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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 57 results

  1. Breath Of The Wild

    Anybody else only have to find Korok Seeds for Breath Of The Wild? Lmao which I recently found out is actually poop? Anyone else find that out? Or did I just read dumb articles?
  2. What is the strongest weapon you have ever picked up? I have a Royal Guard’s Claymore at 115, and I haven’t seen anything online stronger than that. Have you? I put a spoiler tag just in case someone hasn’t had the chance to play yet.
  3. I'm in college so im pretty much broke but i miss gaming so much!! the switch is pretty expensive but it also has a lot of great games? is it worth it for me to invest in it or not?
  4. I have been through all of them but the four swords, and Bow, how about you?
  5. a zelda anthology?

    Zelda is by far my favorite series of games right next to metriod and final fantasy, the franchise has grown with times really well with BoW, do you think Nintedo should should or could make an anthology with all the zeldas up to Skyward Sword, if they did would you want strait ports or updated graphics? I know i would be all about an anthology expectantly if they added achievements and bonus goods. ( like speed run achievement, collect everything, no master-sword,exe..) what do you think, what would you add if anything?
  6. Zelda Games

    So since lots and lots of people like thw Zelda games, I am curious... What is your favorite? And if you feel like it, why? I think I had,once upon a time, all the games up to Wind Waker.... I actually loved the GameCube disk with like almost all the Zelda games at that time but that was soooo long ago. I want the new one sooooo bad!
  7. I missed out on the flop that was the Wii U and was wondering if it's worth spending large amounts of money on the switch?
  8. Hey! It's me, Fiscus! To provide a bit of backstory on why I was so late on covering this game, I have written a review before about the Nintendo Switch itself. I talked a lot about Breath of the Wild there. Then I realized that I had not explained all of the things that I could have, and here we are today. Before we begin, I will be calling this game BotW because it's easier to write, and saves us all some time. To start off, there will be NO SPOILERS in this review, for the sake of anyone who hasn't been able to buy a Nintendo Switch yet and wants one, or for Wii U owners who haven't had the chance to pick up a copy. HOWEVER, I will assume that you know about the shrines that have been advertised by Nintendo themselves for QUITE SOME TIME. Now onto the actual review: BotW is easily one of the best first party Nintendo games since the GameCube era. Some might even say it's the best Zelda game! You can tell that the designers really put a lot of effort in this one. I find myself often exploring just for the sake of exploring, which is definitely something that other Zelda games just didn't do. Every mechanic and I do mean EVERY MECHANIC is designed to not get in the way of exploring. The horse riding and mounted combat are spectacular, the battle mechanics are amazing, the towns, NPCs, and side quests all don't get in the way and feel unique, and the shrines are all fun and challenging. Everything is optional, so much so that you will find yourself wandering off instead of continuing with the story right away. Trust me. I'm not the type of gamer that strays from the plot, and even I got sidetracked. And the only times where you are doing something that should be mostly linear, you still have some degree of freedom, and nothing in the game feels necessary. Killing monsters is very fun, even guardians. (You will die to guardians A LOT.) Often times, you have various options of how to go about doing something that, by itself, is optional. This makes you ask questions that help make the game more enjoyable. A good example of this would be when killing monsters. Do you sneak attack them while they're asleep? Do you sneak attack them using special food, elixirs or gear? Do you shoot them with a bow from a distance, do you steal their weapons and attack them up close? Or my personal favorite: Do you SHOOT THE FRIGGIN EXPLOSIVE BARRELS? This adds a fair bit of depth and strategy to the game without feeling too overwhelming. Here are just a few more reasons why I think you should definitely buy this game: The story mode doesn't restrict ANYTHING AT ALL! Everything that you can see is explorable. That is, if your stamina is high enough. Weapons do break in this game, and some people may see that as a downside, but it adds more to the open world feel of the game. In a game where you can use tree branches and skeleton arms as weapons, you can always find a weapon lying around. This also helps to balance the over powered weapons that you can get. Even when you have finished the story, and done a fair bit of sidequests and exploring, your game will still be around 20 - 30 percent done. This leaves a whole lot to do and makes sure that the game will almost never get boring. Don't worry though, If you've played other Zelda games, BotW will be familiar enough for you to enjoy. BotW has the unique characteristic of a level of difficulty that newcomers and die-hard Zelda fans alike can enjoy. To wrap things up, BotW is the ultimate Legend of Zelda game in my opinion. I would say that it's the best open world game! But I'm biased. After all, it is the only Nintendo open world game on