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Article A Delayed Review of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (DLC included!)

Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by Fiscus, Sep 23, 2017.

By Fiscus on Sep 23, 2017 at 3:59 AM
  1. Fiscus

    Fiscus Active Member

    A while back, I made a thread asking what I should review. @Diego7000 asked for Dual Destinies, so here it is! Also, @Potatogun wanted to know about the DLC, and that's also included here.

    Dual Destinies is a good game. Some might even say it's a great game. I think it's the best Phoenix Wright game to date. I'll be explaining my reasons why in this thread, so keep reading!


    For those of you who don't know, Ace Attorney is a video game series about lawyers who defend innocent clients in all sorts of crazy ways.
    Dual Destinies is definitely worth your time. The main characters, prosecutors, defendants, criminals, and witnesses are all really solid and the plot is really good. The main story is about
    A man called the "phantom" who bombed a courtroom and killed a lot of people. The main plot follows Phoenix Wright's journey to stop this man.
    The main prosecutor, named Simon Blackquill, is a prisoner who is so good at his job that the police have no choice but to let him do his job. Little does everyone know,
    He himself was falsely convicted of murder, and it was really the phantom setting him up.
    The game also has three main protagonists, including the aforementioned Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, from the aptly named Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney games, and a new character, Athena Cykes. Athena is a lawyer and a psychologist, and can sometimes discover the truth by listening to what she calls "the testimony of the heart". The detective for these cases, Bobby Fulbright, has lots of personality and a strong sense of justice.

    Now, Let's move on to the cases. I really encourage you to read at least level one or two spoiler levels, to get a gist of the thing.

    The first case, titled "Turnabout Countdown" is about how Athena's childhood friend, Juniper Woods is accused of bombing a courtroom. As this is the "tutorial" case, there is only one witness, a cutscene showing you that the witness was the real killer, and no investigation phase. The police have the defendant's fingerprints on what they believe to be the tail of an animal plush that the bomb was stuffed in. Long story short, the tail belonged to a different plush, and the witness is proven guilty.
    For those who didn't read the main kinda spoiler summary, It's a bombing and a childhood friend who needs help. It's a pretty solid case, and it really teaches you all of the basics really well.

    Case number two, titled "The Monstrous Turnabout" is about Apollo Justice. He and Phoenix Wright's adopted daughter, Trixie, are at a festival when Alderman Rex Kyubi of Nine-tails Vale is found dead. The police subsequently arrest mayor Damian Tenma of Tenma Town. Now it's up to you to help him out. Of course, it doesn't help that the people of Nine-tails Vale believe in a boogeyman by the name of Tenma Taro and that the alderman was found dead near a room that supposedly kept Taro locked away. Long story short again, Apollo meets up with Athena, they find some clues, spot the lies in witness' testimonies, and prove Damian Tenma innocent. (Again, the real killer was a witness.) Also, Tenma was a wrestler or something. I dunno, it's kinda relevant.
    For those who weren't brave enough for this one, It's about superstitions and a small village. Again, it's pretty good, I would say better than the last one. The characters are really memorable.

    Case number three; Turnabout Academy. This one's also about Juniper Woods, and the university that she's studying at. Athena and the others are visiting the school for a ceremony when Athena finds the body of Professor Constance Courte, dead on the floor. The police arrested Juniper because the circumstances of the murder were the same as the circumstances of a mock-trial that Woods had scripted for the ceremony. The trial and investigation phases happen, Juniper's friends, one of which
    is secretly a girl who was unsure of her identity
    are also briefly considered suspects. Athena wins the trial by realizing that there were some life-size statues that were under construction, and the victim's body was hidden under a tarp that was supposed to be for the statue.
    If you didn't want this one spoiled for you, here's a summary of a summary: The characters have a lot of depth and the trial will keep you wondering who could have done it.

