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What was your first Nintendo Console

Discussion in 'Retro Nintendo' started by Diego7000, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Diego7000

    Diego7000 Active Member

    So? What was it? Mines was the legendary Wii system! Oh the Nostalgia!
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    1. jorket600
      jorket600, Jul 8, 2017
    2. Frukt
      My first nintendo console was the original DS!
      Frukt, Jul 11, 2017
  2. Andreas

    Andreas New Member

    NES baby !
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  3. Diego7000

    Diego7000 Active Member

    Heck ya! Go with one of the first consoles!
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  4. Hydman84

    Hydman84 New Member

    NES when i was like 4 it was brand new and I still have it
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  5. Diego7000

    Diego7000 Active Member

    @Hydman84 It is amazing you still have it! I might rob you XD
    Just kiddin don't worry!
    But ya keep it nice cause havin one is AMAZIN and What would be cooler is if you had a WORKING Famicom
  6. baseballseth

    baseballseth New Member

    My first console was the Nintendo 64 but my first video game platform overall was a Gameboy Color
  7. Diego7000

    Diego7000 Active Member

    @baseballseth Ah the Nintendo 64 a time of wierd animations XD
  8. baseballseth

    baseballseth New Member

    I believe my first game was Hey You Pikachu or Pokemon Stadium. If you couldn't tell, Pokemon was my thing lol
  9. Linkk

    Linkk Active Member

    N64. Still got it, still play it for Mario Party 2 and Pokemon Puzzle League.
  10. baseballseth

    baseballseth New Member

    Puzzle League was fun. I actually still play Pokemon Stadium 2 every once in a while. I'm also a Banjo Kazooie nut.
  11. Linkk

    Linkk Active Member

    Same! Wish I still had the first Stadium game but it was lost in a move. Banjo now, I love that game. Never had the second one though.
    1. Diego7000
      @4SPARTA Lost his SSB in a move... it will be missed...
      Diego7000, Nov 14, 2017
  12. Hullop

    Hullop Active Member

    First personal was a Gamecube, however I grew up with a SNES and a Gameboy (my dad's/older bro's)
  13. IbisJacob

    IbisJacob New Member

    Definitely GameCube--you know, the GREATEST system of all time
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  14. Diego7000

    Diego7000 Active Member

    XD Ah ha ha I love this!
  15. EliteSmash

    EliteSmash New Member

    @Diego7000 My first one was the wii too. New Super Mario bros. Wii is EPIC.
  16. Diego7000

    Diego7000 Active Member

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  17. EliteSmash

    EliteSmash New Member

    I played it for 9 hours straight once!
  18. MrMischief

    MrMischief Member

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  19. slevey

    slevey New Member

    mine was the black gamecube! and i still have it in perfect working condition. it came with animal crossing and its own personalized memory card, it was amazing!
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  20. Diego7000

    Diego7000 Active Member

  21. MaccaHead1

    MaccaHead1 New Member

  22. VarunaFyre

    VarunaFyre New Member

    First game system I owned was an ice blue GameBoy Pocket, first console was an N64 with Pokemon Stadium and OoT. Got it for my birthday!
  23. Diego7000

    Diego7000 Active Member

  24. Diego7000

    Diego7000 Active Member

    @jorket600 and @Frukt Comment means post a reply not actually comment......
  25. timmertje

    timmertje New Member

    The first time I played nintendo was on my friends GameCube. We played Mario Kart Double Dash until the game disc didn't work anymore.
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  26. jason2993

    jason2993 Member

    Original GameBoy here (the one with the see-through case)!!!
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  27. Swifterwifter

    Swifterwifter New Member

    I had the game boy advance with legend of Zelda link to the past. One of my favorite games. Could not beat it for the life of me as a kid.
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  28. RetroPatronum

    RetroPatronum New Member

    My first was the NES with the Nintendo World Cup/ Super Spike V'Ball pack-in that came with the 4 player adapter!
  29. mattfromri

    mattfromri Member

    My first was the Super Nintendo. I remember opening that massive box with Super Mario World (my first video game ever). I'm so happy I was able to secure a SNES Classic–so much wonderful nostalgia.
  30. Gungnir

    Gungnir New Member

    I played the play station line until I eventually switched over with the Wii and DS
  31. zmayn

    zmayn New Member

    Mine was a gameboy.
  32. Castaway

    Castaway New Member

    Mine was a ds. My mom got an original game boy back in the day.
  33. JNASTY

    JNASTY Well-Known Member

    The SNES was the first system that I bought with my own money. In spite of many attempts to dissuade me, I was determined to get it. Obviously, I feel it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. And yes, I can also clearly remember opening that box.
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  34. Thormentor

    Thormentor New Member

    My first was a NES but the first Widén game console was a console who only had Pong on it...
  35. SamBa

    SamBa New Member

    I started out early as a kid playing the GameBoy yellow, I remember playing the crap out of super mario 3
  36. Thormentor

    Thormentor New Member

    Oh yes! And you had to have Good lights if you didn’t have the lightframe- accessory ;-)
  37. Cynder

    Cynder New Member

    Mine was the gba sp all the hours i clocked on Pokémon Ruby...
  38. ez007

    ez007 New Member

    super nintendo, beast of a machine! remeber hiring games for countless video stores. Bubsy was hired out more than once lol blowing in the cartridges is also a fond memory
  39. ucbill

    ucbill New Member

    NES...and i went all the way until Wii before buying another system
  40. NES. I played so much Zelda, Tetris, and Mario.
  41. jottog

    jottog Member

    One of those blue transparent GBAs. Wasn't lucky enough for a GBC but did pinch a go on a few of my friends!
  42. Jonny B. Goode

    Jonny B. Goode Active Member

    Lime green Gameboy Color with Pokemon Red and Mario Golf. Happiest 9 year old ever. And I will never forget after having it for a month I dropped and broke it. So, I wrapped that thing up in a shoebox, sent it out to Japan, and the fixed it and returned it free of charge! Pretty sure this is no longer their policy. My first experience with customer service... If only all companies were more like Nintendo.
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  43. Averice

    Averice New Member

    a Nintendo Entertainment System with mario/duck hunt and the zapper gun, i still hear that F****** dog laugh at me .
  44. MrMischief

    MrMischief Member

    You should check out "Duck Season"
    1. Jonny B. Goode
      Holy smokes! I have never really wanted a VR system,(not my cup of tea) but now all of that has changed. Duck Season looks amazing....
      Jonny B. Goode, Nov 28, 2017
  45. Hailey_N

    Hailey_N New Member

    My first system to the DS, but I did have a GBA after. Don't ask how, I just did. I don't remember....
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