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Coco Review

Discussion in 'TV, Film & Music' started by Potatogun, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Potatogun

    Potatogun Active Member

    I went to see “Coco” recently in theaters, fittingly, on Thanksgiving Day. I had high hopes. The movie got high praise from Critics. It was made by Pixar. It wasn’t “The Book of Life” (which is super lame lol). So many people, it seems, went to the theaters expecting a retread of that movie, but they got so, so much more. How was it different?

    Tone. “The Book of Life” was very exploitative. While the artstyle paid tribute to Mexican traditions, the movie was crude in parts, and distracted from the emotions it was supposed to share.

    “Coco” is far and away the opposite. It embraced wholeheartedly the traditions it was built upon. While there may be a bit of room for debate about how some of the things were portrayed, the movie is reverent of the good traditions of family and culture, and understanding of its flaws.

    I cried several times during “Coco”. I sort of wept. OK, not sort of. While watching “The Book of Life”, I never got the chance. The feeling was off. It wasn’t the same. The art was nice, even stunning at parts...but Coco even more so. Far more so, actually.

    However, one major plot point is awkwardly resolved. But not to the point of detracting from the message.

    Beware, though. A Frozen mini-movie plays beforehand. It’s not bad, but it will remind you of a Hallmark Christmas movie...except this is worse. Far worse. I cringed so hard during the entire thing. It was sweet in a seemingly fake way. Formulaic. But I’ll let it go.

    And you should, too. You may have to sit through that in theaters. It may cause you to cringe as much as I did, or worse! But the movie that follows it is so wonderful, that the amount of cringing is far surpassed in wonder and enjoyment. Consider going to “Coco”, especially with your family. Because that’s what it’s all about.
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    JNASTY Active Member

    My only complaint was that someone was chopping onions in the theater. I mean, who does that?
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