    Case number four: The Cosmic Turnabout. This case is centered around the murder of Apollo's childhood friend, Clay Terran, who (if you haven't guessed by the title) was an astronaut. Another astronaut, Solomon Starbuck, is arrested, and Apollo leaves to figure the case out on his own. Now it's up to Phoenix to defend Starbuck. In the middle of the case, however, you discover that the phantom was behind this whole thing all along. But before you can prove your client innocent, you're interrupted by the courtroom bombing from trial one. On a later date, the trial is resumed along with some new evidence that proves Starbuck innocent but frames Athena Cykes as the murderer. This case doesn't really have an ending, as it's resolved in the following case.
    For those who didn't read this one, the characters are pretty ok. The whole story ends on a cliffhanger and is resolved in the last case. (excluding the DLC)

    Case number five: Turnabout for Tomorrow. In this case, Athena Cykes is accused of not only killing a bunch of people at the space station but killing her mother seven years ago. It is revealed that these two cases were connected all along and that Athena's mother, Metis Cykes, was killed by the same person. This case takes place in the ruins of the bombed Courtroom number four, and the prosecutor is actually Miles Edgeworth, from the first game in the Ace Attorney series. During the events of the trial, it is found that the only person who could have possibly been there both times, was the one, the only,
    The lead detective on both cases, Bobby Fulbright.
    and that they were the phantom all along. The trial ends with a cutscene about the phantom learning to discover their "own, true face" and getting shot down by a sniper in the courtroom. WOW.
    For those of you who didn't read this, this is what I would call the BEST CASE in the game, and an epic summary of it all.

    Now that that's all done, moving on to @Potatogun's favorite, the DLC.

    In this case, called Turnabout Reclaimed, it's Phoenix's first case in eight years. (spoilers for another game, I think) In this case, Phoenix defends Orla the FRIGGIN' ORCA! That's right, an orca is being suspected of murder against the manager of the shipshape aquarium, Jack Shipley. Long story short again, you find out that the orca couldn't have done it because the pool was being drained. BUT THEN, the police arrest Sasha Buckler, the orca's trainer. You finally prove that the murder took place in an entirely different setting, thereby proving that it was an accidental death caused by
    the caretaker.
    I do admit, there is a lot more to the story that I mentioned, I don't want to spoil it all.
    All in all, the characters are great and unique, each with their own distinct personalities and the trial has you asking questions the whole time. I would definitely recommend purchasing the DLC if you haven't already. Once you finish, the game rewards you with Phoenix's nostalgic sweater, that his daughter made for him.

    And that concludes my very in-depth review of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. Keep in mind that I did play this on the mobile version, so some of the dialogue may be very different. Overall, I really liked this game. It had a lot of interesting characters and a heck of a plot. I found myself constantly asking questions and the cases had my head spinning the whole way through. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone, although the sometimes slow plot may be too frustrating for some people to like. It's not for everyone, but I really liked it.

    But these are just my opinions on the game. Have you played this game? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the thread. See you all around the site!

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Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by Fiscus, Sep 23, 2017.

    1. Fiscus
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    2. MrMischief
      Wha?!?!!? There's a mobile version! Well now I know what's going to be keeping me busy for awhile.

      EDIT: DOH!! "This game does not support devices running iOS 11" well..... dang
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    3. Fiscus
      Ooooh. Good thing I finished the game before updating. I hope there will be an update for it soon.
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    4. Diego7000
      Thank you I could cry!
      (Your a dude, don't flippin cry dummy!)
      *mumble* Ok... *mumble end* thanks again @Fiscus!
    5. Fiscus
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    6. Diego7000
      I did not read Level 3 as for I'm guessing that's the ending and I don't want that spoiled but the thread was great Good Job I actually enjoyed reading it! Even though it was long
    7. Diego7000
    8. Fiscus
      Yep level 3 was the ending.
    9. Potatogun
      "I think it's the best Phoenix Wright game to date." Agreed. And I've played and beaten them all. And WOOOOOOOO!!!! But...

      "@Potatogun's favorite, the DLC."

      Not quite. My fave is case 2. I really love the father-daughter relationship in that case and the important statement it makes about greed and coverups. Plus the (possibly mild spoiler) shout of "NINE TAILS VALE FOREEVEEEEEEER!!!!!!" at the end.

      I also liked the character of Bobby Fulbright. I was disappointed by no Detective Gumshoe, but that really made up for it. So many great characters in this game.

      Thanks for the review. A fun read.

      But seriously...what happened to Gumshoe? I don't even remember him being mentioned in later Ace Attorney games, like this and Spirit of Justice.

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