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Sonic Forces / Sonic Mania - for the Switch | News and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by JPrivady, Mar 23, 2017.

By JPrivady on Mar 23, 2017 at 4:41 AM
  1. JPrivady

    JPrivady Active Member

    Hello everyone!
    I'm was browsing the forums for threads about the next Sonic games and I found multiple abandoned/short-lived threads with the same questions, news and discussions. Because of that, I decided to create this thread and maintain it updated with all news and rumours, sort of like an 'complete' one. ( of course, only if that's alright with the mods; @MrMischief , @Buzz , @Medli , what do you think?)

    News and discussion thread for both Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania, from Sega.
    Feel free do talk and post news and rumours about them!

    What do we know:
    (this post will be constantly edited, at every update)

    Sonic Mania

    • > Launch date: August, 15th!!!... and 29th for PC (Oh no)
    • > It is being developed by old fans and modders from Sonic games, like Christian Whitehead, Headcannon and PagodaWest Games;
    • > Physical releases to consoles are still not confirmed, but SEGA is considering this idea. Probably not going to happen for now.
    • > Tee Lopes is composing the soundtrack;
    • > 2D sprite adventure; homage to the old titles of Genesis;
    • > 1.5 players mode confirmed;
    • > 3 playable characters (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles);
    • > It will have an story, that will advance like Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, with small cutscenes and level transitions;
    • > No confirmed number of zones yet (rumour: 12 or 13), but it is know that it will have new and old levels; these last ones are going to be 'remixed', with new elements, enemies, and much more;
    • > Scrapped levels (or pieces of them) of the old titles of Mega Drive/Genesis will be featured in Mania.
    • > Confirmed returning levels: Green Hill Zone (from Sonic the Hedgehog), Stardust Speedway Zone (from Sonic CD), Chemical Plant Zone (from Sonic the Hedgehog 2) and Flying Battery Zone (From Sonic & Knuckles);
    • > Confirmed new levels: Studiopolis Zone and Mirage Saloon Zone;
    • > Returning power-ups from the older games;
    • > Eggman/Dr. Robotnik is going to be the main villain;
    • >Confirmed sub-bosses: Hard-Boiled Heavies, all based on the design of the old badnik Eggrobo.
    • >The game is, apparently, connected to Forces...
    Sonic Forces

    • > Coming at the holidays (December);
    • > It is being developed by the main Sega Team, headed by Takashi Iizuka, produced by Shun Nakamura and directed by Morio Kishimoto;
    • > Soundtrack will be composed mainly by Tomoya Ohtani;
    • > The story was not released yet, but it is know that Eggman already conquested the world in this game, meaning Sonic failed in someway, while he was preoccupied. The plot will revolve around the elements of "power", "forces" and "teamwork". Multiple forces fight for the planet's control;
    • > Like in Generations, Classic Sonic will be back, playable (however, this is not an sequel); apparently, he is an "alternate" version of Sonic brought to this world by Eggman;
    • > 3 different gameplays: modern (with the boost ability, in 3D and 2D views), classic (no gameplay info yet), and a third, customized by the player, with gadgets that can use the power of Wisps;
    • > Other characters from the franchise, like Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Amy and the Chaotix Team are confirmed as NPCs, talking to Sonic through the levels with radios; Shadow, Chaos, Metal Sonic and Zavok are coming back as villains! (?!) - Also, a new villain called Infinite.
    • > Wisps (from Sonic Colors, Lost World and Generations) are coming back;
    • > Red Rings are coming back (not know yet if as collectibles);
    • > No multiplayer mode was confirmed yet;
    • > There will be usual levels (go from point A to B) and time-limited levels.
    • >The game will have a new character - and he's customizable! - Technically, Bubsy and Coldsteel are now canon.
    Video links (YouTube):

    Sonic Mania Trailer

    Sonic Forces Trailer

    Sonic Mania - Switch Gameplay - IGN

    Sonic Forces - First Modern Sonic Gameplay

    Sonic Forces and Mania - Nintendo Direct from 12/04/2016 - with Classic Gameplay

    Sonic Forces - 2nd Classic Sonic Gameplay

    Sonic Forces - Custom Avatar Trailer

    Sonic Forces - Avatar Gameplay

    Sonic Mania - Pre-Order Trailer

    Sonic Forces - E3 2017 Trailer

    Sonic Forces - Modern, Classic and Avatar gameplay

    Sonic Forces - Theme of Infinite

    Sonic Forces - Enter Infinite Trailer

    Sonic Mania - Animated Intro

    To check for official news, visit the Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog media pages in Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

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Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by JPrivady, Mar 23, 2017.