the market. From the depth of the in-game mechanics and strategy to the hidden little secrets, this game will keep you coming back for more. I give this game a perfect 10/10. It is the ideal Zelda game, and one of, if not the best game on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. The sense of freedom and wilderness that it conveys has caught the attention of many gamers, myself included. I'm sure I haven't covered all that needs to be covered, especially with a game as big as this one. I tried to make it a concise review, to not bore anyone too much. If you have the time, feel free to comment in the thread, and let me know what you think about BotW. If you have any tips, please mark them under spoilers for anyone who doesn't like them. QUICK TOTALLY UNRELATED SIDE NOTE: There's a YouTuber who's name is Dystifyzer. He currently has a 24/7 Nintendo ONLY music live stream with LIVE REQUESTS. You should check it out sometime. Be sure to say Fiscus sent you! SIDE NOTE OVER And with that, yet another brief review is over. All your base are belong to me, FISCUS OUT. PostScript: I spent 15 minutes just writing the text on the thumbnail, so that's a thing.
  9. As a Zelda veteran who has yet to start BOTW I'm tempted to start the game on Master mode as soon as I buy it. What would you guys recommend? To give a bit more background, I don't have as much spare time as I used to so I'm wondering whether it might be enjoyable to just face the challenge – as much as I would love to play through once on Normal, and then again on Master Mode I'm not sure I have that much time!
  10. I am going to america in the summer holidays with the fam (from England), and noticed that the Switch is $300. This currently equates to around £235 with the price of the switch here in the UK being £280. Buying the console, BotW, the pro controller and plug adapter will obviously come out cheaper this way. However, I was wondering whether I could then buy accessories back here in the UK, and they will still work. I heard some people say that had issues with this. Also, warranty wouldn't be available in another country. Ty for the help
  11. Greetings! For those of us who have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and have made considerable progress in the game, I have a question about the order in which you chose to tackle the four Divine Beasts found within the game. I went Zora, Goron, Rito, Gerudo. (I figured the regions you find them in is easier to recall than their actual names.) I had almost no trouble at all during these puzzles or Ganon battles. Did I choose the wrong order? The Gerudo one was the most challenging, but the Rito beast(bird) was the easiest. Does it even matter? One of the things I love the most about this game is how different everyone's experience is. Tell me yours!
  12. I say the Wii U! Here is the list of Zelda games you can play on the Wii U. What other console lets you play 14 different Zelda series games? If you are a Zelda fan, you need to own a Wii U. -The Legend of Zelda -The Adventure of Link -A Link to the Past -Ocarina of Time -Majora's Mask -The Minish Cap -Phantom Hourglass -Spirit Tracks -Skyward Sword -Windwaker HD -Twilight Princess HD -Breath of the Wild -Link's Crossbow Training -Hyrule Warriors
  13. Nintendo’s beloved Zelda series is headed to smartphones, states The Wall Street Journal in an unconfirmed report. It’s somewhat unclear if this is a port or an entirely new game like Super Mario Run. If true, that seems most likely. According to The Wall Street Journal, sources say this is Nintendo’s latest effort to expand its mobile line-up. The Zelda smartphone app would apparently follow Animal Crossing, which WSJ reports is likely to be out in the second half of 2017. Sources say that the Zelda app’s release date, WSJadds, could change. Both Nintendo and mobile company DeNA declined to comment to The Wall Street Journal. Kotaku reached out prior to publication to Nintendo, but has yet to hear back. The Wall Street Journal also added that The Pokémon Company is apparently planning a new card-game app. The company, however, also declined to comment. Kotaku also reached out for comment regarding this, but has yet to hear back.
  14. During an GameSpot interview with Eiji Aonuma in 2016, Aonuma was asked whether a female character would be possible to play as in the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He responded by explaining that if a female hero was possible to play as, it would make the most sense to have Zelda as the playable character. Although, he ultimately decided against including Zelda as a playable protagonist. He justified his decision by asking the question: "...if we have princess Zelda as the main character who fights, then what is Link going to do" - Eiji Aonuma. This statement is very true, IN Breath of the Wild, what would Link do if you played as Princess Zelda? However, I believe there is a simple solution to the problem that would work in a future Zelda instalment. All you have to do is look at some of the previous Legend of Zelda games and ask yourself “What was Zelda doing that whole time?” I'll give you some examples: In Ocarina of Time, after Link pulls the Master Sword, he is put to sleep for 7 whole years. Zelda was taken by Impa and went into hiding due to Ganondorf attempt to capture her. For 7 years Zelda was in some unknown location learning to become a Sheikah, she also disguises herself under the alias Shiek. This could be a