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The Nintendo PlayStation lives

Discussion in 'Nintendo Chat' started by Wduff, May 8, 2017.

By Wduff on May 8, 2017 at 5:32 PM
  1. Wduff

    Wduff Active Member


    The recently unearthed Nintendo PlayStation prototype has had quite a journey since it was discovered but the good news is that it is now finally working in its entirety.

    Due to the tireless efforts of Ben Heck, the Nintendo PlayStation prototype now not only plays old SNES games but also loads games from the CD-ROM drive.

    Previously, Heck managed to get the SNES portion of the console working but the CD-ROM drive had eluded him.

    However, in a new attempt (shown below) he manages to bring the CD-ROM to life and it seems that this prototype console is now fully functional.

    The story of the Nintendo PlayStation is pretty legendary, as it was Nintendo’s attempt to get in on the disc based media console race. What with Sega releasing its own Mega-CD, Nintendo rushed to meet that challenge and partnered with Sony in the process.

    Unfortunately, Nintendo decided to drop their partnership with Sony due to the revenue share. This in turn incensed Sony to take on Nintendo and make a console of its own. Thus the first PlayStation was born and Nintendo has likely rued that day ever since.

    So this console prototype is a fascinating relic that in turn was responsible for Sony entering the gaming business and subsequently dominating the market.

    The fascinating thing here is that it was assumed all the prototypes had been destroyed, so the fact this console has been unearthed after all this time is hugely important in regards to gaming history. Who knows, now that it is finally working maybe we can learn more of its secrets.


Discussion in 'Nintendo Chat' started by Wduff, May 8, 2017.

