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SPOILER Strongest BotW Weapon?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by JNASTY, Jan 3, 2018.


    JNASTY Well-Known Member

    What is the strongest weapon you have ever picked up? I have a Royal Guard’s Claymore at 115, and I haven’t seen anything online stronger than that. Have you?

    I put a spoiler tag just in case someone hasn’t had the chance to play yet.
  2. Alexini

    Alexini New Member

    I can say that i found a 70 something axe. Not really impressive but I usually don't care about the damage of my weapons most of the time as long the damage is above 40.
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    JNASTY Well-Known Member

    My problem is every time I find a powerful weapon, I hoard it. I would certainly hold on to a 70+ axe.
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