Zelda game, you could be Zelda training to become a Sheikah, and it could take place anywhere since you never find out where she actually was training in Ocarina of Time. The Downfall timeline is the timeline where Link is defeated by Ganon and Ganon takes the remaining triforce pieces from Link and Zelda. The 7 sages then proceed to seal Ganon in the Sacred Realm. They never tell how they seal him though. So, this could be the plot of another Zelda game. You could play as Zelda, going on an adventure finding a way to seal Ganon or keep Ganon sealed. In the Adult timeline, after Link defeated Ganon, he was sent back in time to his childhood. This created a timeline where there is an adult Zelda, a sealed Ganondorf and no Hero of Time. Eventually, Ganondorf breaks free and the gods flood Hyrule and seal Ganon at the bottom of the sea. This could be a game as well, Zelda could help the gods flood the land somehow and assist in sealing Ganondorf. One more example is in Majora’s Mask. Link had left Zelda to go find his fairy partner Navi and deals with the events in Majora's Mask in the land of Termina along the way. The events of what happens to Link after he leaves Termina are unknown (that could be pretty cool game as well.) So, Zelda could have her own adventure the whole time Link is gone finding Navi and saving Termina. You may have noticed that I used the same Zelda in all of my examples. The reason I chose to do that is due to the Ocarina of Time Zelda is the only one who is also Sheik. I thought about if you were to play as Zelda, how would you fight and run around with her? Ok so most of the Zeldas can use magic and the Twilight Princess Zelda also knows archery… and that's about it. I don't know how fun a Zelda game would be if all you do is spells and shoot arrows. But then I remembered Shiek. That would add a whole new element of gameplay to a game with Zelda as the protagonist. You could fight as a ninja, be stealthy, throw smoke bombs and ninja stars, Shiek could have cool sword as well. The possibilities are endless. Although, the Zelda from the Majora's Mask example isn't technically Sheik because Link went back in time to before Zelda went into hiding and trained to become a Sheikah so that one wouldn't really work unless Zelda trained to become Sheik while Link was gone saving Termina which could also be a fun plot point. As you can see, in all the examples I gave, the question of “What would Link be doing?” is answered; he is either asleep, dead, sent back in time or in Termina. All have interesting plot points and Nintendo is given freedom to do what they want with them do to due to the fact that Zelda’s stories were never really elaborated on in Ocarina of Time or any other previous Zelda game. In conclusion, it would be possible for Zelda to be the main protagonist of her own game. It's also pretty ridiculous you can never play a Zelda when all the games are called “The Legend of Zelda”. Like come on Nintendo! Her Name is in the title!
  15. SPOILERS!!! I have Breath of the Wild on Switch, so if you own it on Wii U your experience may be a little different, I don't know. The Breath of the Wild starts you out in a small area of the gigantic map, with your only way out relying on an old man and his trade offer (Reminds me of the Old man from Zelda 1) and so you do what he wants so you can continue your journey. During this time, you get a feel for the world. You can do what he wants you to do in your order of choosing, and you quickly realize some environments require you to stay warm, some want you to stay colder to survive. After you do what he asks, he reveals that he is infact the ex-king of Hyrule, and the first main mission you get is to "Defeat Ganon." You can go right to Hyrule castle, but you will be destroyed. The story is that 100 years ago, Link, Zelda, and four champions fell to Ganon in an attempt to save Hyrule, and Hyrule has since fallen into ruin. You can traverse the world to do what you want, and you can find some special items that aren't required (Such as the Master Sword that people hint at throughout the game, and the Hylian shield, that people do NOT hint at throughout the game) and throughout your travels you find little Koroks to expand your inventory, and different villages to explore. The amount of intriguing sidequests offer many styles to play, you can buy your own house, make your own village, etc. The main goal of the game is to find four villages, (Zoras domain, Gerudo Town, Rito whatever, and Goron city) talk to an elder, beat a temple (Divine Beast) and defeat the boss. Do this four times, and take on Ganon. I don't quite understand age, though. Sidon remembers Mipha quite fondly, and if he was alive during her lifetime, he would be over 100 years old, and the Gerudo princess would also be over 100 years of age. It doesn't make sense. All in all, Breath of the wild is a Skyrim + Zelda 1 combination, and it works beautifully. Especially if you know lore, because you will find secrets much easier. What did you think of this game?
  16. so I was on YouTube and I stumbled upon this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-yawFhWg18 It's basically a guy playing Zelda.. but with only a bow and runes! He streams it too! Needless to say, it's really cool and shows how creative you can get with this game and how much you can explore. What did you think of this? Did you like it? That's all for now, FISCUS OUT. what did you think??
  17. New Switch games

