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Super Mario Run Update

Discussion in 'Nintendo Mobile Games' started by Potatogun, Sep 25, 2017.

By Potatogun on Sep 25, 2017 at 9:09 PM
  1. Potatogun

    Potatogun Active Member

    OK, when I saw Gamexplain post that there was a new Super Mario Run update I was apprehensive. Would it just be "fluff"? A few items to pacify players? Nope. On Sept. 29, we'll be getting 9 new levels, a new mode, our own MP3s usable in-game, Daisy as a character, and for those who don't have the game, it will be 50% off for a limited time. Wahoo!

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Discussion in 'Nintendo Mobile Games' started by Potatogun, Sep 25, 2017.

    1. Fiscus
      @Potatogun I finally posted that thread you wanted
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    2. JNASTY
      PreSwitch, this game was a lot of fun; I was really happy with the download. Nowadays, in spite of the added content, I don't see myself getting back into it. Maybe I'll fire it up a week or so before Odyssey hits to build up some hype.
    3. Diego7000
      Great news this is! Now Luigi's wife is here with more stages!
      *I wonder if Daisy is as good as Luigi...*
    4. Potatogun
      Most are arguing she's a Peach clone. I would like to see her with Peach's gliding and Luigi's height. That...would be awesome.
    5. Potatogun

      I loved playing the game when I first got it. I still do. I know it's something I could play over and over and over again and not grow all that tired of it. But still...there are other games. I don't like limiting myself to one. And Mario Run does lack content. But still...Red Yoshi...lol :D
    6. Euriah Jerico Perez
      Euriah Jerico Perez
      I really love the new from Super Mario run
    7. JNASTY
      For a second, I couldn't figure out what was going on when I saw my daughter playing and the Yoshi wasn't green.
      I've always had an affinity for the blue one.
    8. Euriah Jerico Perez
      Euriah Jerico Perez
      Wow, that's interesting and they have different colour versions of Yoshi.
    9. tomsca172
      who actually plays mario run anymore. i got bored after the first 5 levels. tap the screen to make him jump. OOOHH compelling gameplay
    10. MrMischief
      I got Mario Run when it released for iOS on 12/15/2016. I play it pretty much daily.

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