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Article How much are you willing to pay?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by MrMischief, Sep 25, 2017.

By MrMischief on Sep 25, 2017 at 6:16 PM
  1. MrMischief

    MrMischief Member

    Reviews for NBA 2K18 are saying that game plays brilliantly and that it is a great simulation of the sport. However the game seems to go off the rails for me with its micro transactions. If you want a new pair of shoes, that'll run you 1,500 VC and you gain on average 600 VC per game. There is of course constant poking and prodding to get you to spend your hard earned VC on various things, and don't forget to drink your gatorade (It's got what NBA players crave! It's got electrolytes) or wear your new JBL headphones.

    You start the game with 6,000 VC, which can easily all be spent on your character development raising your overall rating from 60 to 62. If you want to raise your rating another point to 63 that will cost you about 4,000 VC. If you want to change hairstyles you can do that over at the barbershop, but just like in real life you'll need to spend your VC before you can see it on your character and those cuts cost upwards of 1,500 VC. If you want a tattoo, you can do that once your character reaches an overall rating of 70, and each tattoo costs an additional 1,000 VC. This routine continues for shoes, clothes, animations..... You can play for hours to earn your VC, remember you get around 600 VC per game, to get to an overall rating of 86 will require about 200 games. Or you can buy your VC at a rate of 75,000 VC for $20 USD.

    The digital edition shown above is called "Legend Edition Gold" for $150, that is a $90 premium over the standard $60 game. For that you will get 250,000 VC to start the game, saving you about $6 compared to if you bought the standard edition and 250,000 VC in game.

    In game advertising of real life products like gatorade is not something I'm adamantly opposed to, however I feel that it should help reduce the cost of the game. I have similar thoughts about micro transactions, they're fine if the game is low cost to begin with and balanced against micro transactions that are not too predatory. NBA 2K18 does not strike any kind of balance at all, the game is the same price as a full game without advertising or micro transactions and NBA 2K18 all but requires these micro transactions to make the game fun. So ultimately the question is, how much are you willing to pay for a video game? With NBA 2K18 you better be planning to set aside at least $200, assuming you already own the required micro SD card.
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Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by MrMischief, Sep 25, 2017.

    1. Potatogun
      I'm bothered by microtransactions, for sure. But not so much because it affects me a lot. It's because they're there in the first place. For me, give me good gameplay, a good story, a good game, period, and I'm happy. But when microtransactions interfere with the character of the game, it's messed up. People want to experience a game to its fullest without paying ridiculous premiums. Perhaps the most infuriating of them all, or rather, the one that affects me the most, is Amiibos. I don't do gaming collectibles. At least, not much. I don't go to Gamestop to buy the latest FunkoPOP. I don't have a single one (or an Amiibo, for that matter!). So when I learned Splatoon locked off quests behind Amiibos, I was very upset. I wanted to be able to train CPUs without having Amiibos in Super Smash Bros. While I realize Amiibos can be a great value for those with enough Nintendo games that support them, I don't have a lot that do, and don't have a New 3DS. I mean, I have Smash, Mario Kart and Splatoon and Animal Crossing and Code Name S.T.E.A.M. for 3DS.

      I suppose my desire to experience many great games prevents me from seeking collectibles. But one day, I'm gonna have to buy an Amiibo.
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    2. MrMischief
      I have a good number of amiibos..... really they seem to be reproducing on their own at this point.... On one hand I feel that the amiibos do not unlock vital parts to the game, even in Splatoon what they unlock is very limited and do not provide things that are necessary or all that great. The flip side of that is "why do I keep buying these things?!" So I'm sorta pleased and upset with Nintendo all in the same breath. At least I have cool figures and they work with a bunch of games rather than just one.

      In NBA 2K18 the VC seems much more like a "pay to win" scenario and that is absolutely ridiculous.
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    3. jark
      As someone who bought the legends gold edition on the PS4, I can say that the VC really does get spent fast. I spend most of my points just after 2 days from accessories and character development. Sure you can get VC from playing games, but spending money seems far less difficult and creates a PTW situation no doubt
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    4. fatty Wario 101
    5. Timelord_no_1
      I think that microtransactions can be good if done right. Look at a game like CS:GO on PC. The purchasable items are cosmetic only. You don't need them to play. Or maybe Tomb Raider (2013), where you get some characters and weapons for multiplayer that don't really affect the game all that much. NBA, FIFA, COD and Battlefield all seem to have bullsh*t amounts of DLC and microtransactions that adversely affect the experience.

      but thats my 2 pence
    6. fatty Wario 101
      fatty Wario 101
      I like football more than basketball

      my maxium would probably be 25 pounds at the max.
      isnt it just like fifa but for basketball

      To be very very honest I would not get this game at all but I do recomend this for basketball lovers.
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    7. skeer
      I heard this game was awful, soooooo not that much
    8. EliteSmash
      @4SPARTA!! would probably call the game crap since it's $150.
    9. Buzz
      $150... what a ridiculous price for a video game, especially a sports game that comes out yearly...
    10. missmeliss84
      That's way to much for a game. No way would I do that. 50$ or less for a game is the price that I'd be willing to pay. And insanely expensive micro transactions are awful. And they can be excessive and they seem to be getting carried away with them and I do not like that at all!
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    11. Nintendofreak
      No! If too many games on the switch have micro transactions I'm not going to buy the switch. I feel like its one of the things that separate boring mobile games with console games. In sims Free Pay a mobile game it nearly impossible to play the whole thing without buying the game currency. In usual Nintendo games I can pay ONE price to play the game. Then its based on your skill to beat the game not your money. I'm definitely going to wait longer now to buy the switch to see what else happens. I understand dlc costing money but not in game currency.

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