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New BotW DLC!

Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by Jonny B. Goode, Dec 8, 2017.

By Jonny B. Goode on Dec 8, 2017 at 1:32 PM
  1. Jonny B. Goode

    Jonny B. Goode Active Member


Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by Jonny B. Goode, Dec 8, 2017.

    1. MrMischief
      I'm really torn on this. I don't like it because... well because I think a motorcycle does not fit into the Zelda universe. I know the developers were saying that they wanted to put the master cycle from Mario Kart into BotW, but I always thought if they did anything it'd be a drawing or a reference to it somewhere. I just think "no that universe does not have motorcycles, or cars, or planes...." but then I suppose every Divine Beast is some sort of transport. And it will make exploring the world more fun.... Where does Mario Kart 8 fit into the Zelda timeline? Surely it's canon now.

      All I really know is that from now on I will refer to my motorcycle as my "Divine Beast."
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    2. Jonny B. Goode
      Jonny B. Goode
      I feel the same way. It will be lots of fun without a doubt, but it seems a little outrageous. A mechanical horse would've made more sense. However, since it is only an added afterthought in the form of a DLC, it is forgivable. I mean they added the costume from Xenoblade for Pete's sake. Clearly, anything goes at this point!
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    3. Graham K
      Graham K
      Is this the bike from Mario Kart 8?
    4. MrMischief
      It's similar in that they both look sorta horsey, but no it's different.

      This is the Master Cycle from MK8
    5. JNASTY
      I am seriously disappointed in the Ballad of the Champions. I am only a few minutes in, but I am not impressed at all.

      Edit: Getting better...
      Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
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    6. jaconstrips
      Holy shit. I've gotta check out this DLC. Now that i'm thinking about it, i never did the Ganon fight because i didn't want the experience to be over. Time to revisit!
    7. JNASTY
      As someone who has yet to fight Ganon as well. The one thing I do really like about the DLC is that I am able to access it at this point. I was afraid I was going to have to rush to beat him (I’m planning on getting all of the pictures and all of the seeds before do so).
      I haven’t fired it up since it became available because, as you can see in my post above, I’m not the biggest fan of the DLC. However, I’m looking forward to collecting the aforementioned items with the BotC prize.
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    8. Jonny B. Goode
      Jonny B. Goode
      That makes three of us. Ganon lives. LONG LIVE GANON!
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    9. jaconstrips
      oh that's great that the DLC can be accessed at any time. BTW you might want to rethink getting all the Korok seeds. It's a large undertaking with zero reward. If you really want that completionist status, though, then totally go for it
    10. JNASTY
      Thanks @jaconstrips. Although I try to avoid spoilers, I am aware of the prize. When it comes to Zelda games, I am very much a completionist.
      I am afraid I may have misled you in my previous post. The Ballad of the Champions is not accessible at any time; you must have completed all of the Divine Beasts first.
    11. Stcole
      I imagine the bike could lend itself to some fun jumps? Unless it's bound by the same rules as the horses?
    12. Jonny B. Goode
      Jonny B. Goode
      There are videos surfacing of folks doing donuts, 360s, grabbing huge air off of a Hinox, and other general shenanigans. So, no, the bike is not under the same restraints as a horse. I am curious about speed though. Is the bike going to be significantly faster than the horse?
    13. Stcole
      Brilliant. Thank you for that... general shenanigans could have been the subtitle for BoTW! I saw a video floating around online comparing the bike to a 5 star horse I think...
    14. Diego7000
      XD bro I can just imagine XD
    15. Diego7000
      no from what I can see it is not the same in design.... at all MK8MasterCycle.png VS [​IMG]
      Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
    16. Diego7000
      WHOA WHOA, WHOA! WAIT at the beginning of the dlc trailer clear oot reference of Din, Faroe, And Nayru's cutscene in the game's beginning
      there was a fourth
      Instead of the 3 goddesses....
      it was the four tribal warriors
      those tribes other than the rito of course
      all appeared in OOt
      the rito are evolved zora, mind you so........
    17. Heraizen
      Hi how much does this cost, or is it free? Also how long are the DLCs?
    18. JNASTY
      For Zelda, the DLC is not free. It’s $19.99 for the two DLC packs.
      How long? As in how many hours does it add to the game?
    19. MrMischief
      The key draw of the first DLC is the Trial of the Sword, a new mode that tasks you with going through 45 battle rooms across three tiers of difficulty, with the stipulation that you don’t get to bring in any of the gear you’ve accumulated throughout the main game. I looked at one youtuber who beat it, and it took him four and a half hours. If you finish the Trial of the Sword you get a powerup to the Master Sword that permanently doubles its damage from 30 to 60. Normally, it only goes up to 60 in dungeons or in the presence of Guardians.

      The second DLC has the champions ballad. The one youtube video I found of it is 10 hours long. There's a lot more to these than just the main quests, there's a lot of other things for gathering items and such so they're really HUGE additions. But.... it might also be viewed as sort of more of the same so depending on how you feel about BotW the DLC may or may not be worth it. For me.... I'm sorta done with BotW right now so I don't think I'll be picking up the DLC anytime soon.
    20. Starrebel1
      Good point. I wouldn't want a game to be over as long as I can keep having fun!
    21. Sagar232
      This looks pretty awesome
    22. Joshiwahwah
      I think the motorcycle in Zelda games just does not make sense in BotW link is in the wild!!!
      So where would he get the bike from? who made it? Why didn't the monsters break it?

      NO SENSE
    23. MrMischief
      Would you be ok with it if those questions were answered as you played the game?
    24. JNASTY
      I am excited about getting the bike. As it is an addition (in the form of DLC), its presence doesn’t bother me at all. Link could get a gun in DLC, and I’d be cool with it.
      One thing I love about Resident Evil games is going back through the game with the ridiculously overpowered weapons you receive after you beat them. To me this is just the same thing; it’s a fun switch up. On the other hand, had the motorcycle been there from the beginning, it would negatively affect my view of the game.
    25. HotDash
      I don't mind the bike that much, although it is still really jarring to see Link going through the land of Hyrule on his sick ride. Then again, BotW has always been a little mix for me, for some of the things which they would add to the game, I just cannot understand.
    26. Joshiwahwah
      I would be more fine with that but still think it's slightly non sensical
    27. Jjmason
      Is this like in Ni No Kuni where you get the car at the very end, after completing everything? Or can you get the master cycle early on?
    28. JNASTY
      I just finished the DLC and got the cycle (at the end).
      I thoroughly enjoyed the last part of the Champions’ Ballad and had fun with some of the other DLC quests. Consequently, I would suggest getting it to anyone who is on the fence. Nevertheless, I felt that most of the C. B. was uninspired and ranged from repetitive to downright frustrating.
      For 1/3 the cost of the whole game, I feel they could have done better. However, if you are a Zelda junky like me, there is original content that you don’t want to miss out on.
    29. Drudan
      The motorcylce looks cool but I think its kinda stupid. I enjoyed the DLC and it makes sence since we have giant robotic octupus' so its 100% possible for a motorcycle to exist, the whole contrast though doesnt fit well with me.
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    30. Jjmason
      It is odd, but the spirit tracks game had a train, so...
    31. Blazing Diablo
      Blazing Diablo
      Even if you aren't a fan of the bike, you cant lie that it can't fit into the game when you got Guardians that are basically advance tech in the universe with deadly weaponry

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