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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 2 results

  1. First Switch Game?

    This is the third thread of thread week! Make sure to vote!
  2. Lost Sphear Review

    ---- Greetings Radarians! What follows is my review of Tokyo RPG Factory's newest title Lost Sphear. Before I begin I will let you know that I have been excited about this game for quite some time due to my immense love for JRPGs or Japanese Role Playing Games, specifically the Final Fantasy series. Japanese RPGs are typically those that align with a specific play style and story format. These games usually feature what is called an Active Time Battle, more commonly known as turn-based combat, and a story about a main character who receives help from a group of talented and whimsical friends/acquaintances. The themes and motifs are often about acceptance and friendship on a personal level, while also operating on a much grander scale dealing with issues that pertain to the human condition and the care/destruction of the planet. Storylines also can be heavy with metaphors and symbolism. Now that I gave a, probably unnecessary, definition for what exactly a JRPG is, we can begin to discuss Lost Sphear. I am about 25 hours into the story of Lost Sphear and I must say that I think other mainstream reviews of the game were unfair and harsh. That being said, the game is far from perfect. Those of us who have played I Am Setsuna should be fairly familiar with the game's style, considering that Lost Sphear is being called its spiritual successor. I never played I Am Setsuna, but I was more intrigued by the storyline of Lost Sphear. In a nutshell, the game is centered around a group of young adults whose world has been slowly disappearing and becoming "lost" in a sparkly white haze, from which only our main character can return to normal. Kanata realizes he has this ability early on in the game and soon the main point of the story is to travel the world bringing objects, places, and people back from being "lost" through the use of memories. Things I Like: Nostalgia, like whoa. This game plays very much like an older FF title like FFIV. I love traversing a world that is totally new to me and learning the culture and history of this imagined place. The art style is quite pretty to look at, and when the camera occasionally shifts its viewpoint to one that is closer and on less of an extreme angle to our characters, the detail and care taken while designing them is obvious. The music is also a huge win. It is the perfect neutral soundtrack that you can tell is repetitive, but never gets boring. Things I Don't Like: This game's most frustrating aspect for me is the lack of true magic use. Most RPGs incorporate magic as a means to both destroy as well as restore, but this game chose a more obscure path to represent magic. Each individual characters has magical abilities that must be equipped and can only be used during a specific situation. There is no white mage who has the "heal" ability. There are potions and certain attacks for certain characters that when upgraded provide a healing ability, but this is problematic for me. I also feel that the game missed out on a lot of simple, yet effective, elements that would have given the game a little more substance. For example, the first time you ride in a "winger," otherwise known as an airship, you board the craft and the scene goes dark, next thing you know you have arrived at your destination. Lame. I wanted a short cinematic of that thing actually flying! I think the game has great potential, but the developers kind of phoned it in and got lazy. IN CONCLUSION: I really enjoy playing the game and do not regret purchasing it. (Got it on sale for $35.99) There are certain elements that feel like they were accidentally left out making the game feel like it is missing a certain something, but if you are a fan of Final Fantasy/ChronoTrigger than I would recommend picking this game up if you can get it on sale. Final Score: 3.75/5

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