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Need convincing...

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by Farenath, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Farenath

    Farenath New Member

    I'm a mom of 4, the older 2 are desperately trying to convince me to get a switch - mainly because of splatoon2... We have a Wii u at the moment and I'm struggling to justify the outlay for another console. Am I missing something? Does it do amazing things that the Wii u doesn't? Is it worth its price tag? Would we just end up playing the 1 game on it? Is it likely to be sidelined the same way the Wii u seems to be ?
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  2. Buzz

    Buzz Member

    Well it's Nintendos latest and 'greatest' console. Here's a summary of why it might be worth buying:

    • You can use it in the living room 'docked' and it'll be just like your Wii U was, with the bonus of using the joy-cons as two separate controllers meaning you wont need to dish out as much cash on extra gamepads. It's very family friendly, with most games supporting couch co-op!

    • You or the kids can remove it from the dock and take the system with you on the go, or take it to the bedroom if someone is using the tv.

    • The Switch will have many more and newer games over the coming months, it already has a nice library of games to choose from, almost better than the Wii U already!

    • It's simply more powerful, convenient and overall better than the Wii U in every way imaginable.

    • It's actually very affordable compared to it's competitors!
    Sorry if my reasons were a bit crappy, I am in the middle of something... but the short answer is yes, it'll be much better than the Wii U for you and your kids! :D

    JNASTY Well-Known Member

    Believe it or not, portability is a major advantage even if you (your children) are planning to play primarily in docked mode (on TV). As Buzz mentioned, you can play while someone is using the TV. In addition, by having the option to go portable, gaming is uninterrupted and therefore is always on your mind. The advantage of this is it less likely to fall into disuse.
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  4. Fiscus

    Fiscus Active Member

    There are major differences between consoles. All of them are very different in their own ways. For one, this your kids can take anywhere and has way better games for them to enjoy. There are a lot of things you can search up about the power and games on a specific console, but for kids, I think Nintendo is the right choice. Considering what else they could be playing, just be thankful that they don't want a 600$ Xbox one X.
  5. MrMischief

    MrMischief Member

    How old are the kids?

    One thing that I haven't seen mentioned is that being portable I think the Switch is much more likely to be something one kid tries to take possession of compared to the Wii U. Depending on your family dynamic that might be an issue and it might be one that ultimately leads you to looking at buying another Switch, possibly four, one for each kid. A coworker of mine is up to three now and he's now running into an issue with digital games. I guess Nintendo only lets you have a copy of a game installed on one system at a time. So if kid A has Stardew Valley on his Switch but kid B wants to play it on her Switch, it must first be uninstalled from Switch A. To me multiple Switches in the household seems pretty obvious but it seems like Nintendo did not anticipate that, at least in terms of how digital content is handled.

    As far as games go, Splatoon 2 and Arms will be great for kids. Splatoon 2 is just like Splatoon on the Wii U, it has a couple of new modes and features but it's basically the same game. That doesn't sound like a "run out and buy it" recommendation, but really with a multiplayer game like that you want to try to stay current as much as possible. All of the action that makes the game so great is happening on the Switch and not so much on the Wii U. Other great games include Mario and Zelda of course, but they're much more single player focused. Mario does have a multiplayer aspect but I haven't messed with it, and it seems sorta more for big kid to play with a little kid rather than two equals playing. But, as Buzz said, there are also a lot of great couch based multiplayer games that everyone can get together with. One I've enjoyed is Overcooked where you team up to try to run a restaurant's kitchen together, preparing meals for customers. The kitchen's are completely crazy and it makes for time management, puzzle co-op craziness that is a lot of fun.

    So long story short yes, the Switch is worth it, but you might need to be prepared to possibly buy a second, or third, or fourth, down the line because it is so great.
  6. Farenath

    Farenath New Member

    Thanks for the reply. They are almost 10, 7, 5 and 17 months.
    It's mainly the eldest at the moment, although the next 2 are starting to talk about it to. They spend half their time watching people on YouTube playing games on the switch! Odyssey is another one they are now asking for. Hmmm, will have to work on convincing the other half I think! Thanks again :)
  7. Dragonfire Prime

    Dragonfire Prime New Member

    There's different games, that you probably wont be able to play on other devices and the switch is portable so kids can play out doors to
  8. ucbill

    ucbill New Member

    Well, I'm taking it in a different direction, and it's probably unpopular. I had a NES when I grew up. I loved that system and to this day have fond memories. I was crushed when my parents wouldn't get me an SNES (keep in mind this is elementary school).

    Looking back, it was a great decision by my parents NOT to get me the SNES. I still gamed hard, but I gamed on the PC instead and that opened up my eyes to other things like computer programming. It also made me work harder on making friends who did have an SNES :).
  9. I had been debating that same question. Is it worth getting? Mario Odyssey sold me on it :)
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