    1. Medli
      Hey nice Job! I actually wanted to do a thread like that not a long time ago but now we have you <3 xd Nice job!
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    2. TanoshiJikan
      They look awesome!
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    3. Fenrirslairpainting
      I am definatly interested in Sonic Mania but (atleast for me) Sonic Forces is to early to say.
      JPrivady likes this.
    4. JPrivady
      Old fans like us are going to boom Sonic Mania sales like there's no tomorrow xD
      What do you mean 'too early' for Sonic Forces? It's release date, or development? (honest question, I didn't understand)

      Indeed they do! What do you most expect from each one?
    5. Fenrirslairpainting
    6. JPrivady
      Oh, I see and I can understand that. Sega's ,and specially, Sonic's titles have some bad history of rushed developments and bad "innovative" gameplay mechanics. I think (and I hope) that they finally learnt their lesson with Boom, Lost World and (oh god) 06. They delayed Sonic Mania's release date from Spring to Summer, so it can be a good signal for the company as a whole.

      With Forces, it seems they are going to ''play it safely' (with Modern and Classic gameplays, like in Generations), while trying to toy with a new (and still misterious) third gameplay. Who knows, they can make it right this time. They know that they need to present something good, otherwise, the critics and fans are going to crush them once again.
      Last edited: Mar 26, 2017
    7. Fenrirslairpainting
      Luckily not everythhing Sega touches turns to shite. As they purchased Atlus some time back and their quallity has not dropped even slightly.
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    8. JPrivady
      And thank God for that xD Let's hope they can keep improving their quality even more. Sega is one of my favorite companies.
    9. JPrivady
      Not related to the games, but an quick update for anyone that reads (and misses) Archie's Sonic comics:

      from Reddit:
      Apparently, SEGA and Archie are talking about the situation. Nothing new aside of it besides some editions delayed yet again (including the Mega Drive's series; even if you have no interest in the comics universe, try to read it, it is set in the games' classic universe and has an nice art direction)
      From their silence, something related to legal questions must be shutting down their mouths, in my opinion. It would be nonsense otherwise.
    10. Fenrirslairpainting
      I actually have a pre-order in on Atlus's newest title Persona 5.
    11. Wchillinman
      With the facts that Sonic Mania is being made by fans I have high hopes for it. Sonic Forces could be an interesting twist to the series if it is done correctly. I hope both games are successfully done & it does Sonic right and finally get the brand out of the funk it has been in.
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    12. JPrivady
      You know, I never played or read anything about this franchise. What is it about? Is it an RPG like Final Fantasy?
      I've been wanting to play some good long game again, maybe Persona 5 could be my choice :)

      Yup! The fact that Mania is being developed by old diehard fans make me feel much more safe about it than Forces (sorry Sonic Team). Really hope that the franchise can revigorate itself after 2017 as well. Sega and that blue hedgehog both deserves it. :)
    13. JPrivady
      • Rumour and news update for Sonic Mania:

      Some forums' communities around the internet have been speculating that Aquatic Ruin Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, could be one of the remixed old levels. The reason of that is related to the announcement of Flying Battery Zone last week.
      Some fans associated the level's presence with it's small apperance in Mania's trailer (together with Green Hill and Flying Fortress Zones, both already confirmed to the game). You can see the zone in the 8 seconds mark below:

      Sega and 'Mania''s Team are still keeping the zones names and their quantity a secret. Our only option is to wait (and speculate, of course).

      • Now, for the official part:

      In the last event of March 16th, this image was teased by the developers; it is part of a new, original zone in Mania. No more informations were announced with it, though. Looks like an ice themed level, with windmills... or maybe these are clouds in the background? I have no ideia; what do you think it can be?


