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Found 32 results

  1. There's a lot of games Nintendo made with crazy good endings but what's your FAVOURITE??? Mine was odessy where PEACH REJECTED BOTH MARIO AND BOWSER Why?? SHE WAS SAVAGE Btw spoiler is in case people haven't finished some games mentioned
  2. There's a lot of games Nintendo made with crazy good endings but what's your FAVOURITE??? Mine was odessy where PEACH REJECTED BOTH MARIO AND BOWSER Why?? SHE WAS SAVAGE Btw spoiler is in case people haven't finished some games mentioned
  3. What is the strongest weapon you have ever picked up? I have a Royal Guard’s Claymore at 115, and I haven’t seen anything online stronger than that. Have you? I put a spoiler tag just in case someone hasn’t had the chance to play yet.
  4. What have you been capturing with your Switch's capture button? Show off your screenshots and video clips here! To share a screenshot you will need to have your Switch linked to your facebook or twitter account. Press the capture button on your left joycon to capture a screenshot. Hold the capture button briefly to capture the previous 30 seconds of video. To share the capture, from your home screen select Album, select what you want to share, press the A button to edit and share your capture! If you don't want everyone here to know your social media accounts, download your capture from your social media page to your computer then upload it here using the "upload a file" button below! Now let's see all the awesome captures we have been making!
  5. Hi guys/girls, I'm stuck on a couple of quest lines in Golf Story. 1. The membership quest for the northern Tidy Park. I don't know where to find a Caddy? I have all the club's and completed all lessons for golf etiquette. 2. Where is the large red surfboard for treasure quest at Bermuda Isles. 3. Oak Manor. I have completed all quest lines for the course and unlocked ghost tee and vintage clubs. I still have an open quest line for the minion who is disoriented. He says to find a Tiny Tree and cross 3 bridges I have no idea what to do for this quest. If anyone has got past these quests and can give me some tips I would appreciate it. I am happy to advise on any quest lines people are struggling with.
  6. Test Max 365 For instance, low testosterone appears in men in a few diverse ways. In this way, on the off chance that you've encountered low vitality, low moxie, moderate muscle development, or weight pick up, you require testosterone. Or, then again, on the off chance that you simply need to up your exercise pick up, Test Max 365 Testosterone Booster will help with that, as well. Since, once your hormone levels are fixed, you will get significant muscle picks up. Also, working out will be less demanding, as well. Since, Test Max 365 Supplement gives you vitality and perseverance so you can push harder and last more. At last, you will get as tore as you need. http://healthexpertproduct.com/test-max-365/
  7. Greetings! For those of us who have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and have made considerable progress in the game, I have a question about the order in which you chose to tackle the four Divine Beasts found within the game. I went Zora, Goron, Rito, Gerudo. (I figured the regions you find them in is easier to recall than their actual names.) I had almost no trouble at all during these puzzles or Ganon battles. Did I choose the wrong order? The Gerudo one was the most challenging, but the Rito beast(bird) was the easiest. Does it even matter? One of the things I love the most about this game is how different everyone's experience is. Tell me yours!
  8. http://nintendoeverything.com/new-mario-rabbids-kingdom-battle-leaked-details/ I don't know how to feel about this..
  9. Spoilers for The Flash Season 3 below ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I told you all that Savitar was Barry. Heck, the main point I made was the point Savitar used about how Barry should have figured out the he (Barry) was Savitar. Here is my link to my origional article where I explain where I got my theory. https://nintendoradar.com/threads/who-do-you-think-is-savitar.12698/#post-25434
  10. 1.in the video nintendo has released that the nintendo switch will be using the game cartridges used for the 1,2 and 3ds consoles. 2.the system it's self has 32 gigabites internal storage. 3.the nintendo switch can be charged from your laptop. 4.You can connect up to 8 consoles to your nintendo switch. 5.Also in the settings, you can arrange your schedule for auto sleep while playing on the tv. thank you for reading please leave a comment or like below.
  11. SPOILERS!!! I have Breath of the Wild on Switch, so if you own it on Wii U your experience may be a little different, I don't know. The Breath of the Wild starts you out in a small area of the gigantic map, with your only way out relying on an old man and his trade offer (Reminds me of the Old man from Zelda 1) and so you do what he wants so you can continue your journey. During this time, you get a feel for the world. You can do what he wants you to do in your order of choosing, and you quickly realize some environments require you to stay warm, some want you to stay colder to survive. After you do what he asks, he reveals that he is infact the ex-king of Hyrule, and the first main mission you get is to "Defeat Ganon." You can go right to Hyrule castle, but you will be destroyed. The story is that 100 years ago, Link, Zelda, and four champions fell to Ganon in an attempt to save Hyrule, and Hyrule has since fallen into ruin. You can traverse the world to do what you want, and you can find some special items that aren't required (Such as the Master Sword that people hint at throughout the game, and the Hylian shield, that people do NOT hint at throughout the game) and throughout your travels you find little Koroks to expand your inventory, and different villages to explore. The amount of intriguing sidequests offer many styles to play, you can buy your own house, make your own village, etc. The main goal of the game is to find four villages, (Zoras domain, Gerudo Town, Rito whatever, and Goron city) talk to an elder, beat a temple (Divine Beast) and defeat the boss. Do this four times, and take on Ganon. I don't quite understand age, though. Sidon remembers Mipha quite fondly, and if he was alive during her lifetime, he would be over 100 years old, and the Gerudo princess would also be over 100 years of age. It doesn't make sense. All in all, Breath of the wild is a Skyrim + Zelda 1 combination, and it works beautifully. Especially if you know lore, because you will find secrets much easier. What did you think of this game?
  12. Guys I'm wondering what's the best order to tackle the divine beasts in order of easiest to most difficult? thank you all
  13. Zelda the last

