Radar Discord It was brought to my attention that Firewatch is being brought to The Nintendo Switch as seen by the link below: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-04-05-firewatch-announced-for-nintendo-switch _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As such having known about this game and heard great things I decided to experience it for myself and in order to provide some insight for the switch release for any interested. First thing's first though to clarify with Mr Mischief regarding whether you believe the experience will be diminished due to your experiences I cannot say for sure, however the art style of the game is a beautiful cell shaded visual with a lighter touch than the likes of say borderlands. Thanks to this the game will look good on most systems the switch included and will age very well. Thanks to this I feel the surreal look the game has will be enough to let you separate yourself from the immersion of real life and will allow you to separate this as the game/ experience it's intended to be. Now that's out of the way let's begin dissecting this game. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Story and Premise: For obvious reasons I will avoid spoiling or giving out anything much in the way of plot since that is the main point of the game. -The game follows you Henry the main character of this game and his life, in the beginning it follows up with light text regarding your story and prompts you with small but meaningful options that shape your character and his past. These can be seen with the dog you choose/ actions reflecting your personality and how you would act in some situations some light hearted and some serious decisions that make you question; what would you do if this happened in real life? As such very early on the game provides you with a very different style to a game and becomes more of an experience, also revealing the highlight of the game, the writing. The dialogue is done beautiful for witty and funny remarks complemented by its down to earth voice acting that becomes very believable. The story has excellent pacing and an interesting plot that you become invested in and feel emotions for as time goes on, now as for the ending thats up to debate as preference but the experience as a whole is amazing I felt joy, paranoia and fear, intrigue all in the short spaces of a few hours playing this game. Something very few games can say they have done. The fact of the matter is the game directs you as the main character, it allows control in his life and thus you can connect leading us to the next point. Gameplay: The game play of Firewatch mostly revolves around driving the narrative by providing the dialogue for things you find on your journey as well as when prompted the other main character, making for some impact in how you interact with them and therefore the game itself. This is easily the highlight and it makes you want to engage more because of how funny and meaningful it can be. With that said the core game play is a walking simulator where you interact with objects, dialogue and have some back tracking/ exploration to do with light metroid-vania type elements. As stated prior this is an experience not just a game so dont expect constant action, if you feel the style or pace of the game isnt for you I'd stay clear but I'd urge you to try as its an experience I'm glad to have lived. Quick Bullet points for those who dont want to read, or to Summarise as a whole! Pros: Graphics are beautiful as is the soundtrack and ambience. (Provided you dont mind cell shaded) The writing and acting is top notch. The story is paced very well, engaging and interesting right till the end. Cost should be middle range to lower as it's a shorter indie title. Cons: Around 4 and a half hours of content with some optional new content once done but still shorter than average. Repetitive travelling/ back tracking. Compass skills will be tested both good and bad if your an idiot who gets lost like me . Underwhelming Ending? Opinion Leaves you wanting more... Port notes: The good - Seeing as the game is set outdoors in nature this game would be very atmospheric to play whilst hiking or camping for a very surreal experience, I can only imagine so it makes sense from portability point of view. The graphics will work well on the system as the lower res, frames wont matter much here. It's an experience I feel everyone should go through so the more options the better. The bad - The length of the game means it may be a play once and your done job, since it isnt the longest game but this may be remedied by a smaller price tag at launch. It's not going to be for everyone, the look, the style, the story some people arent into that and that's perfectly okay, its not for them. Just be sure you know what your getting yourself into. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The verdict: No word on physical copy yet but as ps4 did there is a chance and if there is I highly recommend it to maybe buy then resell or just as a collectors piece as I feel everyone should own or try this game. Overall I highly recommend this game and in my honest opinion would give this an 8/10 , help back only by my preferences on the ending and a few glitches I encountered on the pc version which should be resolved on the port but as the game has saves anywhere and auto saves it wasn't a problem. Thank you to anyone mad enough to read my ramblings, till then stay classy Nintendo Radar. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oh and dont start fires.... Just dont okay? Not cool.
  10. Best peripherals?