      Image comes from the post of the user FReak, from Sonic Stadium boards:

      < https://board.sonicstadium.org/topi...tch-the-new-classic/?page=171#comment-1092672 >

      It's great place to find anything related to Sonic: games, comics, shows, etc. I recommend it for any fans ;)
    14. Potatogun
      The new character? Silver's brother, Gold. I'm calling it.
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    15. JPrivady
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    16. JPrivady
      An simple update,
      6 minutes of new gameplay (720p HD) of Sonic Mania on the Switch, by NintendoHQ channel:
    17. wtfisgoinon69
      More Sonic games. Just what I needed in my life.
    18. JPrivady
      Update time!

      • We may be getting (or not) physical titles of Sonic Mania, but Sega is still being cautiously with this.
      > http://segabits.com/blog/2017/04/06/sega-would-love-to-do-physical-sonic-mania-release/

      • Mania is going to feature scrapped levels of Sonic Mega Drive/Genesis titles! We can expect "re-imagined versions of levels that we’ve seen in previous Sonic games. There will also be levels you haven’t seen before or have been altered so much that they are almost completely unrecognizable,” - said Jim Dyer, Sega Product Manager.
      > https://www.sonicstadium.org/2017/0...evels-inspired-by-scrapped-mega-drive-stages/

      • And in other (unrelated) news: are we getting a new Sonic Runners game for mobiles? Rumours point that Sega and Gameloft are codeveloping Sonic Runners Adventure, which would include team gameplay (like Sonic Heroes) and runner gameplay (like Sonic... well, Runners).
      > https://www.sonicstadium.org/2017/04/rumour-sonic-runners-adventure-coming-to-mobile-devices/
      > https://www.sonicstadium.org/2017/0...detailed-in-fa/?_e_pi_=7,PAGE_ID10,9918898087
    19. JPrivady
      NEW update time, from the last Nintendo Direct of today! (12/04/2016)
      Watch it here:

      Nintendo and Sega must be really enjoying their partnership to have a new Sonic's exclusive teaser in a Nintendo program! And to add up, Takashi Iizuka was interviewed by the japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, and talked more about the game.

      Now, to the notes of Forces:
      - Classic Sonic gameplay! Also, apparently, 'Classic' Sonic is an alternate version of Sonic, brought in from another world to this one by Eggman and now, he needs to return to his homeworld. Does this means that Sonic Team is now considering the Classic games as an alternate universe of Sonic? (WHY?!)
      - No Sonic Boom; this third character is going to really be the representant of the third, and yet misterious, gameplay style. Take a look at his silhouette:
      (oh my God; BUBSY?! )

      Some people have been speculating that, maybe, this third character could be open to customization by the player. (Finally, we will be able to play as Coldsteel)
      Iizuka also said that this character will be "unexpected" (c'mon, IT IS Bubsy), and "very relevant" to the game's plot.

      - The game has been in development since 2013; 4 years in total! (and that includes a new engine to power the game!)
      - The director is going to be Morio Kishimoto, the same from Sonic Colors and Lost World.
      - The game will not be so 'dark'; there will be colorful levels as well.
      - There will be usual Sonic levels (go from A to B) and time limit levels.

      Aaand that's it. More news and more hype (or not)! Let's hope for the best for the Big Blue's franchise!
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    20. Medli
      A Character creation would be great! And if it's a completly new character, i hope its not an edgelord
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    21. JPrivady
      Agreed. Shadow the Edgehog is enough
    22. Nate
      I'm honestly a liiiiitle disappointed the third playable style won't be Tails, but I'm still intrigued by what it could be like and who could be the character for it. At least Tails will be playable in SonicMania.
    23. JPrivady
      Yup, that's a shame ): I would prefer Knuckels, though. Anyway, it will be a new character, altogether. With it on Forces, and Mania's Knuckles and Tails, I hope Sega notices how people still like to play as other characters in Sonic's games (damn, the last time we could as them, was on Sonic 06 D: ).
    24. JPrivady
      New update, from april 25th! (posting here better later than never!)

      New gameplay of Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces! We can see the classic Green Hill Zone (in the process of desertification, thanks to Eggman's world conquest); also, apparently, Classic has Drop Dash! (the same new movement from Sonic Mania). Maybe there's going to be some connection between the two games?
    25. JPrivady
      Quick update time!
      New Knuckles' gameplay in Sonic Mania, in the remixed zone of Flying Fortress (from Sonic 3 & Knuckles)!
    26. Wduff
      Some news comes today
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    27. Vados6
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    28. JPrivady
      And we have it!

