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Game Stop Lycanroc give away

Discussion in 'Nintendo Chat' started by Wduff, May 9, 2017.

By Wduff on May 9, 2017 at 2:23 PM
  1. Wduff

    Wduff Active Member

    GameStop has announced that it’ll be distributing codes for a special Midnight Form Lycanroc for use with Pokemon Sun and Moon.

    This level 50, Rock-type Pokemon will be available at select GameStop stores across the US, from May 15 to June 5.

    The Midnight Form Lycanroc has a hidden ability that makes every move in battle hits, for both the trainer and their opponent. He also has a Life Orb that boosts its damage by using up some of his health every turn.

    As always, you can download this Pokemon by clicking through the Mystery Gift option from the menu and choosing to receive it via a code, which you will get from visiting the GameStop stores. Then, speak to the deliveryman in any Pokemon centre to add it to your team.



Discussion in 'Nintendo Chat' started by Wduff, May 9, 2017.

    1. vissou
      Meh I don't play this game anymore. Not worth it anymore.
    2. Awkward_Fantasy
      Why would anyone get this lol.. It's not hard to get one at all.. You can find them in the grass.. And it kind of sucks that Japan is getting a shiny tapu koko, and we get a lycanroc... It's not even a shiny lycanroc..
    3. Kris
      It's no guard ability is actually pretty helpful. Sure you can easily breed one, but this gives anyone a viable competetive pokemon to base a team on. Not the greatest giveaway, but not a terrible one.
    4. david.jimenez10
      12 days late but I finally got it
    5. Nujia_Bizznizz
      It doesn't seem very different to those you can get by just playing the game.
    6. Frankkenzo
      Wth, this looks like they're doing a Shadow like they did to the Sonic franchise.
    7. bee4545
      ikr Nintendo can be unfair at times one time in some pokemon game idk if it was sun and moon or x and y but one time japan got shiny arceus ._.
      I think its true.
    8. UnitedEntertainment
      I can agree to you.
    9. DJMouthwash
      This was such a weird promotion. It's not even guaranteed good stats, let alone the good form of lycanrok.
    10. iltrovatore
      See: Gamestop, the company you should never do business with.
    11. Diego7000
      Should be distributing limited edition Dusk form Lycanrocs instead

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