    Which franchise would you like to see continued on Switch? I kinda want Punch-out, seeing as the "Arms" concept works really well for the Switch. I wonder if it would sell better being packaged as a Punch-Out title? Another obvious one is F-Zero and Metroid. These franchises get no love, and could really bring nostalgic nintendo fans to the Switch. Also Animal Crossing, and none of the board-game stuff they tried to pull.
  18. Guys I'm wondering what's the best order to tackle the divine beasts in order of easiest to most difficult? thank you all
  19. Skyward sword on switch?

    Would anyone like to see Skyward Sword on the switch with ZERO motion controls? I feel like it could be a great thing for the game, along with a few changes. Think of Wind Waker HD, taking out the bad, putting in some good.
  20. Motion controls

    I hope that Nintendo doesn't go motion control crazy on the switch like they did on the Wii. It isn't charming, its annoying. The 2% of the time it works, it just feels like you're playing a mobile phone app, not a game. This ruined Skyward Sword.
  21. Games released over and over.

    Anyone notice that OoT has been on every Nintendo console since the N64? and Twilight Princess since the GC? Does this mean that Zelda: BoTW could potientially be on another console after the switch?
  22. So by side characters, i mean characters that aren't super important to the story, maybe a character that you randomly encounter and get a quest for, maybe a shopkeep. But pretty much non essential characters that you love! I have 2 favourites. 1 being .... the weird one and the other a more typical favourite 1. Tingle 150?cb=20150116014728 2. Beedle!
  23. Zelda freezes

    I have a question for Zelda BotW players. Have you experienced a 2-4 second freeze after you kill a moblin in the snowy area (north western forgot name), eldin and akkala. Sometimes it freezes completely for 3 seconds that I think my System crashed. But this only happens with the black variant of moblins and only moblins. Taking out Hinox or other large enemies doesn't do anything fps wise. And if its a common issue (I have read that many users have this issue): Is it a hardware or a software problem. If it was a hardware problem it would kinda suck
  24. I can confidently say this game is amazing! I have finished a lot in game however I know there is still plenty left to be discovered. It's one of those games where even if I've felt tired of it, I still turn it back on knowing how much I still have left to do. I'm looking to hit 100% eventually but just wanted to share how much I love this game.
  25. Zelda: WiiU Vs Switch

    I was wondering how many of you have played either the WiiU version and the Switch version of Breath of the Wild? Also are there any noticeable differences between the two versions and if it's worth buying the switch to play it on? Thank you~

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