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Article Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey Bundle

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by MrMischief, Sep 15, 2017.

By MrMischief on Sep 15, 2017 at 7:00 PM
  1. MrMischief

    MrMischief Member

    During the Sept. 13 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that this fall they will be releasing a Switch bundled with Mario Odyssey. This bundle will include the Switch, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario themed joy cons and a Mario Odyssey themed carrying case.The bundle will be available alongside the release of Odyssey on October 27. In the US, it will be priced at $380.



Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by MrMischief, Sep 15, 2017.

    1. JNASTY
      Maybe I'm being cynical, but the carrying case seems like an excuse to bump up the price.
    2. MrMischief
      It looks like a reskin of the official case that launched with the system for $20. I haven't seen one or used one, but it gets decent ratings. Holds 5 games, has a built in stand for the system which might be nice on things like planes where the kickstand isn't so great. To be honest you're going to buy a case anyways, this one is perfectly fine. All purchased separately the Switch is $300, the game is $60 and the case is $20 so no the bundle is not some kind of deal (as expected) but you get everything you might intend on buying and it's a bit more unique than what you may get otherwise. It's not for everyone, but it doesn't seem to be a rip off either. Now if you're not going to use that case then yes it's kind of pointless for you to get it.

      Case overview:
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    3. JNASTY
      If it is indeed the same case, I would agree with your points.
    4. MrMischief
      One thing I thought of this morning is that in this bundle is a download code for Mario Odyssey, not a physical copy. The file size for Mario Odyssey is expected to be 5.7 GB. With the Switch I would prefer a physical copy instead, partly due to the limited storage space built in the Switch (32 GB), partly because playing a physical copy on the Switch does not require a huge install like the PS4 does (so you actually do save storage space by getting a physical copy, well for MOST games) , and partly for the ability to resell the game later.
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    5. JNASTY
      From my understanding, the cartridges are quite a bit more expensive than discs. I don't know if this is correct, so someone with more insider knowledge could validate/correct. I guess this is where Nintendo makes its extra bucks on the bundle.
      If I didn't have a Switch already, I would be unlikely to purchase this bundle (because of the same limitations MrMischief outlined).
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    6. Diego7000
      A download code... can't trust that after what happened to me with my NNID...
    7. JNASTY
      I've had good luck with download codes, but I'm hoping to put off buying an SD card as long as possible.
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    8. Diego7000
      XD Ok then you do you!
    9. JohnnyNintendo
    10. Euriah Jerico Perez
      Euriah Jerico Perez
      Oh man, I can't wait to release that game and that set. woohooo! The one thing I want is to have a Nintendo switch and the Super Mario Odyssey!!!
    11. tomsca172
      Yaaaasss this is going to be my incentive to by a switch. i just have to get through exams and save money though :z
    12. Isabelleer
      I debated getting this bundle, in england it's priced around £320.
      Ended up getting a switch from VERY, With Mario kart 8 for £250, Brought a case for a tenner on ebay with screen protectors (although not mario addition!)- Will get mario odyssey when it comes out (around £41 is the cheapest i can find), So will get mario odyssey, Mario kart, NEON switch and a case for about £301 in the end which is cheaper than this whole deal!.
    13. adavis413
      My son wants this for Christmas but I would rather have the actual game instead of download code!
    14. skeer
      I love how in the us its $380 while in europe its €389 so we're payijg even more
    15. Duff1986x
      I want this machine so much just cause of super mario odysey, The game crys out too me.
    16. crispylimbs
      man i want a Switch so bad! i was/am a huge Wii U supporter but now Nintendo are doing well again i can't afford one as i just got married...
    17. JNASTY
      Cancel the honeymoon. I am sure it costs way more than a Switch.
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    18. Isimail001
      I just want the Nintendo Switch, I didn’t get the Nintendo Switch since 03.03.04.

      I mean 3 marz 2017 not 2004.
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    19. asmith154
      does anyone know if the od bundle came out in canada? I havnt purchased mine yet but i havnt seen the bundle in stores where i live.

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