      This is YUGE! Tumblr is exploding right now. What are your opinions on this concept?

      Avatar gameplay -
    29. Wduff
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    30. JPrivady
      One simple word to describe it; I like it (;
    31. Wduff
      So glad it is not boom
    32. JPrivady
      We both are! xD
    33. Wduff
      boom was so stupid
    34. Wduff
      I recently set up a steam account, so if I don't have a switch, to download world we go
    35. JPrivady
      I'm indiferent to the show; some good elements there - but I completely agree that the games are... bad, very bad.

      That's going to be my choice as well: if I don't have an Switch till the game releases, PC (with a controller) is going to be my main.
    36. JPrivady
      New info about Forces! (thanks @Wduff for alerting me about it)

      You will be able to customize your avatar with seven different species (so far). Each one has different habilities, besides the gadgets you will be able to equip them with. They are:

      That's quite varied (I was expecting more, but that's alright).

      The user Sea-Salt, on Reddit, created a thread reuniting every item that appeared on the trailer (you can check it here). And it's just a small portion of it!

      Also, did anyone noticed the presence of the "World Map" option in the avatar screen?
      What do you think it can be? Keep on mind that it is separated from the "Missions" option, so that could mean the map is not just an simple mission select screen (like in Unleashed).
    37. captainerik
      lots of childhood memories there
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    38. JPrivady
      New Sonic Mania trailer! - And I swear to you guys, it's awesome! It even has Toei-stylized animations! Check it:

      Also, Stardust Speedway (from Sonic CD) is confirmed! Or, at least, the Past version!
      And we got the launch ̶z̶o̶n̶e̶ date as well (finally!) - August, 15th!... kind far away, but oh well... better than nothing!
    39. MrMischief
      I showed the Sonic Mania Collector's Edition ($70, Sonic Mania is $20) to a coworker and his first thought was that the Sonic figurine is an amiibo and the Genesis base was just a stand for the amiibo. I actually think if that was really the case then maybe I would buy it. Is anyone here going to try to get their hands on the collector's edition?
      JPrivady likes this.
    40. JPrivady
      That would be very cool indeed; Nintendo and Sega could have worked together to bring an exclusive Amiibo in the place of the statue.
      About acquiring it, I will; imported from the U.S.. I'm getting it because of nostalgia alone, as Sonic was the first video game I've ever played. For someone outside the fanbase, however, I can see why it's not interesting to get the CE, especially with the base game being costing only 20 dollars!
      MrMischief likes this.
    41. Frankkenzo
      Man so much nostolgia hitting down the pipes. I hope Sonic has a comeback of some kind :)
    42. MrMischief
      Sega really has done a terrible job of handling their most iconic character. If you think about how many terrible games and cartoons and such that they've made with Sonic, it's amazing that they still even try. Nintendo had a few stumbles with Mario as well, but no where near the steaming pile of fail that Sonic has been put through. I really would like to see Sonic finally make it and become the valuable IP that he deserves to be, but I think that boat may have sailed long ago.
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    43. JPrivady
      Indeed; Sega itself split Sonic's fanbase, in the early 2000's. I really hope this year can make Sonic an popular gaming icon again.

      And now, great news for Mania!

      Chemical Plant Zone, from Sonic 2, is back! With dope music and level' remixes!
    44. JPrivady
      E3 is over, and we got some new, surprising, trailers and gameplay info about Sonic Forces and Mania!

      For Mania, it was confirmed that the boss of Green Hill Zone Act 2 is, indeed, the Death Egg Robot! Eggman is really tired of Sonic's sh*t this time!

      Aside of that, just some new gameplay videos of levels already announced.

      Now, for Forces...

      Wow, just wow.

      Eggman has really dominated the world, together with the villain all-stars league, composed by Shadow (Wot?!), Metal Sonic, Zavok (that guy from Lost World) and Chaos (WOT?! - From Sonic Adventure). And, there's even a new evil guy (or gal) there, called Infinite... I'm really interested in the game's story now.

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