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Article Why ARMS is AMAZING.

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by Fiscus, Jun 19, 2017.

By Fiscus on Jun 19, 2017 at 2:10 AM
  1. Fiscus

    Fiscus Active Member

    As many of you may know, I LOVE the switch. I love it so much I bought it on launch day. So when ARMS, a hyped game that was announced for the switch, was released, you better bet I bought that too. For any of you who don't know what ARMS is, here's a link to Nintendo's reveal video. I would have explained it myself, but I couldn't do this game justice.

    I fell in love with ARMS. Its roster of ten playable characters (and two non - playable ones), plenty of game modes, its delicate balance of strategy, luck and casual fun make it a great game to play.

    I find that even when you lose, you still have tons of fun, and you can always try again. I never found myself getting frustrated, despite getting pummeled to the same person over and over again. There's a great video on this topic by BriHard on youtube, which I'll put right here:
    . It explains this perfectly.

    After playing through the Grand Prix, I found that there were always things to be worked on in my strategy that I never realized were there. And this wasn't frustrating to deal with at all. It provided a new fresh challenge and something to focus on and work towards. But hey, that might just be me and my bad luck.

    ARMS doesn't have much of a story, though. There are only two surprises in the Grand Prix and that's about the whole story right there. So if you only like story based games, ARMS isn't for you.

    To sum up this article, I would like to provide a few tips and tricks for people just starting out or who are considering buying the game.

    The ranked mode, (unlocked when you have beaten Grand Prix mode at difficulty level 6 and up) is the easiest way that I have found to get coins, even when losing. The coins are DOUBLED. This helps you get new ARMS quicker, which can improve how well you compete.

    Playing online is a great way to see how you can improve the flaws in your strategy, but is the WORST for earning coins.

    Grand Prix isn't as tiring as online mode and helps you to improve on flaws you may have.

    So that about sums up my review on ARMS. If you are more into adventure or RPG games, this may not be for you, but if you are a person like me, who thoroughly enjoys online competitive play, then ARMS is perfect.

    So long,

    What do you all think about ARMS? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions, as well as any tips and tricks you may have. Don't forget to post some of these down here!
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Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by Fiscus, Jun 19, 2017.

    1. Stoner8602
      I was skeptical of it at first but I played the Global Test Punch a bit and was pretty impressed. However since I don't really have friends (sad I know) I can't justify paying full price for this. Even if they knocked it down to 45-50 USD I would consider purchasing it, but as of now I am saving up for Splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey and some of the new amiibo (hopefully). All in all though it looks very promising and I have heard many reviews of the game itself, so all hope is not lost!
    2. Fiscus
      yeah, I think I would still pick Splatoon 2 over ARMS, if I really had to. Still, you can play ARMS online and the whole game is a TON of fun.
    3. Stoner8602
      Its also nice to see Nintendo make such a great comeback this year with the Switch and E3 as a whole. I skipped the Wii U because I couldn't justify paying $300 for 2 Mario games and a couple Zelda remakes (both of which i still owned the originals of said games) but when I saw the Switch it REALLY caught my eye and I just had to pick it up day one, and I have no regrets. I can't wait what other great games it has in store for us over the next few years!
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    4. Fiscus
      Yeah. I feel that nintendo is confident enough to stop making games for the 3DS and start focusing more on the switch
    5. Stoner8602
      I hope so. The Switch is a great hybrid, but they will eventually have to either cut the 3DS or make a new mobile console. But honestly, I wonder where they would go with it? There's rumors of a Switch mini in development but I think just making a low cost version of your hybrid console just kind of ruins the whole point behind it
    6. Diego7000
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    7. Fiscus
      I would buy ARMS and botw for now, and Splatoon 2 when it comes out
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    8. Fiscus
    9. Andreas
      Thanks for the great info
    10. Diego7000
    11. baseballseth
      The game looks a bit repetitive to me, the type that could get stale after playing for a few days. I'm also not much of a multiplayer fan. Although I can see the appeal of any unique fighting game
    12. Diego7000
      @baseballseth I see what you mean getting stale after a few days but think about this getting to invite friends over to challenge them now that is a true purpose of a game
    13. Fiscus
      There's always online mode
    14. Diego7000
      @Fiscus he said he dosn't like multiplayer that much
    15. Diego7000
      But like I said having a good macth with friends and family is all that matters
    16. Diego7000
      I think it is cool how it makes losing fun and I like how you put tips and tricks onto thread :)! But it could use more pictures XD!
    17. baseballseth
      Right, like I said I'm more of a fan of games I can play alone. Games that rely too much on multiplayer typically aren't for me.

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