    Long time no see all, just curious as to what people think are the best peripherals for the device. To clarify I'm talking anything from thirdparty docks, travel kits to use with it i.e. seen alot of people using projectors ect. Portable stand, power pack, you name it anything extra regardless of first or third party that you think could be worth owning. Even something like this which is neat 3d print mini arcade to customise yourself to give it that retro aesthetic.
  11. So the wii it did it all right? Besides the near end of overwhelming spam it had the best first and some thirdparty titles, lightgun games. Virtual console done right and of course WiiWare, Nintendo's take of downloadable only games for the platform often retro revivals such as control rebirth, castlevania rebirth. And you know what? They were pretty good! Yet through out my time on switch and the realisation of how easy it is (With enough of the expensive joy cons mind you) to play multiplayer with people it got me thinking of a game I love to go back to and play coop. Zombies ate my freaking neighbours, without the freaking of course. That game was such fun and would be right at home if it was redone to resolve a few of the originals timely shortcomings which isnt to say they were bad, just that games have come along way and the style but the core foundation of the game is to die for. Imagine the classic arcade mode, a redone modern style mode. Implementation of online vs such as people can play as the monsters to try and fight back ect. What do you think, yay , neigh, and any chance Nintendo will embrace the Wiiware Virtual console style/ approach once the paid online rolls out.
  12. Okay so many of you know that Ubisoft have been releasing some titles on Switch as of late and I've recently gone back to Rainbow Six Siege after a hiatus and realising they added many new updates and more content. So that begs the question would it be at home on switch? Obviously ensuring good internet connection for online play is a focus and its single player is next to none but still the games very addictive and has some pve which could benefit from being accessible in a portable format. Plus if you know about monopoly on switch and other platforms you'll know that ubisoft make terrible ports and lack luster quality and support so do we really want to encourage this? Thoughts? Regardless of all this regarding the ports on the whole whilst it's great to get a wide and varied library for switch with more Japanese developers than ever who prior were Playstation exclusive it begs the question how many ports is enough? Will Nintendo start clamping down quality control and does that mean anything anymore? If you know of Jim sterling regardless of your opinions of him he pointed out that yes whilst originaly the switch had a small library it had a good , clear and easy to browse library of games with quality titles unlike steams current junkyard of a mess that is steams quality control allowing any none effort cash grab asset flip onto the front page meaning finding the diamond in the rough gems harder to do. So what do people think, should Nintendo be harsher on ports later on before the markets flooded with questionable quality games? I cannot recall and apologise but I know some indie story games made it on which were nothing more than mobile game ported with no effort and asking for near full price with micro transactions aka a cash grab which shouldn't exist on the system but who knows maybe it was removed, I'll do some more research and digging and come back on that. Still the question remains, I for one embrace the ports but want Nintendo to tread carefully its a fine line before quality and quantity and all hell breaks loose.
  13. I myself am not that bothered about it because the Xbox and PS4 have it but some people may feel differently. I also think of the switch as more as a at home multiplayer console so this is where mostly my indifference comes from too. What are your guys opinions on it? Paid online will be coming some time around September 2018. https://strawpoll.com/3p1b8frs
  14. Summary: _______________________________ -When will it be -What do you want to see - Any other thoughts or ideas for platform? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- So as alot of you know the nintendo virtual console aka that way Nintendo takes roms they claim they no one has the right to use off the internet and then redistribute them for themselves charging around $10-15 plus for something as simple as mario 1 on nes... Ah I'm just messing with you, well kind of but seriously without going into controversy with the system, who doesn't want to get some retro gaming on their switch and till retro arch can be side loaded without having to compromise online capabilities and future games via updates , Nintendo all we got. Yet it's a year in to their most successful system since the Wii an no virtual console! I can only imagine their waiting for the paid online to roll out a they stated providing roms as insentives for it , to "rent" that is. So will it be soon? Who knows and what do you want to be on the system, n64, gamecube even? Oh one last thing, sorry but not sorry Nintendo re-releasing titles on a new platform when I already bought them on the last 3 systems is not cool I mean come on I dont want to spent another 20 or so to buy another rom again when I already have it tied to my account on the wii, wii u and 3ds. My money has feelings too you know.
  15. Ninendo switch

    I would LOVE to try out the Nintendo Switch! What is it like?
  16. Breath Of The Wild

    Anybody else only have to find Korok Seeds for Breath Of The Wild? Lmao which I recently found out is actually poop? Anyone else find that out? Or did I just read dumb articles?
  17. Lol. Skip to 1:21 in the video. I'm I lying you guys???? I don' think this person has ever played this game. Maybe I'm being to harsh or whatever but jeez give me a break. What yall think mane?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=dfXouTkuti8;m=1;s=21
  18. I know the game was supposed to launch in Q3 of 2017 but here we are about to enter Q1 of 2018 and the game is still not here. It looks like an amazing party game and almost perfect for the switch.
  19. What was the first game you got on your first Nintendo console? Just a curiosity.
  20. Zelda Games

    So since lots and lots of people like thw Zelda games, I am curious... What is your favorite? And if you feel like it, why? I think I had,once upon a time, all the games up to Wind Waker.... I actually loved the GameCube disk with like almost all the Zelda games at that time but that was soooo long ago. I want the new one sooooo bad!
  21. does anyone recommend making the purchase of the skyrim for the Nintendo switch? If so, then what are the quality of graphics, gameplay, saving, mod interactions, and any other comments or concerns?
  22. Hey! For those of you who have SMM and like making levels, reply to this with the code for your first level, and then the code for your most recent level. I'll try to play as many as I can, and you guys can play other people's levels! Let's compare them and see how far we've all improved. Here are my codes: First Level (Mystery Cave) 74DE-0000-0096-34EC Most Recent Level (Super Mario Odyssey: SMM Style!) C63A-0000-0371-5632
  23. ...started using EA’s business model for DLC. I know not everyone is happy with Nintendo’s charging for Zelda DLC, but it could be much worse.
  24. Hey! Recently I got the Switch, and it's been really fun so far, though I only have a couple of games on it. I wanted to ask what games I should get. Below I will list some details about me so you know what games are off the table, and above is a poll for voting. Feel free to reply, as well! -I own Splatoon on the Wii U, and I enjoyed it, though I didn't play it that often -I own BotW on the Wii U and I don't feel like buying it again -I already own Odyssey, Knight Terrors, and KAMIKO (indie games) on the Switch -I played the Snipperclips demo with my sister and had lots of fun -I plan to get Rayman: Legends and Sonic Mania this December -I own Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, and if I get it on the Switch it'll be a while -I own Stardew Valley on PC, so I'm not getting that -I tried Rocket League on PC and didn't like it -Any other games I haven't played/don't own, so feel free to reply with them

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