    i was thinking that this could be the last Zelda finally killing Gannon for good
  14. After completing all Shrines, killing all Beasts and collecting most korok seeds i noticed one thing: I would probably never want to re-play the Game. The most fun thing in BOTW is exploring and finding new things so it was VERY fun in the first few hours playtime but after that, walking from A to B is NOT fun. If i would play the game again, i would not enjoy going anywhere anymore cause i already know everything. The Game is also VERY easy after you know every enemy (You can literally kill guardians with the most garbage shild you find). So in my opinion, the game has almost no replay value at all. Also, why exactly would i want to do the dungeons if the only rewards are abilitys that make the game even easier. The only fun ability is the Rito ability cause it speeds up the slow travel time. The playtime is also very short if you would play it a second time (and with that i mean beat all 4 divine beasts and then go to ganon). What makes the Game long is the player wanting to explore everything but on your second playthrough, you won't care about those 10000 billion enemy camps anymore. I actually made a 2nd save file to show a friend how broken the rito dungeon is and it actually only took me 1 hour and a few minutes to beat the first boring tutorial area + the rito dungeon and i didnt even "hardcore speedrun" it. A second playthrough (beasts + ganon) would only take me ~5 hours. I still love the game but replay value is very important to me cause i would rather not pay 60$ (?) for a game that entertains me only for a short time. The first ~10+ hours of my first playthrough were VERY fun though Edit: And im not happy about the fact that nintendo wants 20$ for a hard mode. Why would i pay for something that should have been in the game in the first place.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyG2Lg58dY8
  16. Use this thread to post tips, tricks, and walk throughs on LoZ:BotW.
  17. Do not attempt to retrieve the Master Sword with out 13 hearts.
  19. The Rito are my favorite race in Zelda so i decided to spam yall with some screenshots taken in the Rito Village More screens coming soon!
  20. where do you think the game should go in the timeline? WARNING SPOILERS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=PlHpAGcQHIs;t=603 if you look at 4:10, you'll see a funny shaped cloud that looks like a tp teleporter. You'll also find several signs of different timelines. This leads me to believe that link somehow teleported to another dimensions through midna, which leaked all the other dimensions into one big game. otherwise, this is the beggining of a new time line
  21. Looks clean if a little basic to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JV8v7WC6Ck
  22. So after no-lifing the Game for 10+~ hours i would like to share some things that bother me and things i really like. Lets start with negative things first: - The first thing i noticed (and some reviewers as well) is that the Jump and Run button are in a really bad position. X is jump, B is run. If you want to run and jump you need to do some weird finger acrobatics. In the settings, you can switch B and X though (for whatever reason) but you cant remap every button you want. I got used to it after a while though. - No Audio Settings. Im probably the only person who complains about that. - They said you can explore everything right at the beginning but that is NOT completly true. You need to explore a small-ish (still huge though) area first before you can go wherever you want. That part of the game is what People played at the E3. (finishing the "tutorial area" took me around 1 hour) - It's really boring running around with low Stamina meter. You need Stamina for everything and in my opinion its even more important than Hearts. I only got 1 stamina upgrade and then went right to the final area. With Stamina, nothing can stop you (you can't kill things but you can get basically everywhere with a lot of stamina) - Limited Weapon Slots in your inventory are painful. Throwing weapons you don't need anymore against Enemy faces is fun but seeing the message "You can't have more Melee weapons" is very annoying. Good things: -Those physics are fun to mess around with! -After the Tutorial you can go EVERYWHERE and just ignore the story Quests. -You can reach the final boss without having a weapon or anything with you (makes the game harder and turns it into a stealth game) speedrunners will love the game -The difficulty is pretty high and the Game makes you think what way would be the better one to go - Link can climb on EVERYTHING. Better than Spiderman -The Music is very epic and atmospheric. -A lot of stuff to collect! -Insanely good AI. More than once i had a "Whua i didn't know that monster can do that" Moment. -You can see things that are faaar faar away from you. Kinda reminds me of Windwaker -Link is sexy and in this Game, you can see him in all different clothes -Multiple ways to take out Enemies (or getting around them) Might update this Thread later after i got a lot of sleep. Just wanted to share some things~
  23. Until now the purpose for the Koroks seeds was unknown until today! But first have you ever found the small inventory space for bows, shields and weapons? Well that is exactly what korok seeds do, they allow you to expand the inventory for these intems
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ripbdd_IZXk Get taken through setup by the most friendly voice imaginable
  25. If you have been watching BotW gameplay then you will already know that heart pieces will no longer be obtainable in the wild, instead the new mechanic is you complete 4 shrines to obtain 4 spirit orbs which you can trade in for either more heart containers or stamina at a goddess Hylia statue, which means that you will recieve 15 extra heart containers and 15 extra stamina sections, approximately

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