    1. Snoopy187
      Heard about this ages ago would have been amazing and a real game changer if it came out
    2. StickMoves
      Wow...That's awesome! Now just gotta shove some 16 bit goodness into that heck of a console!
    3. kruzifixium
      before i informed myself, i thought all games for the switch would be only downloadable - so why you want to use cds^^?
    4. StickMoves
      It's not the Switch. It's a different console.
      simonh2000 likes this.
    5. AkiWar
      It really exists? Wow I thought the first prototypes were destroyed after Sony and Nintendo broke up. A working Nintendo PlayStation. I would have never thought to see one of the biggest myths in hystory to be revealed (okay the Atari E.T myth was ridiculous, but was proven to be legit). Come on Sinnesloschen, reveal Polybius already. Man what a time to be alive
    6. JPrivady
      Just imagine, how video games' history would change if the Nintendo/Sony partnership didn't end. It would be unrecognizable, for sure. Who would be Sonendo's modern rival? Dreamcast 3 from Sega? IPlay Nano from Apple?
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    7. Shawn Marcy
      Shawn Marcy
      Man if the split didn't happen Sony would not have been a tough rival.
      Last edited: May 15, 2017
    8. vissou
      Lol please read before posting :p
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    9. kruzifixium
      uhm sry my fault - but still an issue :p ;)
    10. david.jimenez10
      so that's the infamous system from the partnership that didn't came to be glad I saw it
    11. plshalp
      nostalgia wave anyone?
    12. Frankkenzo
      This just reminds me about the Classic NES we got earlier, I can't wait for the Classic SNES!
    13. fuzzygdog
      the only thing that worries me is the newer versions dang long names
      wow! my parents got me a nintendo playstation 4 pro 64
      oh yeah? that's nothing. Mine got me a playstation 4 pro switch 64 3ds
    14. Brockoclock
      I'm still not quite convinced this is a real thing—I'd never even heard of it before now.
    15. fuzzygdog
      it has a youtube video and it's on the internet, what's not to believe? :emoji_grin:
    16. ChickenMcnintendies
    17. UnitedEntertainment
      What would happen if Sony and Nintendo still kept their partnership and manufactured the "Nintendo Playstation"? Would Sega still exist?
    18. MrMischief
      Very likely if the Sony and Nintendo partnership lasted, Sega may have lasted longer in the hardware space. Although I think ultimately they would have exited that market sooner or later.
      Sega screwed up with retailers pretty badly at the first E3. Previously they had announced "Saturnday" and people began preordering with places like Bestbuy. Then comes the first E3, the price was confirmed at $400 and included Virtuafighter and then they said "oh btw, Toys R Us has it available today" like 4 months before Saturnday. This pissed off other retailers like Best Buy and Walmart, some retailers responded by dropping Sega from their shelves completely. Meanwhile at the same E3 Sony came out to show off their Playstation and all they said was "$300" and people went crazy. The Saturn was a failure for multiple reasons, but their rush to get it out before any advertising campaign was really setup was certainly a big failure, and in doing so they also burned a lot of retailers. 3 years later they release the Dreamcast at $200 (I believe taking a loss on each unit sold). Sega loss $400 million in 1999 and again in 2000 with the launch of the dreamcast. Truly the Dreamcast was a great machine but Sony and Nintendo had announced their new machines, and particularly Sony hyped the PS2 so much that everyone bought into it being the future of home entertainment. I remember them saying things like "emotion engine" and crap, but the DVD feature was obviously going to be huge for everyone. EA then announced they would not develop for the Dreamcast, Sega had Sega Sports to fill the void, but then Square bailed on them as well. To try to compete with the PS2 hype train, Sega created their own ISP, sega.com, who then launched their internet gaming service SegaNet at $20/mo. Sega then went completely insane with the pricing on their Dreamcast, including a free year of SegaNet, a $200 rebate to anyone who had sega.com as their ISP and then cutting the Dreamcast price to $150 compared to the PS2's $300 price. When that didn't work Sega then reinstated the rebate giving you a full $150 rebate for the Dreamcast plus a keyboard for it if you subscribed to SegaNet. I mean really think about this.... That's like Nintendo giving you a free Switch today if you subscribe to their online network. It's truly insanity. Despite all these insane price cuts, which mounted further losses for the company, they only sold about 3 million units. In 2001 Sega lost another $400 million, making it the fourth straight year of losses. At this time Sony controlled 50% of the console market and Nintendo controlled 35%, leaving a very small place for the Dreamcast and upcoming XBox. The president of Sega lost his job, the new guy had long been advocating that Sega leave the console business and that's exactly what he did. The Dreamcast price was cut to $100, then $80 then finally $50. In my opinion the biggest reason for Sega's failure was the Saturn (and the 32x before it and the SegaCD before that). Sega pumped out expensive hardware only to completely abandon it a short time later. As a consumer at that time I remember talking with a friend about the dreamcast and saying "why would I buy it? it will be out of date and forgotten before I even have time to play it." I think many consumers had a similar opinion of Sega's unwillingness to commit to any of their latest hardware releases. Add in the hype of the PS2 and the Dreamcast really didn't have a chance. It is unfortunate because the hardware for it was impressive at the time of its launch, but Sega was a poorly managed company for several years and that directly impacted consumers. Sega is probably lucky to be around at all these days, as they truly should have sold themselves to Microsoft when they had the opportunity. These days I sort of feel sorry for Sega. They were such a big powerful company and now they're a sad pathetic shadow of their former selves (sonic 06 and sonic boom: Rise of Lyric).
    19. DJMouthwash
      Ben Heck is a god among geeks.
    20. jason2993
      I recently bought a PS4 (my first non-Nintendo console). And you what? Its just not the same. Yeh, sure Sony and MS offer solid games for gamers and what not. But you know what? Nintendo sells experiences. Ever since when I first bought my N64 almost 2 decades ago they have consistently offered that. Dunno, maybe Im just a massive fanboy, but yeh, with the PS4, theres no connection
    21. RaptorK413
      oh yh i want that shit

      lokks sick

      i wish they acxtually sold ithdsghdg
      Last edited by a moderator: Jul 17, 2017
    22. Asherpburgess
      ☺I hope they make a bunch of them and sell em.

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